Anti-GMO sentiment softening?

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The well-publicized push to label products that contain GMOs. . .has had the unexpected advantage of revealing a more complete picture of the controversial biotechnology.

Consumers who have followed the labeling debate are now more likely to know that the majority of corn and soy fed to farm animals is GMO, that insulin made to treat diabetics is GMO, that scientists have engineered GMO mosquitoes to combat the Zika virus, and that . . . most cheese (90 percent) is made with GMO rennet. . .

This suite of GMO facts might seem peripheral to public opinion. But I’d wager that it’s having an unexpected impact. The primary reason anti-labeling advocates typically oppose GMO labeling is. . . . that two decades of activist demonization of GMOs as “frankenfood” — all in contrast to the available evidence supporting GMO safety — is difficult to shake. . . .

Still, it’s time for those who oppose labeling not only to acknowledge the looming inevitability of labeling laws . . . but to celebrate how the long solidified opposition to GMOs is starting to soften, and even switch sides.

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More than any other agricultural writer, [Mother Jones’ Tom Philpott ] has lambasted the evident evils of GMOs. . . . He has reserved particular ire for Monsanto, a company that epitomizes the agribusiness of which he’s so critical.

But on April 20, you could find a photograph of Philpott . . . opposite Robb Fraley, Monsanto’s chief technology officer. . . smiling together in the halls of Monsanto’s global research and development headquarters in suburban St. Louis. Beneath the picture was Philpott’s perfectly fair minded — one might say cautiously optimistic — article on Monsanto’s role in the future of food and agriculture. . . .

Read full, original post: Even the Critics Are Coming Around on GMOs

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