GMO-free dairy products: ‘Differentiation based on fear, ignorance’

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. . . [T]he NAS study will not end the debate. . . . Some folks are so anti-GMO, anti- Monsanto, anti-commercial ag, no amount of science will ever convince them.

In dairy, some companies are caving into or exploiting (depending on your level of cynicism) GMO-food fears. Here in the U.S., Dannon has announced it will produce GMO-free yogurt by 2018. . . .

. . .[The] companies said they will work with farmers to reimburse them for the extra cost of producing GMO-free milk. That will be particularly problematic here in the U.S., since most soybean meal, canola meal and beet pulp. . . is produced with GMO crops. . . .


. . .[T]he point is: Consumers will pay more for products that are no more safe, have similar quality, are harder on the environment. . . In other words, it is product differentiation based on fear and ignorance.

The problem is the GMO-free premiums will evaporate if more and more dairy manufacturers produce GMO-free products and GMO-free milk becomes a commodity. . . .

. . . .As we learned in Marketing 101: Consumers are always right—except when they’re not.

Read full, original post: Does science even matter anymore?

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