How will GMOs be labeled if Senate's bill becomes law?

| | July 8, 2016

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What does the Senate’s GMO labeling bill actually do?

  • All food manufacturers will be required to disclose any genetically modified ingredients in the products they sell in grocery stores.
  • But those companies have a choice: They can either put a text statement or symbol directly on the food packaging itself indicating GM ingredients. Or, alternatively, they could include a digital QR code that customers would have to scan with their smartphone if they want to learn about any GM ingredients.
  • Smaller companies will also have a fourth option: offering a phone number or URL on the package that consumers can access for more info.

Are GMO labels actually informative?

Not particularly. Sorry!

The fact that a plant’s genes have been altered through recombinant DNA techniques — rather than conventional crossbreeding or. . .  or whatever — is simply not very meaningful.

What would actually be meaningful is to hear more about what specific altered traits a plant or animal actually has — and what those traits mean. . .

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