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Capitalizing on corona: Conspiracy theorists blame COVID-19 on glyphosate, GMOs and the ‘New World Order’

With a quarter of the world’s population currently in lockdown, time has never been better for ..... frauds, as they ...
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Video: Glyphosate and other health ‘boogeymen’ aren’t causing all diseases

Should John Oliver decide that he’s had enough, perhaps because generating sarcasm is exhausting, there is someone who can slip ...

Celiac disease: What’s behind the surge in diagnoses?

A few years ago, the book “Wheat Belly” became a hit, as it pointed to new “scientifically engineered” strains of ...

‘GMOs Revealed’: Documentary series delivers familiar arguments from the fringe

Multi-part documentary series will be rolled out over nine days, offering familiar voices from the anti-GMO fringe ...
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