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Golden Rice: A product of precise plant breeding for a noble purpose

| | September 19, 2013

“Throughout world history, humans have succeeded in improving plants and animals as food sources,” explains Ben O. de Lumen, Ph.D., professor emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, in his article for Phil Star: Star Science (Philippines). An excerpt:

[More recently] came our ability to cut and paste DNA which make up genes … This results in the ability to select a single gene or specific genes (not a large number of genes) and transfer them across species and beyond. Thus, genes can be transferred from plants to animals, animals to plants, bacteria to plants, etc. Recombinant DNA technology is attributed to Paul Berg of Stanford and Hal Boyer of the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). Recombinant DNA provided the tools to understand the functions of specific genes and led to what is now the field of molecular biology — which is revolutionizing the science of biology.

Read the full, original story here: “Golden Rice: A product of precise plant breeding for a noble purpose” 


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