USDA approves Calyxt’s second-generation gene-edited soybean with healthier oil profile

Calyxt, Inc, a plant-based technology company, announced [June 3] that its high oleic low linolenic (HOLL) soybean has been deemed ...

EPA likely to re-approve controversial dicamba weedkillers in 2020, despite widespread crop damage

Sonja Begemann | 
Herbicide applicators have the weight of dicamba’s future weighing heavily on their shoulders this year. EPA’s conditional registration lasts through ...
px soybean cyst nematode and egg sem

Soil fungus could suppress soybean cyst nematodemore—cause of over $1 billion in yield losses every year

The soybean cyst nematode sucks the nutrients out of soybean roots, causing more than $1 billion in soybean yield losses ...
Sunrise over a soybean field x

‘RIPE’ computer model that boosts photosynthesis could help increase food production by 20% per acre

Jeff Kart | 
There’s an international research project called RIPE, short for Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency. The effort .... most recently has developed ...
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Paraguay approves GMO drought-tolerant soy, fourth major producer to green light biotech crop variety

The Ministry of Agriculture of Paraguay authorized the commercial release of seeds that better tolerate drought conditions, developed by Indear ...

Viewpoint: Do neonicotinoid insecticides really boost crop yields? New study raises doubts

Tom Philpott | 
Ever year, farmers in the United States devote at least 80 million acres, a combined landmass three-quarters the size of ...

USDA green lights commercialization of GMO, drought-tolerant soybean

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has given its approval to Verdeca for HB4® drought tolerant soybeans which will allow ...
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GMO glyphosate-tolerant soybean has ‘no adverse effects’ on male rat reproduction system

Zongyong Shi | 
Glyphosate tolerant soybeans represent a large portion of soybeans grown and fed to farm animals around the world. Despite their ...
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Fitness-focused consumers spur development of non-GMO soybean with 50% more protein

Cathy Siegner | 
Israel-based startup Equinom is developing non-GMO soybeans with higher protein levels, which the company said in a release will deliver a ...
illinois soybean high yield value

CRISPR gene edited soybeans suited for hotter climates offer ‘enormous’ crop yield boost

Zhang Hui | 
Chinese agricultural scientists using gene-editing technology have created new soybean mutants, which could lead to soybean crops in much warmer ...

The first gene-edited soybean opens door to a slew of new CRISPR foods

Nazimi Açıkgöz | 
The number of crop gene-editing projects underway around the world is astonishing ...
illinois soybean high yield value

Following US and Argentina, Brazil approves drought-tolerant, herbicide-resistant soybean

Ana Mano | 
Brazil’s bio-security agency CTNBio has approved a new soybean seed that combines technologies to make it resistant to drought and ...
chrysodeixis includens

Engineered ‘self-limiting’ insect could suppress soybean looper, ‘exponential’ threat to US crops

Oxitec Ltd., a UK-based biotechnology company that pioneered the use of biologically-engineered insects to control disease-spreading mosquitoes and crop-destroying agricultural ...
Calyxt gene-edited soybean oil debuts in Midwestern US restaurants

Calyxt gene-edited soybean oil debuts in Midwestern US restaurants

Carolyn Wilke | 
At the end of [February 2019], Calyxt, an agriculture-focused company based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, announced its first sale of ...
scn resistant variety damaged scn south council bluffs

Sequenced nematode genome could help win ‘arms race’ against devastating soybean pest

Iowa State University researchers overcame the quirks of the soybean cyst nematode’s DNA to sequence its genome, paving the way ...

First gene-edited food—Calyxt’s high oleic soybean oil—now on sale

Calyxt, Inc. announced [on February 26] the successful commercial launch of its highly anticipated Calyno high oleic soybean oil, which ...
illinois soybean high yield value

US farmers to plant new biotech soybeans as DowDuPont receives final international regulatory approval

Tom Polansek | 
DowDuPont Inc has won the final international regulatory approval needed, from the Philippines, for a global launch of a new ...

New Brazilian government backs indigenous tribe fined in 2018 for embracing modern agriculture and growing GMO crops

Anthony Boadle, Jake Spring | 
Brazil’s new government is backing an indigenous tribe that was fined under the previous administration for commercial farming practices banned ...
dicamba damage

Federal judge dismisses ‘key’ claims against Monsanto in dicamba drift lawsuit

Emily Zantow | 
A federal judge in Missouri dismissed several claims in a class action brought by farmers claiming agrochemical giant Monsanto sold ...
soybean paraguay

In pursuit of higher profits, some US soybean farmers abandon GMO crops

Jeremy Hill, Shruti Singh | 
For the first time in 15 years, Illinois farmer Steve Ruh will plant only old-school soybean seeds to boost profit ...
Can 'heart-healthy,' gene-edited soybeans build consumer trust in new biotech crops?

Can ‘heart-healthy,’ gene-edited soybeans build consumer trust in new biotech crops?

Gil Gullickson | 
This fall, soybeans grown by 78 farmers in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa churned out of combine augers into awaiting ...
px soybean cyst nematode and egg sem

Scientists breeding new disease-resistant soybeans to crack down on parasitic nematode

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) [a common soybean pest] has overcome the main source of genetic resistance – PI 88788 – ...

Gene silencing could ‘fool’ plants into surviving harsh environments

Jeff Mulhollem | 
By temporarily silencing the expression of a critical gene, researchers fooled soybean plants into sensing they were under siege, encountering ...
illinois soybean high yield value

Healthier oil? US farmers poised for first harvest of gene-edited soybeans

Farmers in the United States are poised to harvest, for the first time, 6,500 hectares of genetically modified soybeans that ...

Argentina approves first drought-resistant, herbicide-tolerant GMO soybean

The Argentine government approved the first soy that is tolerant to drought and that also combines better weed control by ...

Boosting crop yields by using genetic engineering to help plants discard natural toxins

Paul South | 
Can you imagine the entire population of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom and France going hungry? ...
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As ‘Dicamba drift’ crop damage declines, will EPA re-approve controversial herbicide?

Clinton Griffiths | 
The world’s largest agribusiness expects the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to announce a renewal and an updated label ...
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