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Spotlight sustainable Agriculture

We need to produce 56 percent more calories by 2050—can we do it sustainably?

New York Times | 
 If the world hopes to make meaningful progress on climate change, it won’t be enough for cars and factories to ...

What is CRISPR? And why should you care?

Vox | 
If you haven’t heard of CRISPR yet, the short explanation goes like this: In the past six years, scientists have ...
CRISPR Cancer HeroArt

7 ways CRISPR gene editing could transform our lives

Vox | 
[W]e asked a variety of scientists what they think are realistically the most exciting ways that scientists might one day ...

Guide to CRISPR gene editing revolution

Vox | 
In 2016 alone, researchers have shown CRISPR can do some truly astounding things, like create mushrooms that don’t brown easily ...

Senate questions possible anti-competitive consolidation of seed and agrochemical industries

Vox | 
One of the biggest stories in agriculture right now is the jaw-dropping consolidation among companies that sell the world’s seeds, ...
Screen Shot at PM

How will GMOs be labeled if Senate’s bill becomes law?

Vox | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. What does the Senate’s ...

Combination of stresses contributes to bee deaths

Vox | 
In a recent review paper for Science, a team of researchers argue that the combination of modern stresses facing bees ...

Herbicides aren’t sole culprit in Monarch butterfly decline

Vox | 
Monarch butterflies are vanishing. Over the last 20 years, fewer and fewer of them have been making the long journey down to ...

Rise of GM crops in America over past decade

Vox | 
The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently posted new data on how genetically modified crops have taken over American farms in the past ...

GMOs not any riskier than modern traditional breeding methods

Vox | 
"Traditional breeding methods" for crops have actually changed a lot over time — they haven't just remained static for 10,000 years. And ...

Skepticism grows over claims that organic food is healthier

Vox | 
You've no doubt noticed that organic foods are a fair bit more expensive at the grocery store. An organic head ...

Farmers turn to engineered corn to adapt to drought. But will it be enough?

Washington Post | 
Out in western Kansas, the corn looks unsalvageable. The landscape is rife with curled brown leaves, an unmistakable sign of ...
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