Podcast: Bad science in the headlines—Epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat explains how to spot flawed research on Google News

Podcast: Bad science in the headlines—Epidemiologist Geoffrey Kabat explains how to spot flawed research on Google News

A just-published study found that consuming two or more sugar-sweetened beverages in a day is linked to a doubling of ...
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Sugar and processed foods undermine body’s response to exercise

Gretchen Reynolds | 
[A] study, which involved rodents and people, suggests that eating a diet high in sugar and processed foods, which may ...

‘No distinguishable difference’ between sugar from GMO and non-GMO sugarcane, study confirms

Maria Sereno | 
The goal of this manuscript is to present the results of studies with three genetically modified (GM) sugarcane varieties and ...
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‘Sugar is the villain’: Biohacking and synthetic biology do battle against diabetes and heart disease

John Cumbers | 
Here’s a look into the next generation of low-calorie sugar alternatives and continuous glucose monitoring systems set to change the ...
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Even one can of soda a day could increase risk of heart disease, study says

Ryan Prior | 
Even one serving daily of a sugary soft drink is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease. That's according to ...

Sugar-free sweetener derived from GMO yeast could hit grocery stores in 2020

Kristen Painter | 
Cargill Inc. and the Dutch ingredients giant Royal DSM this week began churning out a new sugar substitute that mimics ...
How the Global Industrial Food Complex Leaves People Hungry and Undernourished

Manipulating sugar production in plant leaves could boost photosynthesis, crop yields

Plants make sugars to form leaves to grow and produce grains and fruits through the process of photosynthesis, but sugar ...

Battle over sugar’s health effects spurs development of new biotech-based sweeteners

Melody Bomgardner | 
The idea that, beyond their ability to inflate the calories of food, added sugars are uniquely bad for us is ...
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Video: Here’s what sugar does to our brains

Nicole Avena | 
When you eat something loaded with sugar, your taste buds, your gut and your brain all take notice. This activation ...

Evolution takes time: ‘Relatively recent’ gene variant helps some humans cope with high-sugar diets

Sarah Davies | 
It’s well known among palaeontologists and nutrition experts that the human diet began to change after our distant ancestors transitioned ...
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What’s the most sustainable, affordable and nutritious sugar: Boutique imported unrefined whole cane v. domestic sugar cane v. sugar beet?

Kevin Folta | 
A drive toward The Everglades down US 98 between Yeehaw Junction and Belle Glade, FL takes you around the east ...

Neonicotinoid insecticide ban, bad weather could cut Europe’s already slumping sugar beet yields

Sybille de La Hamaide | 
Farmers in western Europe have begun sugar beet planting, with first indications pointing to a drop in area for the ...

Targeting cancer with sugar-powered immunotherapy

Esther Landhuis | 
Over the last few decades, researchers tinkering with molecules that turn an immune cell on and off have created a ...
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UK neonicotinoid ban invites spread of deadly virus yellows disease, sugar beet farmers warn

Simon Smith | 
When I was elected to the role of NFU Sugar vice-chairman, it was foremost in my mind that every grower’s ...

Breaking the body’s ‘sugar code’ could refine our ability to predict, treat diseases

Key elements of arthritis, cancer, food allergies and aging are trapped within glycans, types of sugar in the human body ...

GMO plants could boost production of earth-friendly biofuels

A study at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory identifies new details of how a sugar-signaling molecule helps ...
Pompeo bill would preempt state GMO labeling strict xxl

GMO labels likely to boost consumer fear of biotech crops—and food prices

Jayson Lusk | 
Colin Carter and Aleks Schaefer just published an interesting new study in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, which powerfully shows that mandatory ...

New hybrid sugar beet could boost Europe’s sugar industry

Plant biotechnologists from the Ryan Institute at NUI Galway [Ireland] have identified genetic breeding strategies to develop bigger and better ...

FDA approves sugar made from Brazil’s first Bt insect resistant sugarcane variety

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that it is safe to consume sugar produced from the genetically ...
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Less harmful sugar? More efficient sweet silica could ‘shake up’ the food industry

Chase Purdy | 
The surprising truth about cake is that it’s astonishingly inefficient. So are lollipops, pies, sticks of gum, and cookies, each ...
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