Daily Show Jeffrey Smith smackdown: “I purposefully play dumb” on GMOs

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Holy Monsanto!

Where do the liberal “chattering classes” stand on the issue of genetically modified foods?

Two years ago, even last year, it was decidedly negative. But the tide has gone out on the anti-GMO movement, as the scientific evidence in support of the safety and sustainability of GM crops has grown. The dramatic shift was never more evident this week as news satirist Jon Stewart’s Daily Show took a very funny look at the latest GMO scare controversy, the approval of a genetically engineered potato made by the Simplot company that doesn’t brown when cut and doesn’t make acrylamide, a carcinogen found in non GE potatoes–including organic ones.

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Watch as “reporter” Aasif Mandvi explores the bizarro world of one of the most strident anti-GMO leaders, Jeffrey Smith, a former flying yogic instructor [Note: Read GLP profile of Jeffrey Smith], who tried to make the case why this remarkable innovation is a New Age killer.

“The Return of a Simplot Conspiracy”

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