Iowa State expert in food science and human nutrition: No evidence that GMOs are harmful

The question of whether GMOs are safe to eat is one among many that Ruth MacDonald hears a lot of. MacDonald holds a Ph.D. in human nutrition and is the professor and chair of the Iowa State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. Much of her work centers on the areas of diet and cancer research, and she is often called on to discuss the safety and nutritional components of GMOs in the food system.

Her conclusion: there’s no evidence that GMOs are harmful.

“There’s never been any illness associated, and there’s no evidence of long-term effects on human health,” MacDonald says. “Consumption of foods with GMO technology are as safe as those grown without. There’s no nutritional difference and no risk in genes expressed.”

She says if a person is afraid of consuming DNA, they should be afraid of everything. But she also helps them understand how digestion works and that you don’t absorb DNA into your body.


Read the full, original article: Would GM Label Ensure Food Safety?

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