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Biotech experts push ‘science-based review’ of European court’s ruling on gene-edited plants

Nature Biotechnology | 
A recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) classifies genome-edited plants as genetically modified organisms ...
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Geneticist Pamela Ronald: Follow the facts—not your feelings—on GMOs

Oxford University Press | 
What does the drug insulin have in common with cheese, Hawaiian papaya and a vegan burger? All were developed using ...

Podcast: Geneticist Pamela Ronald on how GMO misinformation could hurt world’s poor

Sound Bites | 
If you’ve heard that GMOs are bad, I want to introduce you to Pamela Ronald. A plant geneticist, Pamela co-authored ...
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How the media, government and Google talk about GMOs differently—and why it matters

Global Challenges | 
Here, semantic network analysis is performed to characterize the presentation of the term “GMO (genetically modified organism),” a proxy for ...
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Video: How insect-resistant Bt GMO eggplant rescued Bangladesh’s staple crop

Mashable | 
[Editor’s note: Pamela Ronald is plant pathologist and geneticist. She is a professor in the Genome Center and the Department ...
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Pamela Ronald: Sustainable farming should focus on impact of crops, not on how seeds developed

Geographical Review | 
[Editor's note: Pamela Ronald is a rice geneticist at the University of California Davis.] Many worthy people objected to the production ...
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Plant geneticist Pamela Ronald on why organic farming can benefit from advanced genetics

UC Food Observer | 
Pamela Ronald is a professor at the Department of Plant Pathology and the Genome Center at UC Davis. Ronald is also the ...

BBC debate: Is GMO opposition grounded in science?

BBC News | 
Should we embrace technology that could help feed the world, or are concerns about the impact of global agribusiness and ...
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Pamela Ronald at TED: Prejudices of rich denying poor, vulnerable benefits of biotechnology

TED | 
Pamela Ronald is at the global TED conference to talk about her work as a plant geneticist, about her quest to ...
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Pamela Ronald: Why GMOs are crucial in an era of global warming

Virginia Gewin, a writer with Beacon Journal, spoke with Pamela Ronald, a rice geneticist at the University of California at ...

Label food, but do it right: Scare-based labels hurt everybody

MIT Technology Review | 
In early May, Vermont governor Peter Shumlin signed a bill into law that requires a label for any foods produced ...
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Scientific American: ‘Environmentalists’ have opposed genetically improving crops as ‘unnatural’ for a century

Scientific American | 
The May 2014 issue of Scientific American, called Scientific American Classics, looks at "The Birth of the GMO Debate." It ...

20 points of broad scientific consensus on GE crops

Biology Fortified | 
Just as many on the political right discount the broad scientific consensus that human activities contribute to global warning, many progressive ...

Union of Concerned Scientists asserts broad safety and environmental benefits of GMOs

Biology Fortified | 
In the last few days, Margaret Mellon and Doug Gurian-Sherman have clarified the position of the Union of Concerned Scientists ...
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Would Rachel Carson embrace ‘frankenfoods’? Scientist believes ‘yes’

Forbes | 
The ‘Frankenfoods’ debate is coming to your dinner table. This debate is particularly poignant because fifty years ago this September, ...