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Gene testing revolution: Disease prediction results skyrocket for whole genome and whole exome sequencing

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New research suggests that focusing on the protein-coding region of our DNA that makes up about 1.5 percent of each ...
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You have a genetic disorder: Should your family be told they might carry the mutation?

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Genetic testing can help detect disorders early enough to have an impact. But the rising popularity of these tests has ...
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Should physicians or counselors control access to your genetic information?

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Genetic testing helps people identify gene mutations that might affect their health. But this information, without the guidance of experienced ...

Personal gene maps: Is there such a thing as too much information about our DNA?

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The growing trend of personalized medicine is driven by genetic testing, which can help doctors screen for potential health problems ...

GE regulation: More may be necessary, but need not inhibit innovation

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Products such as corporate GM crops, which use a new branch of genetic engineering known as synthetic biology, have been ...
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Kickstarter bans GMO handouts, giving way to anti-synthetic bio campaigns

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In response to increasing anti-GMO pressure, Kickstarter bans rewarding GMOs for donations to fund hobbyist synthetic biologists. Future entrepreneurs will ...