Anti-GMO movement began more than 30 years ago with Jeremy Rifkin


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. . . [T]he debate around genetically modified organisms began in the late 1970s. It was largely started by Jeremy Rifkin and his think tank, Foundation on Economic Trends (FET). In fact, Rifkin proudly admitted:

“You know where the opposition to GMOs started? In my office. We started the whole opposition worldwide.”

Rifkin began shaping the narrative around genetic engineering when he published his 1977 book, Who Should Play God?, a warning against the dangers of the new practice.

A year later, Rifkin started his think tank. . . .

. . . .

Since 2000, Rifkin’s influence has grown. He has advised three presidents of the European Union—including current president Jean-Claude Juncker—and the leadership of the European Parliament. So, it’s no surprise the EU has taken a highly precautionary attitude towards GMOs.

. . . .

Rifkin has since broadened his influence, and now works closely with the Communist Party of China. . . .

He also has ties to the current initiatives for GMO labeling in the US. . . . The current head of the Organic Consumers Association, Ronnie Cummins, was also a past program director at Rifkin’s think tank. . . .

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  • john hall

    Rifkin’s war against Biotechnology and genetic engineering was a farce.
    His REAL beef was with the Nuclear and Petrochemical(Oil)industries.
    Rifkin was angry that he couldn’t file lawsuits against them because people depend on these industries for power,fuel and other products.
    What Rifkin did was take his anger and frustrations towards these
    industries out on the Biotechnology industry instead

  • mark sommers

    This is in addition to what john was saying about Rifkin not filing lawsuits
    against the Nuclear and Petrochemical industries.This is why Rifkin
    doesn’t take legal action against pharmaceuticals that are genetically-
    engineered,even though he’s opposed to them.He would have an angry
    mob on his hands.The people who depend on these medications would be up in arms.Rifkin knows these people would come after him and
    string him up,not to mention all the negative publicity it would generate.
    You see,Rifkin makes his living off of the people.When people buy
    Rifkin’s books or pay to hear him lecture,they support Rifkin,so he’s not going to do anything to get them mad at him.
    During his crusade against Biotechnology,Rifkin’s main complaint was
    that scientists were rushing to use this technology without first examining it’s impact on society and the enviorment.But now,with his
    Third Industrial Revolution,Rifkin’s doing the exact opposite.He’s getting
    people all riled up and excited and anxious to make the switch to renewable energy.The problem here is that Rifkin’s not raising concerns and issues with renewable energy like he did with Biotechnology.He’s not questioning the cost and safety of hydrogen
    storage and the reliability of solar panels and wind generators and
    their impact on society and the enviorment.