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Human hibernation? Brain ‘snooze button’ could help astronauts survive long-term space travel

Simon Makin | 
The mechanisms that control torpor and other hypothermic states—in which body temperatures drop below 37 degrees Celsius—are largely unknown. Two ...
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Understanding brain states: How your mind functions when tired, versus wired on caffeine

Samantha Debes | 
Ever wonder what happens in your brain to make the switch between down-and-out tired, and borderline over-caffeinated? As it turns ...
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While you sleep, your brain decides which memories to keep, and which ones go to ‘the garbage bin’

Kamila Kourbanova | 
We don’t remember every detail of our lives: Our brains decide which events are important for long-term storage and which ...
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If naps don’t work for you, it could be genetics

Allison Hirchlag | 
Naturally, I’ve always been a little jealous of the people who take naps and wake up feeling like a million ...

Autistic children often have trouble sleeping. Melatonin may help, study says

Laura Dattaro | 
Melatonin is safe for long-term use in autistic children who have difficulty sleeping, according to a new study. The study ...
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Trouble sleeping? Your children may experience the same problems, study suggests

Siw Ellen Jakobsen | 
Researchers have long known that severe sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are hereditary. But what about common sleep problems, ...
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Manipulating our internal clocks could lead to treatments for mood disorders, obesity—and even aging

Tom Siegfried | 
Medicines and other small molecules may play a role in fixing rhythms gone awry ...
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Can you hack your sleep cycle for a better night’s rest?

Edd Gent | 
Sleep has become the latest frontier in the life-hackers’ battle for self-improvement. But how easy is to to rewire how you ...
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Sleep disturbances may make you susceptible to anxiety disorders

Studies in healthy human volunteers have shown how a sleepless night can increase anxiety levels by 30%. In some participants ...
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Deep sleep may be critical to flushing out your brain’s ‘toxic waste’

Simon Makin | 
Why sleep has restorative—or damaging—effects on cognition and brain health has been an enduring mystery in biology. Researchers think cerebrospinal ...
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Could a pill make you need less sleep? This genetics research suggests it could happen

Karen Weintraub | 
We all wish we could get by on less sleep, but one father and son actually can—without suffering any health ...
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Why is it so hard to think straight when you’re tired? Here’s what’s going on in your brain

Emily Willingham | 
Most of us could use more sleep. We feel it in our urge for an extra cup of coffee and ...

Battling insomnia with a host of high-tech hacks. Do they work?

Charlotte Jee | 
In the US alone, [there’s] 82 million people who struggle with sleep. Given those figures, it’s no wonder there are ...
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‘Short sleepers’: People with this genetic mutation need less sleep than the rest of us

Katherine Harmon | 
[T]hanks to a mother and daughter who share a rare genetic mutation—and who routinely need just six hours of sleep ...
older man resting in an armchair

Alzheimer’s disease and drowsiness: Link could help us determine where the disease first attacks the brain

Laura Sanders | 
Alzheimer’s disease destroys command centers in the brain that keep people awake. That finding could explain why the disease often ...
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Sleep easy: Late-night surfing on your smartphone unlikely to damage your internal clock

Ed Cara | 
People who only occasionally fall down an internet rabbit hole on their smartphones late at night might be able to ...
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Sleep may have originated underwater 450 million years ago

Tina Saey | 
No one should have to sleep with the fishes, but new research on zebrafish suggests that we sleep like them.  ...

Night owls may have a greater risk of breast cancer, study says. But altering sleep habits is unlikely to change that.

Nina Avramova | 
Sleep traits could be a risk factor for breast cancer, new research suggests. Women who said they preferred to get ...
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Microsleep: What happens to our brains when we’re both awake and asleep?

Megan Schmidt | 
During microsleep, parts of the brain go offline for a few seconds while the rest of the brain stays awake ...
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Tired of being a night owl? You may be able to trick your body into changing its ways

Ed Cara | 
If you envy people who wake up with the Sun, but you can’t seem to get to bed until well ...

Dream quest: Why you can’t remember your dreams—and how you can change that

Stephen Dowling | 
For many of us, dreams are an almost intangible presence. If we’re lucky, we can only remember the most fleeting ...
4-30-2019 sleep explainer

Gene mutation could explain why children with autism have trouble falling asleep

Judith Van Dongen | 
Up to 80 percent of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience sleep problems. The source of these problems has ...
4-25-2019 the effects of sleep deprivation on your body x header

Why loss of sleep is ‘having a catastrophic impact on our health’

Emily Dreyfuss | 
According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker, I'm doing serious damage to my health—and life—by not sleeping enough. "The decimation of sleep ...
Screen Shot at AM

Podcast: How a bad night’s sleep can damage your DNA

Brady Holmer, Kevin Folta, Lior Appelbaum | 
On this episode of Talking Biotech, University of Florida researchers Kevin Folta and Brady Holmer tackle two pressing questions in ...
2-3-2019 sleep deprived guy in bed

Sleep deprived brains might be more susceptible to Alzheimer’s

Aimee Cunningham | 
A sleep-deprived brain is awash in excess amounts of not one but two proteins whose bad behavior is implicated in ...
fall girl

Why do so many of us dream about flying, falling or being chased?

Belinda Smith | 
Most of us experience these so-called "typical dreams" during our lifetime. Around three-quarters of people dream of falling, for instance, and that ...

Your genes may affect how much you exercise and sleep

James Ives | 
Time spent sitting, sleeping and moving is determined in part by our genes, University of Oxford researchers have shown. In ...
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