Malpractice on Dr. Oz: Pop health expert hosts anti-GM food rant; Scientists push back

| | October 19, 2012

The talk show health and science advice program hit a new low with Dr. Mehmet Oz’s recent foray into the debate over genetically modified crops and foods. The Genetic Literacy Project’s Jon Entine reports.

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  • chrisalien

    Anti GM rant!.!! “where science trumps ideology”.The hypocrisy and hedionistic bullshit by sites like this makes me more determined to inform people about the dangers of GM and the dickheads promoting it.

  • John Smith

    This website, in addition to repacking Anglo-American-Nazi eugenics, Jon Entine is busy bolstering the corporate-monopolized biotechnology industry in articles like this one. Of course by “scientists,” Entine means Monsanto, Cargill, Bayer, “scientists,” who are on par with the intellectual dishonesty of Stanford researchers who published their findings regarding organic food without transparently disclosing their ties to Cargill.

  • Frontierland

    More disturbing than perhaps manipulated studies put out by Cargill & Co. through increasingly discredited institutionalized “academia,” are modern day eugenicist outfits like the “Genetic Literacy Project” (GLP) run by corporate-financier American Enterprise Institute (AEI) think-tank “fellow,” Jon Entine. Entine is a proponent of racial superiority, and uses his background in genetics, as the Anglo-Americans and Nazis similarly used “science,” to prove their 20th century eugenicist theories. While racist crackpots like Entine are a dime a dozen, what sets him apart is the substantial funding and backing he receives from the Fortune 500 corporate oligarchy through his AEI ties.

    -Excerpt from Land Destroyer

  • jimbrauner

    Thanks to Dr. Oz and many other scientists and doctors who have come to understand the toxic effects of GMOs and are speaking out. Sites like this and people who sell themselves for lies and bad science will not prevail. Once the dam brakes on the stranglehold Monsanto has been able to buy on labeling in the US, it’s goodby to this horrible experiment on people.

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