GM crops, edible insects will boost global sustainability, UN chief agriculture scientist says

On the side-lines of the UN’s 2021 Climate Adaptation Summit, TIME speaks with Agnes Kalibata, the Rwandan-born agricultural scientist and ...

Harvard and Stanford business schools pursue different – but equally successful – strategies to contain COVID on campus

Two elite programs, two wildly different approaches in tone and execution. In terms of the substance of their efforts, though, ...
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Lessons from the 1918 Spanish flu: How does a pandemic end?

[I]n order for a pandemic to end, the disease in question has to reach a point at which it is ...

Infographic: How our brains keep track of time

It’s unclear how the brain keeps track of the timing of events within a memory. One theory posits that, as ...
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Cases of COVID-19 reinfection reported. Does that shatter immunity hopes?

Troubling headlines have been cropping up across Asia: Some patients in China, Japan and South Korea who were diagnosed with ...
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Online DNA tests: How can we sort the rubbish from the real science?

The landscape of the consumer genomics market now would have been barely recognizable a decade ago. One study by scholar ...
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People with more active brains have shorter lifespans, study suggests

There are many factors that influence how long somebody lives. Some, like their genes, are out of their control. Others, ...
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CRISPR moves from the lab to human trials, targeting blindness, beta thalassemia and sickle cell anemia

It’s only been seven years since scientists first learned how to precisely and reliably splice the human genome using a ...
x eye pain when blinking causes treatments and more

How blinking alters the way our brains perceive the passage of time

Every few seconds, each time you blink, your retinas are deprived of visual input for a period lasting anywhere between ...
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Viewpoint: 54 years later, DNA testing revealed my secret biological father

One evening in the winter of 2016, my husband mentioned that he was sending away for one of those commercial ...
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Tracking autism: ‘Recalibrated’ test may better reflect progression over time

A recalibrated version of a widely used test for autism may accurately reflect autistic children’s development as they grow and ...

Using DNA to reunite immigrant families shows why genetic screening ‘should be widely embraced’

As the U.S. government struggles to make good on its promise to reunite all 3,000 children and parents who were separated ...
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Antidepressant matchmaker? Genetic test could help identify correct drugs faster

Depression is a complicated condition, and so are the people it affects. It’s often difficult — and can take months ...
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