How to write like an angry internet ‘expert’ on GMOs

Researching genetically modified food “gave me so many examples of bad science that I could have spoken for three hours and still have had

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slides left over,” writes Judith Capper, livestock and sustainability consultant. In her latest blog post, she writes a “cut-out-and-keep guide to writing like and angry internet GMO ‘expert.’”

First, always use capital letters, because “the more capital letters you use, the more powerful your message.” “Remember that science is the enemy” when it comes to food, despite the fact that science has given the world organ transplants and iPhones. Use emotionally charged language that demonizes GMOs by invoking images of mutated animals and small farmers that have “become mindless zombies, planting whatever seed” the big corporations tell them to.

Use cause-and-effect statements like “Since 1994, there has been a 400 percent increase in childhood allergies.” Since 1994, there has also been “Obamacare, the death of Princess Diana, and the Greenbay Packers have won the Super Bowl three times,” Capper writes.

Finally, Capper writes, cite studies that have been rejected by the scientific community and if all else fails, invoke “the name of the evil that must be named–Monsanto.”

Read the full, original story: Activism 101 – How to Write Like An Angry Internet “Expert” on GMOs

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