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Will a non-browing GM apple irreparably hurt the fruit’s image?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The non-browning Arctic Apple should appeal to consumers and food service companies, but will this benefit also make the GM ...

GM halo effect: Can GM crops protect conventional and organic farming?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
GM papaya in Hawaii is one of numerous examples of the so-called "halo effect"-- the sustainable benefits conferred on organic ...
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GM salmon could double world production, if ‘Frankenfish’ fears don’t halt progress

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A new type of Atlantic salmon, engineered by biotech firm AquaBounty Technologies, could double world production of the fish. But ...

Does reading a novel physically change your brain?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
According to a new study, reading a book can physically alter a person's brain. But it seems the researchers might ...
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In hyped claim organic milk is healthier, activist science meets bungled reporting

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Last week, the web erupted after organic researcher Charles Benbrook promoted a new study as the long-awaited proof of the ...
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Debate over ‘selfish gene’ theory heats up

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A recent article by science writer David Dobbs argued for the need to revise the “selfish gene” theory, prompting a ...
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FDA action against 23andMe reveals importance of communication in regulatory process

Genetic Literacy Project | 
The FDA’s halt of 23andMe’s DNA test kits has raised ethical and legal questions. But as new details emerge, it ...
and me

FDA halt of 23andMe test kit could stall progress in personal genomics

Genetic Literacy Project | 
This week, the FDA ordered genetic testing company 23andMe to stop selling its personalized DNA test kits. How will this ...
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Do the benefits of synthetic biology outweigh the risks?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In 2010, scientists created the world’s first synthetic life form. With this staggering achievement came the inevitable ethical and philosophical ...

Genetic modification may help tobacco find new life as health savior and biofuels source

Genetic Literacy Project | 
For decades, tobacco has been maligned as a source of diseases. But in recent years, scientists using genetic modification have ...
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Engineered mice show jet lag could become a thing of the past

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Scientists have discovered a genetic mechanism that regulates the effects of jet lag. While a cure for the disorder is ...
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Unless blocked by GMO opponents, biotechnology could save the American Chestnut

Genetic Literacy Project | 
A team of researchers at SUNY-ESF have developed the first American chestnut tree that is resistant to the devastating blight ...
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Myriad attempt to block expansion of breast cancer screening tests hinges on ethical, legal questions

Genetic Literacy Project | 
In June, the Supreme Court ruled that genes could not be patented, opening the door for companies to offer alternatives ...

DNA testing could prove valuable tool for identifying viral infections, including MERS

Genetic Literacy Project | 
New research shows that genetic testing can be used for quick and highly accurate results in testing for viral infections, ...
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Is creative ability determined by our DNA?

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Is creativity something we're born with or something that we learn? New research suggests that a person's creative ability is ...
DNA sequencing using graphene nanopores

Researchers extend human epigenomic map, possibilities of personalized medicine

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Harvard University scientists have extended our knowledge of human epigenomics, which could lead to a breakthrough in personalized medicine and ...

Michael Pollan and Amy Harmon discuss GMO controversy

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Columbia Journalism Review reporter Alexis Sobel Fitts got Michael Pollan to open up for the first time about the recent ...
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Regulation gaps a double-edged sword for GM foods

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Scientists and entrepreneurs have found some gaps in regulatory pathways that allow them to get their GM products to market ...

Wine Spectator article outlines how GMOs might help wine industry

Genetic Literacy Project | 
GMOs might help protect the wine industry from mildew and other problems ...
GMO Label Advocate

GMO labeling proponents now fighting their own labeling legislation on supplements

Genetic Literacy Project | 
Citizens for Health, a lobby group for the dietary supplement industry and one of the chief proponents behind the GMO ...
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