Organic rye and the controversy over GMOs

The use of genetically modified organisms (G.M.O.’s, or GE’s) is a hot and volatile topic in the world of sustainable farming. Research  has emerged linking heavy pesticide use on genetically engineered crops to human health problems, as well as reduced nutritional value  of the crops themselves.

Particularly worrisome is the limited diversity  of available seeds and regional crop strains to farmers; the fate of a concentrated ownership of the patented GE seeds amongst a few large companies. Consequently, the genetic make-up of commonplace seeds is changing. For crops that make up the majority of our diets, such as wheat, the impact is especially pervasive.

Nordic Breads, however, is taking a stand — and leading the revolt with rye. Aligning with the Greenmarket Regional Grain Initiative , which seeks to sustainably revitalize and revamp Northeast grown and milled grain, the local farm grows their rye organically (aka G.M.O.-free) right here in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

View the original article here: RYE-sing Above G.M.O.’s

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