Brains of schizophrenics may repair themselves over time

[Psychiatrist] Lena Palaniyappan…and other mental health professionals have noticed is that, unlike those with degenerative neurological disorders[,]…sometimes schizophrenia patients eventually start to improve.

So far, most research has focused on the neurological decline associated with schizophrenia—typically involving a loss of brain tissue. Palaniyappan and his colleagues wondered whether there might be “something happening in the brain [that] helps them come to a state of stability.”


Sure enough, the researchers noted that, while patients who were less than two years removed from their diagnosis had significantly thinner [brain] tissue than healthy controls, those patients who’d had the disease for longer tended to show less deviation in some brain regions…

Palaniyappan cautioned, however, that he and his colleagues were simply looking at a snapshot of schizophrenia patients and correlating cortical thickness with duration of illness.


Although the effect sizes from individual study sites are small…collectively, the data tell a consistent story. “Almost all of them agree that almost all the brain regions are thinner in the cases than in the controls,” [Jessica Turner] says.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Do Schizophrenic Brains Repair Themselves?

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