Customized biotech yeast could make more plant-based proteins and replace artificial food additives

A Brazilian biotech start-up is custom-designing novel, natural yeast strains that can be used to make plant proteins, replace artificial ...
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Re-engineering yeast to create biofuel appears possible, ‘but the effort involved is intimidating’

A little while ago, we covered the idea of using photovoltaic materials to drive enzymatic reactions in order to produce specific chemicals ...

For synthetic biology to reach its potential, building new chromosomes from scratch must become commonplace—and we may be getting close

Many of the needed technological breakthroughs can be achieved in the next several years ...
Sir Paul Nurse

Podcast: Nobel prize winner Sir Paul Nurse on his ‘barking mad’ discovery of the genes responsible for cell division

Leading geneticist and Nobel prizewinner Sir Paul Nurse reveals the audacious experiment that everyone said was crazy ...
3-5-2019 x

Creating rare marijuana compounds with GM yeast could lead to a ‘blockbuster drug or two’

[Genetically modified brewer’s yeast] is churning out cannabinoids, the compounds found in marijuana. Researchers led by Jay Keasling, a professor ...
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Brewer’s yeast could be used to produce rare cannabis-derived compounds that treat anxiety, pain

The yeast that people have used for millennia to brew alcoholic drinks has now been engineered to produce cannabinoids — ...

‘More infectious than Ebola’: Dangerous superbug yeast troubles researchers

[A] yeast, a new variety of an organism so common that it’s used as one of the basic tools of ...
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