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Infographic: Are genetically engineered crops less safe than classically-bred food?

Crops and foods today are not what they used to look like. Farmers and plant breeders have been modifying plant ...

Talking Biotech: Using plants as ‘biofactories’ for vaccines, biofuels and more

Plant biologist Beth Hood: Scientists are genetically modifying plants to produce ingredients for a variety of important industrial and therapeutic ...

Current biotech regulations create animal and crop approval blocks and bottlenecks but gene editing may open new doors

The cost of current biotech industry regulations might not be obvious to consumers, but it’s clear to researchers. “We’ve got ...
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Viewpoint: Genetic engineering’s benefits extend far beyond GMO crops and controversy

In discussing biotechnology, too much controversy is focused on the crops developed by Monsanto and its competitors. Genetic engineering is ...
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Talking Biotech: Soil-worm resistant GMO crops in Africa hindered by politics, public fears

IITA scientists: GMOs could help fend off nematode crop pests in Africa, but educating policymakers and public about the benefits ...

Omega-3 fish oil from a plant? GMO camelina could offer sustainable alternative

The distant relative of rapeseed could solve one of the problems faced by fish farms -- growing fish with the ...

10 truths about GMOs, organics and modern farming

As the debate over GMOs has gone viral, city-dwellers often position themselves as experts on farming. But there's often a ...
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Transgenic fish are ready for us. Are we ready for them?

After overcoming two decades of regulatory and legal challenges, AquaBounty now faces the ultimate tests as it prepares for the ...
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