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Patients avoid thyroid surgery with help of gene test

MIT Technology Review | 
Later this year, doctors in the U.S. will be able to use a gene test to guide thyroid cancer surgery ...
Sketch of the DNA Double Helix by Francis Crick e

Rewriting the genome with surgical precision

MIT Technology Review | 
New, precise methods for genome engineering, like CRISPR and TALENs are poised to change the face of genetic disease ...

CRISPR can create viable, genetically modified monkeys

MIT Technology Review | 
Researchers at Nanjing Medical University and Yunnan Key Laboratory of Primate Biomedical Research in Kunming, China, have created genetically modified ...

$1000 genome may finally be in sight

MIT Technology Review | 
Despite all the talk, no company has yet met the goal of sequencing a human genome for $1,000 or less ...

Gene tests no help in determining blood thinner treaments

MIT Technology Review | 
In recent years, DNA variants in two different genes have been linked to how much blood thinner a patient needs ...

Genomics technology races to save newborns

MIT Technology Review | 
Earlier this month, doctors at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City were able to use rapid DNA sequencing and analysis ...
px DNA methylation

Drug trial, dubbed ‘Master Protocol,’ uses tumor genomics to customize treatments

MIT Technology Review | 
According to a new article, the future of cancer drug research may lie in drug trials that are based on ...

New gene therapy company launches

MIT Technology Review | 
A new biotechnology company will take over human trials of two gene therapies that could offer one-time treatments for a ...

When will gene therapy come to the U.S.?

MIT Technology Review | 
For patients with genetic diseases, gene therapy could offer a lifetime of benefits after a single treatment. For cancer patients, ...
gene therapyx

Gene therapy developers aiming for release in the US

MIT Technology Review | 
Of the several gene therapies that have already advanced to human trials, one of them hopes to seek approval from ...

Genetic matchmaking? Not all that far fetched

MIT Technology Review | 
What if finding “The One” meant finding the person whose genome is most compatible with your own? That’s the question raised ...

Creating a consumer genetic test to predict your drug response

MIT Technology Review | 
A personal genetics startup thinks that there is one set of DNA variants that everyone should know: the ones that ...

RNA drugs target genes that were once off-limits

MIT Technology Review | 
A new class of medicines could give doctors the ability to awaken underperforming genes in patients who currently have no ...

Better screening for deadly genetic diseases

MIT Technology Review | 
One in 100 babies worldwide is born with a disease caused by a single gene, according to the World Health Organization ...

Monsanto wants to help honeybees fight mites with biotech

MIT Technology Review | 
A new weapon in that fight to save honeybees could be RNA molecules that kill a troublesome parasite by disrupting ...
miinome x

Marketing to the big data inside us

MIT Technology Review | 
Start-up "Miinome" plans to create a club that stores the DNA data of genome-sequenced people ...

Synthetic biology could speed flu vaccine production

MIT Technology Review | 
The following is an excerpt of a longer story. Synthetic biology is breathing new life into the old-fashioned world of ...

Questions over gene patents shake diagnostics industry

MIT Technology Review | 
The following is an excerpt. At this week’s Biotechnology Industry Organization show in Chicago, a panel of law experts bemoaned the recent Supreme Court ...

Doctors should tell patients about some — not all — unexpected genetic findings

MIT Technology Review | 
The following is an excerpt. On Thursday [21 March 2013], the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics recommended that doctors tell ...

Solid-State Sequencer Debuts at Genome Conference

MIT Technology Review | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Nabsys, a DNA technology startup, showed off today its solid-state gene sequencing machine at ...

The bank where doctors can stash your genome

MIT Technology Review | 
The following is an excerpt. Genomic sequencing might be more common in medicine if doctors had a simple way to ...

A brave new world of prenatal DNA sequencing

MIT Technology Review | 
The following is an excerpt. Conventional methods for checking a baby’s genome for abnormalities require invasive procedures, such as using ...

Study highlights the privacy risk of donating your genome

MIT Technology Review | 
If you contribute your genome sequence anonymously to a scientific study, that data might still be linked back to you, ...

Why we have a right to consumer genetics

MIT Technology Review | 
It’s hard to get straightforward health guidance from personal genome tests, which are banned in some places. But one way ...

Gene therapy on the mend

MIT Technology Review | 
Last month, Europe’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use approved a gene therapy for a rare genetic disease, the ...

Genetic screening uncovers risky matches at the sperm bank

MIT Technology Review | 
Genetic Screening Can Uncover Risky Matches at the Sperm BankMIT Technology Review (blog)Experts in assistive reproduction say the idea behind ...
d x

Gene control, delivered directly to the brain , could help cure diseases

MIT Technology Review | 
A biotech company called Alnylam announced today that a small clinical trial for a genetic therapy based on RNA interference, ...

Human stem cells found to restore memory

MIT Technology Review | 
A California biotech company announced that its human stem cells restored memory in rodents bred to have an Alzheimer's-like condition—the ...
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