NIH director says no one should edit genomes to make designer babies

scientists in the uk could win approval to genetically modify human embryos

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Gene editing must never be used to create “designer babies” with enhanced abilities, the director of the National Institutes of Health told a gathering of top scientists on [July 12].

More provocatively, [NIH Chief Francis Collins] also said that science is not ready for the controversial new technology to be used to eliminate genetic diseases that are passed down from one generation to the next.

“I think we should be pushing [CRISPR in adult cells] at maximum speed,” [Collins said]. “But germline — no.”

“I do believe that humans are…individuals and a species with a special relationship to God, and that requires of a great deal of humility about whether we are possessed of enough love and intelligence and wisdom to start manipulating our own species,” [Collins] said.

But Collins does not speak for all Christians. Following Collins’ remarks, Rev Ronald Cole-Turner…told the committee that some Christian groups are open to gene editing in human embryos — if scientists can prove that it’s safe.

Read full, original post: No One Should Edit The Genes Of Embryos To Make Babies, NIH Chief Says

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