Viewpoint: Challenging organic myths — Big Ag doesn't 'control the food supply' with patented GMO seeds, patented seeds are planted on organic farms, too

Viewpoint: Challenging organic myths — Big Ag doesn’t ‘control the food supply’ with patented GMO seeds, patented seeds are planted on organic farms, too

GMO critics demonize the concept of seed patents, equating it with 'Big Ag' and what they see as a takeover ...
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What I got wrong: GMO skeptic turned crop biotech advocate explains his ‘slow-motion conversion’

A recent open-heart surgery put my mind, as it might, on themes relating to mortality. Which got me thinking about ...
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Off-patent GMO Bt corn could slash seed costs for farmers, boost crop yields

Extremely low-cost and high-yield Bt corn? Off-patent, generic Bt corn is rapidly approaching farmland and the price differential might cause ...
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Viewpoint: Organic farmer’s New York Times opinion piece perpetuates ‘fantasy’ of small growers feeding the world

Barber’s perspective on GM and patented seeds follow the party line of the organic industry ...
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Why CRISPR patents matter to a world worried about designer babies, rogue scientists and curing disease

In the midst of widespread disapproval of creating “designer babies,” fear of rogue scientists editing the genome of future generations, ...
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Pepsi’s dropped lawsuit over patented potato raises global questions about intellectual property

A dispute between small, local farmers in India and a corporate giant over a patent on the type of potatoes ...

University of California Berkeley scores win in CRISPR patent rivalry

The University of California will soon be granted a potentially valuable patent on the revolutionary gene-editing technology known as CRISPR, ...

Viewpoint: What was right and what was wrong with the CRISPR patent decision

The CRISPR patent dispute between the University of California, Berkeley, and the Broad Institute is finally over. … In plain English: Broad researcher ...

How ‘open source’ seed producers from the US to India are changing global food production

Around the world, plant breeders are resisting what they see as corporate control of the food supply by making seeds ...
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Does plant patent system restrict innovation and hurt small breeders?

The one-size-fits-all approach, that imposes the patent system on the agricultural sector irrespective of the consequences, may not be in ...
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