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Coronavirus sharply disrupting global vaccinations, including HPV, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis

The World Health Organization and UNICEF warned [July 15] of an alarming decline in the number of children receiving life-saving ...
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Calling for a halt to gene-edited babies, World Health Organization stops short of ‘all-out moratorium’

The world’s largest public health authority has weighed in with the most authoritative statement yet on the use of Crispr ...

Transparency and trust: Is there room for ‘the people’ in the human gene editing debate?

How does excluding the people service the WHO's stated goals of transparency and trust? ...

Infographic: Global regulatory and health research agencies on whether glyphosate causes cancer

A jury decision, while significant, is not a substitute for scientific research ...
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We need a ‘global registry’ of all human gene-editing research, World Health Organization panel says

An influential committee of the World Health Organization said on [March 19] that it would be “irresponsible” to try to ...
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Gene editing police? World Health Organization may take on the job

Who’s going to police CRISPR? That was the cry of many scientists after news broke at the end of last ...
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Should we treat aging as a disease rather than something that’s inevitable?

In June 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) released the 11th edition of its International Classification of Diseases. It contained an ...
Does glyphosate cause cancer? Jury says says 'yes' but years of research show the herbicide is safe

Does glyphosate cause cancer? Jury says says ‘yes’ but years of research show the herbicide is safe

Can anyone make sense of the debate over glyphosate, the active molecule in the most widely used herbicide [Roundup] in ...

Why it’s difficult to declare the end of an Ebola outbreak

The World Health Organization on [July 24] declared the official end of the latest outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic ...
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Glyphosate-gate: Policy and science implications of IARC’s ‘predetermined’ cancer finding

Where high-stakes issues involve powerful beliefs, financial reward and opportunities for advancement, neither individuals nor agencies can be assumed to ...

Unraveling the paradox: Why GMO drugs and GMO foods are treated differently by critics

Many of the people who express outrage over genetic modification of crops because it 'tinkers with nature' are supportive of ...
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Giving GM crops fair shot: Cultural cognition theory opens consumer minds

Addressing public concerns about GMOs may require a new generation of consumer-focused products and a communication strategy based more on ...
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