Autism increase mystery solved? No, it’s not vaccines, GMOs, glyphosate—or organic foods

The number of autism cases has skyrocketed in the past few decades. In the 1970s and 1980s, about one out of every 2,000 children had autism. Today, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 150 8-year-olds in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. This expanded definition refers not only to autism but also to a collection of brain development disorders such as Asperger’s syndrome.

It’s been considered a medical puzzle. Mothers, and frankly all of us, are understandably concerned. Considering the numbers, it’s reasonable to ask: What’s causing the rise in cases?

Now researchers believe they know what’s responsible for the bulk of the rise: Nothing. Much of the rise in autism is likely a statistical mirage.

That’s probably not reassuring to parents with children who suffer from the disorder and it’s certainly not the answer you’d find if the Internet is your medical guide. There are literally thousands of articles and hundreds of organizations blaming one thing or another, from vaccines, GMOs and pesticides to even electromagnetic fieldsWi-Fi signalschemtrails and residential proximity to freeways. Scare headlines are everywhere. Posts like “How I Gave My Son Autism” tell stories of perfectly capable mothers blaming themselves for their child being diagnosed autistic after “exposing” him or her to a vaccine or serving non-organic food.

retracted-lancetA lot of the misinformation flows from a bogus 1998 British study by Dr. Andrew Wakefield that linked
autism to childhood vaccines. An investigation published by the British medical journal BMJ in 2011 concluded that Wakefield misrepresented or altered the medical histories of all 12 of the patients whose cases formed the basis of the original study, which became the bedrock document of the vaccine denial movement. The study was retracted and Britain has stripped Wakefield of his medical license.

“Meanwhile, the damage to public health continues, fueled by unbalanced media reporting and an ineffective response from government, researchers, journals and the medical profession,” BMJ stated in an editorial accompanying its investigation.

The Genetic Literacy Project has exposed another fraudulent claim that’s raged through cyberspace, blaming autism’s rise on the herbicide glyphosate, which is frequently paired with GMO crops. According to Stephanie Seneff, an MIT computer scientist with no background in agriculture, genetics or epidemiology, half of the country’s children will be born with autism by the mid 2020s because of the increased use of genetically modified crops. Articles carrying Seneff’s videos and comments registered tens of millions of hits.

Now Seneff is endorsing the latest junk “study”, one funded by Moms Across America that claims to have found glyphosate in common vaccines—which she, with no evidence, again links to autism. [The GLP dissects that bogus ‘study’ here]

On the surface, some of these claims seem plausible. After all, the rise in the incidence of autism does track, for example, the rise in glyphosphate use—if you ignore its heavy usage for 20 years (since 1974) before GMOs were introduced (in 1994), and autism rates were steadier.gloysphateBut correlation is not causation. By cherry-picking the data, one could show that almost all of the alleged causes of autism that rose over the past 10-15 years correlate with the rise in autism cases. As, in fact, does the rise in chemtrail sightings, terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, the New England Patriot’s cumulative win total—and organic food sales:


It also rises with the use of cell phones:


And the rise in B-list actress Jenny McCarthy’s notoriety, which has skyrocketed as she has become a poster girl for promoting scare theories about autism causes.jenny-graph

Because many of the reasons for the increased incidence of autism are unknown, the disorder has become the defacto target for individuals and groups that have little else to point at. As much as the radical fringes of the organic food and everything-natural industries blame Big Ag and Big Pharma for the dramatic rise in autism, they are deftly making the most out of the situation monetarily as well.

So what does the latest evidence show? There now is intriguing evidence that there in fact has been no dramatic rise in autism after all. According to a recent study, scientists at the Aarhus University, in Aarhus, Denmark, assessed more than 670,000 children born between 1980 and 1991 in Denmark, following them from their birth until they were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, died, emigrated or reached the end of the study period which was in December 2011. Among other things, Denmark is renowned for its excellent national medical records system, which allowed them to conduct a study of this magnitude and over the extended time span. Among the population studied, 4,000 children were diagnosed as being along the autism spectrum and many of these diagnoses were made after 1995.

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Look at what happened just before that detected increase. Tara Haelle reports in Forbes

In Denmark in particular, the diagnostic criteria for autism expanded in 1994 to include a spectrum of disorders with a broader list of symptoms, thereby widening the definition of autism. Then in 1995, national data tracking began to include diagnoses made from outpatient patient visits rather than just diagnoses of those admitted to a healthcare facility.

The exact same thing has happened in every country that has seen soaring autism rates—the definition of what constitutes as autism was dramatically expanded in the early 1990s to embrace the catch-all term Autism Spectrum Disorder—correlating with when GMO usage, chemtrail rates, pesticide exposure and organic food sales began a sharp increase.

The researchers discovered that the change in diagnostic criteria taken together along with the diagnoses made outside of a healthcare facility accounted for as much as 60 percent of the increase in prevalence of autism spectrum disorders. The authors of the study conclude thus

Changes in reporting practices can account for most (60 percent) of the increase in the observed prevalence of ASDs in children born from 1980 through 1991 in Denmark. Hence, the study supports the argument that the apparent increase in ASDs in recent years is in large part attributable to changes in reporting practices.

Though this in itself doesn’t mean evidence of a lack of increase in the prevalence of autism, it does say very emphatically that the huge uptick in numbers of autistic children diagnosed have at least something to do with how we diagnose the condition.

The idea that increased diagnosis contributes to higher prevalence of a disease is not new at all. In fact it is quite common especially as new diagnostic techniques come into play and early screening programs are put in place by governments. This often leads to debates in the medical literature about whether increases in prevalence of disease are real or due to an increase in diagnosis. Prostate cancer is a common example –incidence for prostate cancer jumped more than 100 percent from 1986 to 1992, which coincided with an aggressive expansion of the prostate cancer screening program based on the Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test which was approved by the FDA in 1986.

The result of the autism study, even if somewhat expected is still very important. The quality of Denmark’s health records and the size of the study make it unique–it makes the data extremely robust and reliable. So how do these results translate to the United States? We do have similarities in how the diagnosis has changed writes Tara Haelle in Forbes

The way autism is defined in the U.S. has changed dramatically since 1980, when it first appeared in the DSM-III as “Infantile Autism” and could only be diagnosed in children whose symptoms began before they were three years old. Autism spectrum disorders have expanded to include diagnosis without a specific age requirement beyond the “early developmental period” and without requiring significant language impairment in the recently revised DSM-5.

The vast majority of people diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders today would never have qualified under the 1980 classification, and no formal classification separate from schizophrenia existed before then. So it’s not surprising that numbers have increased in the U.S.

There are many possible causes why there is an increase in the prevalence of a disease. Apart from increased screening and changes in diagnostic criteria, factors like increased awareness will also come into play. As credible scientific efforts around the world continue to identify genetic and/or environmental causes behind autism, it is prudent to not be taken in by wild claims and give in to the fears spread by those who accept and promote pseudoscience. And no, the Wi-Fi in your house or the genetically modified foods you eat will not lead to your child becoming autistic.

Arvind Suresh is a science communicator and a former laboratory biologist. Follow him @suresh_arvind

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  1. The rise in autism rates in the United States have outpaced the rise in Denmark, and this research in Denmark which attempts to explain the rise through soft factors such as changes in diagnostic criteria leaves 40% unexplained in that country. The rise of autism prevalence based on diagnoses in the United States since early 1980s is something greater than 2000% based on data from the California Department of Development Services. If we assume that only 60% can be attributed to soft factors in the United States as this Danish study suggests that still leaves an increase in autism of over 800% over this time period that is unexplained.

    Autism is often an autoimmue disease. See: Another way to look at the issues of prevalence is to consider it in this context. Most autoimmune diseases have increased significantly during recent decades in most countries. For some such as celiac there are objective measures that show that the apparent increase is much more than just picking up cases that had been
    missed previously. In fact by looking at historical blood samples some researchers have found that true increase in celiac based on serology between 1950s and 2000 was greater than a factor of 4. See:

    As autism is often an autoimmune disease and the nominal numbers have outpaced increases in other autoimmune diseases that have also been increasing in prevalence (celiac as an example), this suggests to me that a significant portion of the increase in prevalence of autism is real just as a significant increase in prevalence of celiac is real.

    • Seth, the difference between the US and Denmark is statistically not much different, and mostly linked to the fact that Denmark change its categorization earlier than in the US. Yes, some of the increase remains unexplained, but there is no evidence to support any of the current suggested causes–certainly not vaccines or GMOs.

      • Hi Jon,
        Denmark is quite different from the US regarding autism epidemiology. My point is even if you assume they are comparable, that the amount “unexplained” by these soft factors is huge. As noted a significant increase in another autoimmune disease (celiac) has been shown to be real in the US. So it seems highly likely to me that a significant part of the increase in autism will be shown to be real as well.
        I also do not agree with your contention that there is no evidence to support any of the current suggested causes. Specifically, I think there is good evidence that significant exposures to each of the following increases the risk:
        1) Acetaminophen use.
        2) Excessive vitamins. See: In particular oral supplementation of vitamin D.
        3) Pesticides.
        4) Pollution.

        • Jon, Where is the mention of the CDC whistleblower, in this miserable attempt to discredit the obvious links to autism especially the vaccine link which he has handed over thousands of documents to congressmans Posey’s office? Do you think those papers contain endorsements for the safety of vaccines?

          • The CDC whistleblower (Dr. William Thompson) you refer to is a strong proponent of vaccines. What he disagreed with the CDC about was an exclusion criteria from a population study. In this study there was a requirement that a birth certificate and post partum medical records were available. Any participant that didn’t have that information was excluded from the study. He didn’t agree with this as it impacted lower socio-economic cohorts more heavily. He made the unredacted data available and a computer programmer wrote a really bad paper based on that information in an attempt to link vaccines to autism. Thompson repudiated the results of that paper.

          • That whistleblower and strong proponent of vaccines has also said he wants to testify in front of congress, and has hired an whistleblower attorney morganverkamp, do you think he just wants to go in front of congress and chat about why he is a proponent of vaccines, or is it the fact he has handed over thousands of documents to congressman Posey’s office, certainly you can’t be that ignorant.

          • Did you ever read the statement that Dr. Thompson released through his attorneys at Morgan Verkamp?

            Specifically this paragraph “I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and
            continue to save countless lives. I would never suggest that any
            parent avoid vaccinating children of any race. Vaccines prevent serious
            diseases, and the risks associated with their administration are vastly
            outweighed by their individual and societal benefits.”


          • Bascially, Dr. Thompson isn’t interested in the anti-vax agenda regardless of how that group has adopted him.

          • It’s clear that you are a shill, planted here to attack the vaccine injured, Sharyl Attkisson has a new show that comes on Sunday mornings dealing with ‘astroturfers’ as yourself.

          • I’m a shill because I don’t agree with you and have information to back up my position? Maybe you aren’t familiar with the definition of the word ‘shill’.

          • I believe she says you are a “SHILL” because you ignore facts like the following:

            When people refuse to do there own research and
            instead rely on CNN and any news source owned by politicians who have a
            seat as board of directors on a pharmaceutical company you will be fed
            lies. Japan went as far as banning the MMR vaccine
            once it was found to be a definite link to autism. If we are the most
            hygiene addressed country, then why do we need three times as many
            vaccines by the age of 5 than any other country in the world. As the
            U.S. has become healthier, why have we quadrupled the amount of vaccines
            administered? That is an moronic thing to do! More stupid are people
            that don’t question these facts. I don’t disagree that vaccines are
            needed, but not 34 by the age of 5. This crap is given to a child before
            the child has even had his immune defense developed. Why else do you
            think we have the highest mortality rate by the age of 5 due to illness!
            You were given a brain, please use it to point out irrational and
            illogical conclusions.

          • The problem IS our guts. Go to any neuroimmunology conference or course and you will understand. The reason there has been no statistical link, is because nobody has studied the hypothesis of gut toxicity pre/post immunization.

            Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a true incidence of autism and other autoimmune disorders, but the recent epidemic is no rocket science; it is merely that nobody is choosing to study what really is affecting the etiology.

            There’s evidence now that our placentas are 100x more toxic than they were 50 years ago. So, newborns are coming into the world with an already compromised gut. Studies show now that our breastmilk is more toxic as well (although still better than formula). Gut toxicity leads to vagal nerve (PNS) problems. Vagal never problems lead to brain problems. Brain problems lead to autoimmune disorders – which is what autism, allergies, all these things that we are seeing now include.

            How could we study the gut theory? In order to study something like that, we would have to examine the guts of people and compare them similarly. Once we have that similarity, we then measure pre/post vaccination and see what happens. But so many things influence gut microbes from where you live, to where your ancestors came from, etc. A million bucks says we find something statistically relevant if we could do this though. Why do we think the vaccines ARE working for a lot of people in third world countries without the outcome of high incidence of autoimmune disorders? Their guts are not as toxic as ours – ironic.

            Vaccines are FILLED with preservatives, and we are taking many of them now-a-days; plus we have already toxic guts. So technically, our guts are the main cause; and vaccines push them over the edge.

            Best thing to do: 1. get a gut toxicity test on your baby before administration of vaccines. If toxic levels – clean it up. 2. Green our vaccines. Can you imagine how much that would cost though? Organic carriers that only last 30 days and need to be refrigerated vs. non-organic carriers that don’t need refrigeration and can last a year? Ironically, that would probably cost less than the amount of money we are spending on children with Autism.

          • You’re looking in an area that is in recent years receiving a lot more attention! You may enjoy the book: The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health by Emeran Mayer, just out last month. Fascinating.

          • I have read it, and several others like it. But thank you for your recommendation. I appreciate the thought. I started reading things like this several years ago – my daughter has severe and extensive eczema and I wanted to know more.

          • that`s actually been studied and continues to be studied. i`m more concerned that i`ve never heard of a study that corrected for stress, anxiety and depression, all of which cause gut issues in the general public, let alone autistics who typically have very high levels of two or more of those things.

          • This gastrointestinal data you are referring to is fascinating, as it turns out depression may not be psychological but a symptom of internal gut dysfunction. The chemicals the brain needs to function such as dopamine, serotonin, ect.. are produced by (probably beneficial bacteria) the gut. There is evidence surfacing through ongoing research that show our bacterial flora can turn genes on/off, impact weight and blood sugar, the list goes on and on. It’s clear that the majority of autistic persons also have gastrointestinal dysfunction, as Wakefield pointed out 20 years ago.

            This bacterial biome in the gut may even play a more important role in the body than genes. Equally fascinating is that neurons are also present in the gut, leading some to refer to it as the “second brain” but considering the guts contribution to brain function-perhaps it’s closer to being the first brain.

            What is alarming is that physicians have been telling patients forever that these chemicals were made in the brain, an assumption based on science. It’s the same type of scientific assumption that plagues vaccines.

          • Bacteria control production of hormones and the functioning of the body which literally control us. In effect we are controlled by microscopic organisms. We have developed a symbiotic relationship(both parties receive benefits from the relationship) with these bacteria over thousands of years, and the body NEEDS these bacteria to function properly.

          • I really think it is the gut first. I have yet to find a study like this. If you care to share your information, I would be much obliged.

          • you are really being quite ridiculous now. Having said that I”m quite certain you have plenty of morons willing to listen to you.

          • If that indeed is the case wouldn’t it then make sense that any auto-immune related condition would increase as mother’s are passing less and less good bacteria along to their infants? Especially with so many using formula rather than breastfeeding now and the importance of the bacteria found in breast milk.

          • Yeah I’ve known it’s about the guts first; why I agree with glyphosate being part of it if not all of it

          • LOL, and then showed no change when stopped, the increased continued anyway..again facts whats that

          • Apparently the MMR is not linked to autism, either in Japan or elsewhere. The published articles on that topic state that the incidence of autism in Japan continued to increase after the MMR ban.

          • The MMR vaccine may be gone but they are sure pumping out other vaccines in Japan, “According to the Japanese Association of Vaccine Industries, the estimated value of domestic production totaled ¥41.8 billion in 1995 but shot up to ¥273.9 billion in 2012.” Interestingly they also had deflation, so vaccination must have increased, so this could be the reason for the increase in autism.

          • we have the highet death rate by age 5? really? do you live in the US..your whole message here seems to be “i dont understand so its bad” wow.. you a creationist too? you wanna deny evolution while we are here? We do not have the highest morality rate.. Ill wait while you actually look that up.. here is a nice website to play with.. again ill wait.. compare the US with any third world country .. or will you be moving those goal posts now?

          • “The United States has the highest first day infant mortality rate of all developed nations” – CBS news 2013; NBC news 2015; Live Science 2013; Naional Geographic News 2013; Washington Post 2014; Sciece Daily 2016; Lenoir Rhyne University 2016; The Atlantic 2014; CNN 2006; Huffington Post 2013; Modern Healthcare 2016; Stanford University 2013;Journal of parinatology 2015; NCBI 2016, National Institute for health 2016; Time magazine 2016; The New York Times 1982 (demonstrating how long the US has held this title); Propublica 2017.

            While survival may be very good after the initial first 30 days of life and improve thereafter, there is no dispute that the US does indeed have the highest infant mortality rate when looking at just the first day through the first 30 days after birth of all other modern nations. No the US does not have the highest toddler death rate, or even the highest infant mortality rate (up to 12months) but the US does indeed have the highest mortality rate of newborns.

          • kdracco—-i do not know much about the subject, but it seems like the vaccines are certainly a possible cause. And it is strange that those who think the vaccines might be the reason foe the large increase in autism. are labelled “conspiracy theorists.”

          • Vaccines are beneficial and do save lives. The problem is in the Thermaresol based preservatives. Mercury is not good for your brain!

          • Firstly, it’s thimerosal, not “thermaresol”.
            And, thimerosal has not been used in vaccines for children since 2001.

            It is still in some flu vaccines, but those concerned can request the flu vaccine without thimerosal instead.

          • And there is still trace amounts in a number of other vaccines which STILL exceed the FDA’s “safety” limit…especially when you consider multiple shots in one day/visit, a scenario that is ALSO not tested by the CDC to determine the potential for adverse effects.

            And what about Aluminum, yet ANOTHER neurotxin?? Among others, it’s in the HepB given to children their FIRST DAY OF LIFE!!

            Hmmm…stabbing children with KNOWN neurotoxins when their immune systems are not even close to fully developed for a disease they won’t even have a chance to be exposed to until they’re sexually active or using intravenous drugs. How ANYONE can support this is just pure INSANITY!!!

          • I wouldn’t trust anything from your source of info. Not only are most of the samples given bad, the “doctor” does not know metric prefixes, and he also exaggerates how much is in a vaccine.

          • the problem is that any elementary school student who paid attention in class can tell you that thiomersal is a compound and not elemental mercury. and compounds cannot and do not act like the chemical they are made of. moreover, thiomersal does not break down into mercury in the body. it`s processed and excreted within a few days at most.

            but more importantly, the amounts in vaccines – all the vaccines a person gets- is still far less than the amounts that are already present in an infant`s body. for instance, the body actually produces formaldehyde as a natural part of metabolism. and there`s far more aluminum in breast milk or formula than there is in a vaccine.

            so… alarmist appeals to emotion aren`t going to change that.

          • What you have done here is compare ingested mercury and aluminum that is processed and excreted easily by the body to injeted mercury and aluminum that is not processed by the metabolism (obviously) and does not get excreted by the body. If you type “thimerisal” into pubmeds search engine you will find published studies on this topic that indicate there is a fundamental difference within the body between these two delivery methods.

          • Wrong. Why would there be trace amounts of a preservative in vaccines which never needed them at any point during the manufacturing process? Thimerosal only exists in multiple-dose vials of influenza vaccine.

          • Because I know of this first hand, It’s for the purpose of storing for X amount of time before they are sold and used. It’s preservative is specific to preserve the pathogen from growing fungus. EVERY SINGLE VACCINE CONTAINS THIMEROSAL.

          • Not true…not all vaccines contain thimerosal… The Influenza vaccines, DT, Japanese encephalitis, Td and DTaP contain mercury … all others do not >>>> Institute for Vaccine safety list >>>>

          • ?????? Do you know the difference between thimerosal and mercury? Do you understand why ‘both in the same’ are used when ANY pathogen is preserved?

          • Mercola? Really?? Dude, Mercola is a well-known quack activist who promotes misinformation about GE foods as well as being anti-vax. He is not a credible source of scientific information.
            Mercola has even less credibility than Trump.
            It is insanity to not vaccinate children against entirely preventable diseases.

          • Actually, he is known to be a whack job in the scientific community. A joke. A self serving fraud. But If I were in your shoes, I would go ahead and avoid vaccines, just keep your children far away from mine.

          • You’re going to have to keep your child away from everyone considering that it’s likely more than half of the adult population has waned immunity, meaning that they no longer have antibodies to childhood diseases, can catch/spread preventable diseases, and are essentially unvaccinated at this point.

            This was profoundly demonstrated in the Disneyland measles outbreak, where 56% of those infected were adults, 11% were infants of adults with waned immunity (no antibodies to pass on), and the remainder were a mix of vaccinated, unvaccinated, and unknown status children/adolescents.

            In addition, outbreaks occur in fully vaccinated child populations as well, so it seems that herd immunity is nothing more than a myth. Herd immunity has never been achieved despite high vaccination rates, could never be achieved due to waning effectiveness, and as a body ages it becomes less able to mount and maintain antibody response to vaccine boosters. Considering most vaccines wane anywhere between 2 – 10 years and there are hundreds of vaccines in the pipeline, adults are looking ahead at quite a grueling vaccine schedule in trying to achieve herd immunity in this drive for a “decade of vaccines”.

          • Your link does not work, you can just provide the study title/authors and I’ll look it up myself if you like.

          • The link you provided does not work, just give me the title and author of your article/study and I’ll look it up myself.

          • I don’t attribute the greater eradication or decline in those diseases to via vaccines at all. In fact those diseases likely declined in the same manner as the lethal scarlet fever, for which no vaccine was ever made or distributed yet it has likewise been eradicated.

            Smallpox is unique in that it is basically unable to mutate, the vaccine was also not widely distributed, so how vaccines played a major role in the elimination of smallpox is an interesting question indeed.

            While wild polio has been deemed “eradicated”, there are thousands of cases of paralytic polio like cases every year in the US that are clinically indistinguishable from polio virus, in addition every case of confirmed polio in the US since 1979 has been derived from the vaccine itself. So no, polio has not been eradicated.

          • We can help our bodies produce antibiodies and stuff though, filling up on herbs, antioxidants, less sugars, moderate amounts of proteins, good hygiene and more though

          • Google him. Follow the money. Ever notice that people promoting miracle cures and screaming about supposed risks are ALWAYS selling something? And getting very wealthy in the process?

          • Yeah and that’s good; not necessarily screaming; that’s how we’re supposed to be in life

          • He’s not but people will say whatever they want; children without vaccines do better; I was vaccinated some

          • I don’t have to; it’s not right to go about anger or arrogant people anyway – you lift your spirits

          • Proof is in the pudding! Most of these people that promote vaccine safely neglect this one HUGE fact. I won’t add the specific numbers because it is everyone’s responsibility to do there own research. There is a specific amount of mercury that BY LAW is considered illegal and dangerous to so much as put on your skin. Yet, that same amount is in the typical flu shot. The MMR has now been removed from 5 countries as I know it, Japan, France and which other 3? A scientist dropped .03mg of thimerosal on developing brain cells and it broke the bonds (aka dissolved the nerves in laymen terms). EVERY SINGE DAMN SHOT HAS THIMEROSAL in it. EVEN A SINGLE PATHOGEN VIAL. The FDA permits .03 to be in a dose for it to be considered THIMEROSAL FREE. A friend of mine, a microbiologist went to say, if you ever hear it’s not dangerous, rest assured they were paid to say that.

          • I have had a flu shot EVERY year since 1979. My doc shoos me out of the office every year after my annual checkup, saying I am ridiculously healthy. I should have grown a couple of extra heads and dropped dead by now according to unfounded scare tactics. There’s more mercury in a can of tuna fish than in a flu shot.

          • you get extra points for your emotionally charged ”stabbing children with known neurotoxins” Well done.

          • Such drama! Stabbing children! Mercola is the biggest quack on the internet and has been fined and sanctioned multiple times. He’s living in a very fine mansion due to people’s lack of critical thinking skills.

          • it`s in roughly half of vaccines available, but not in any single disease shots or infant shots. and there are non thiomersal versions available of all of them.

          • Michael, you are incorrect. Holly is right. Thimerosal is ONLY used in multi-dose vials of flu vaccine, for that very reason: multiple doses. It’s a preservative. Preservatives are not needed in single-dose vials because they are manufactured sterile. “single-disease” does not mean the same thing as “single-dose”

            #ALittleCommonSenseGoesALongWay #AlsoLookItUp.

          • thanks I was having difficulty coming up with the right word. although the important part was that thiomersal is still being used. not that that is all that important because it doesn’t hurt anyone and besides there’s alternatives

          • You THINK it doesn’t contain it. By big pharma definition it clearly states that it DOES contain it “IF” it contains less than X amount of thimerosal it will be considered to not have it.

          • You’ve been provided relevant references. Please educate yourself. Also learn to spell. Your posts are just noise in this thread.

          • And you have been provided hard core facts. What you decide to believe is up to you. But relevance and facts are two different things. BTW, you can block me if you’d like, but you don’t have to reply to something you don’t agree with.

          • i’m pretty convinced the reason kdracco is being gagged by big Pharma. If it weren’t for that dastardly conglomerate, I’m sure he or she would get an education.

          • No you and I won’t get along perfectly; a lot of people in the world can not spell well or write; I’m not going to make-them; you’d be some arrogant person; Kdracco is good; yes Big Pharma people, clinicians and more tell you there’s little to none in it if the package indicates such a thing; ‘X’ can be used meaning any word, like A + O = B or there are some conditions that are known as X factor

          • Thimirasol (Sp?) was removed from vaccines, except the flu vaccines, despite no evidence of causing harm-the particular compound of mercury it contained is safe. (Not an unusual phenomenon. Hydrogen is highly flammable, oxygen feeds fires, but water is not at all combustible.) Autism rates continued to rise.

          • It’s because thimerosal was reintroduced! Even now the CDC and FDA agreed to accept that if a vaccine contains .03mg it shall be considered free of, SO IT ISN’T FREE OF IT! When the amount was lowered in the MMR it was increased to 50 fkn mg. You are allowed to be injected with an amount that the CDC has always and clearly said was a dangerous amount to have on your skin. I just don’t understand what part of that people don’t understand. A CEO of a drug company confessed to suppressing the studies all for the sake of capital gains. Another scientist mixed gave 10 rats an injection equivalent to what we give humans being mixed with thimerosal and aluminum and they all fkn died. This is not rocket science, it is dangerous.

          • That and the fact that you literally pound your body and challenge your immune system with up to 4-5 types of dangerous viruses at the same time.

          • Right, Mercury is not good for the brain; Aluminum and Cadmium aren’t good for anywhere many times!!

          • no they cant.. when you dont actually have facts you have to post memes and movies.. or worse sites that have serious anti vax bias.. people just dont know how to Vet their news and they love that ol confirmation bias.. why look at more than one site when the first one you found confirms your beliefs..

          • Seriously, and you discredit it? You probably saw something on msnbc and chose 1 minute of truth over years of actual facts.

          • Here, because you seem to stupid to do any research on your own. Open letter from a CDC whistleblower.

            My name is William Thompson. I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.

            Learn more:

            or maybe this

            Rost is a former vice president of Pfizer, and a whistleblower of the entire pharmaceutical industry in general. He is the author of “The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman.”

          • Merck scientists Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski filed a lawsuit in 2010 whose discovery is due to be heard this year in court, they alledge Merck fabricated MMR efficacy research by misusing rabbit antibody to produce target results defrauding the US out of billions of dollars.

            Interesting how these prestigious institutions and companies who can and should be employing meticulously qualified individuals ends up hiring a bunch of nuts, or perhaps they’re not the nutty ones.

          • so… i know this is probably confusing, but destroying paper data still leaves the digital data. and everyone agrees there`s multiple copies of that data freely available in the cdc computers. otherwise, how could it have been re-evaluated by wakefield`s team ? re-evaluated, by the way, by someone not trained to do it who used the wrong method when he did it.

            besides, vaxxed still tells you to vaccinate. which makes sense considering this all started when wakefield deliberately fudged a study to help him sell his own vaccine formulation.

          • The blog you referred me to is a product of Brian Deer, also nowhere does it indicate or link to a vaccine that has been patented. Wakefield has been very open about these allegations and continues to repeatedly address them in person and publicly, in addition the transfer factor was not successful and he has not attempted to develop a new treatment since. Furthermore, the treatment was to replace the measles vaccine in only a small group of children for which MMR had already failed and who already had measles infection and we’re unable to clear it.

            Even if the allegation were accurate, it does not refute the fact that Wakefield has no conflict of interest with manufacturers or vaccine developers to date. It’s been two decades since the failed patent, with no new attempts to patent a vaccine treatment. The fear that Wakefield is about to cash in on an alternate vaccine is unwarranted paranoia for something that has never happened and likely never will.

            It’s really a moot point anyway considering that the loudest mouthpiece in favor of vaccines is Offit, and not only did he develop a rotovirus vaccine but he successfully patented the product and has become a millionaire from it’s distribution. He holds a seat that is funded by a vaccine manufacturer as we speak.

          • Hey, I only said “alludes”. You asked a question, I was curious, so I tried searching for any info, and that’s all I found, though I spent little time at it. Not trying to prove anything. Nothing is going to change my learned opinion that vaccines are safe and they don’t cause autism, as demonstrated in so many studies. What Wakefield and others like Jenny McCarthy have done was so very harmful. And, I don’t care how much money Offit has. He’s a hero in my book, and he’s earned it! Not going to argue this with you or anyone so please don’t trouble yourself to respond.

          • This is a public forum, you don’t get to dictate responses. When perception contradicts reality, the wise person questions their perception, recognizing that they have the potential to deceive themselves. Only the idiot insists they cannot be deceived, and then deny reality.

          • It was Thompson that gave a copy of his study to Hooker, who then gave it to Wakefield. This was done prior to Thompson being exposed. It was wakefield that suggested that Thompson consult a lawyer because he and hooker planned to go public with the info. According to Thompson’s statements, the digital copies were destroyed as well. Thompson kept his own digital copy however, it was not entered into CDC databases, but rather it was given to congressman Posey which is where it resides today.

          • How do you account for Thompson’s discrepancy between statements made under counsel and released through his lawyer and statements he made in private recorded conversations with Dr. Brian Hooker?

            Unfortunately, this issue can not be honestly addressed unless all the evidence is considered and acknowledged. It’s the “testimony” in those recordings that Dr.Hooker intended to make public that prompted Thompson to seek counsel, protection, and a congressional hearing. To imply that Thompson is simply addressing some insignificant data from his study is to literally ignore all the evidence that’s been presented by Thompson thus far, since all of it is contradictory to your posts.

          • You are construing Dr Thompson’s support of vaccines in general to mean that he has no concerns about the MMR vaccine possibly playing a causal role in the development of autism. It’s an irrelevant, spurious argument.

            Even if iron-clad proof were available to me that such a causal role was present and significant, I would have no trouble supporting vaccination programs, in general.

          • I breaks my heart to say yes, yes he can be that ignorant. Just look at the world populace. When people refuse to do there own research and instead rely on CNN and any news source owned by politicians who have a seat as board of directors on a pharmaceutical company you will be fed lies. Japan went as far as banning the MMR vaccine
            once it was found to be a definite link to autism. If we are the most
            hygiene addressed country, then why do we need three times as many
            vaccines by the age of 5 than any other country in the world. As the
            U.S. has become healthier, why have we quadrupled the amount of vaccines
            administered? That is an moronic thing to do! More stupid are people
            that don’t question these facts. I don’t disagree that vaccines are
            needed, but not 34 by the age of 5. This crap is given to a child before
            the child has even had his immune defense developed. Why else do you
            think we have the highest mortality rate by the age of 5 due to illness!
            You were given a brain, please use it to point out irrational and
            illogical conclusions.

          • If you look at the line breaks, you can easily tell who actually comments and who just copy/pastes antiscientific Dunning-Kruger “expert drivel.” ????

          • Why are you addressing your comment to me? It isn’t relevant to my exchange with kdracco whom I asked to back up his statement that there has been any definitive link between vaccines and autism.

          • Because you and many other people were to lazy to intensely scrutinize the safety or non-safety of the data. I have added a little extra. In the end, I wonder. Is it really my job to do research and prove it to you. Yes it is, I am my brother keeper. However, you too are responsible for your children as am I for my own. Which means, you are also responsible for doing a thorough research into what might or might not be dangerous to your children. When you see with your own eyes in a petri dish how one drop of .03mg dissolves brain cells you no longer question if it’s dangerous. When Peter Rost (former vice president of Pfizer) leaves a multi million dollar job to whistle blow, you “should believe him”. When CDC scientist William Thompson (whistle blower) admits to skewed studies and loses his job over it, we should all reach a conclusion that something is wrong. When an army of pediatricians writes an open letter about the autism they see sky rocketing in recent years, you have got to be a moron to think you need more proof.

          • If science does not know the cause of ASD, it cannot scientifically rule out vaccines as the cause of ASD, particularly when there is no control group of non vaccinated individuals, due to government mandated vaccine schedules. Recent studies show all ASD victims have permanently inflamed microglial cells in the brain which make up 10-15% of the brains cells. The avenue of transmission is the recently discovered lymphatic system that permeates the brain and is functional at birth, though the immune system is not fully developed. It’s foolish to think infants can handle being exposed to numerous viral proteins and cocktails of adjuvants and preservatives without even the benefit of being weaned from their mothers. For Pete’s sake, you can’t even give Aspirin to kids until they’re old enough.

          • Here you idiot, because you simply seem to be affected by autism. Start here.

            Rost is a former vice president of Pfizer, and a whistleblower of the entire pharmaceutical industry in general. He is the author of “The Whistleblower, Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman.”

            The DAMN VICE PRESIDENT OF Pfizer. You still won’t believe it though. If did, it would mean you ego would get hurt. And you would be forced to live with the fact that you feel like an idiot knowing you promoted and believed you were doing the right thing by your children. Three fkn times I directly saw a perfectly normal child become mentally and physically impaired within two weeks of a vaccine. 2 year old, 3 year old and 6 year old. When a friend of mine said, “don’t worry, after his injection you’ll notice a change in the way he acts, but he’ll be ok” , you better believe I thought twice. See it to believe it is the word of norm, and I saw it. You do eventually have to read about Rost confession, unless that is too much for you. Lazy people like you will now want me to make the pdf available or mail it to your house.

          • They’re still linked heavily: 240% increased risk of autism in black children who were injected w/MMR before 36 months of age. Unrepudiated.
            Watch this video interview
            regarding the Vaxxed film—it’s not the film itself but an interview with both the producer and Andy Wakefield (the research MD viciously debarred, denigrated and demonized after asserting that infant vaccines at least should be spaced out, not given in the MMR combo, especially to infants.)

          • i`m guessing you mean a small population of black boys based on the “whistleblower” event. so let`s say that`s true… black boys get a higher *risk* of autism from the mmr. that doesn`t mean anyone else does. so we just stop giving black boys the mmr. problem solved.

            but the reason that study was never used was because they realised there was a reason that data showed up. and it was because the way those boys were identified skewed the data making it look like there was a higher incidence in them. this is pretty common with research and one of the reasons we have such rigorous requirements for research to be validated. the purpose of the peer review and replication of studies is to catch errors like this so that we can use accurate results to make our decisions. so this is actually an example of the system working.

            but usually a group of people untrained in data collection and interpretation don`t latch onto it and blow it way out of proportion.

          • so it`s not the film but it`s the people who made the film talking about the same stuff as is in the film. that`s still not any better than the film and it`s not anywhere near as compelling as actual peer reviewed and replicated research. regardless i don`t need to watch it to talk about it. i already know everything that`s in it. assuming i don`t know enough without watching a video made by disgraced and debunked conspiracy mongers is really rather insulting. they don`t have anything to say they haven`t said for years. and i already know what they`re saying and why it`s wrong.

          • Carl Sagan specifically warned us about the mediocrity taking over Science and Technology. You are shooting from the hip and are obviously quite confident judging from your flippant remarks about someone’s child who has been rendered disabled for life for unknown reasons. Lucifer, the Devil would be a much more appropriate SN, pal.

          • Very few people talk about the.increase age of parents. This has gone up at the same time autism has risen.

          • There’s also ironically more awareness in the school system of ‘disruptive’ students who literally don’t think the same way.

          • Absolutely no one talks about marajuana, “recreational drugs”, or hard street drugs. Why is that? I am no scientist, but I read an article in the Smithsonian magazine, written by a scientific researcher that states what one person does to their body, is transferred to several generations later. Could all the drug use in the 60’s, have a bearing on children born today?

          • Yes! That’s certainly one possibility. Consider the fact that the egg from which you came was in your mother’s ovaries when SHE was born…. If you search the term “epigenetics” you’ll get some very fascinating results. With this subject, and the brain-gut axis area also recently being delved into, we’ve so very much to learn. Our own bodies are still the most mysterious realm to explore.

          • if so, we`re benefiting from it. most of silicon valley is autistic.

            but what`s more confusing is that autistics have always been around throughout history. autism wasn`t named or identified until the second world war. before that autistics were diagnosed with other conditions, hidden or killed. or hid among the population pretending to be normal much like many do now. so it`s unlikely that drug use had much to do with it. and if it did, i`m glad. otherwise i`d never have been autistic.

          • No long term research has been carried out into opioids given too late in labour & narcan. Small studies raising massive concern. Parents of these children / adults, asking the same question because their offspring have same symptoms.

          • It would be interesting to know whether there is any correlation between the start of opioids being used & the increase in autism.also when pethidine was stopped & apparently autism levels have stabilised?

          • Correlation isn’t causation, we can make a chart showing any increasing anything with the rise of autism. That’s not how any investigation should begin.

            Also Opoids have been used in human civilization for ever, through USA’s entire history Opoids/Opiates were used, from almost its founding.

            Even what is considered “unusually” high usage in the news, is not at all unusual or high when considering our historical usage.

            There are two very serious risks from Opoids, potential for overdose and medical dependency, there are also endocrine related effects from long term usage. However across the board, they are safe drugs when used properly if warranted.

            You want to investigate new drugs introduced, go ahead, but it sounds like your just throwing special interests at the wall to see what we’re dumb enough to buy.

          • You are making a confusing hypothesis, because narcan is an opoid receptor antagonist, an anti-opoid.

            Also countless numbers of studies on Opoids/Opiates and fetal development have been done it’s downright insane. There is literally no reason to blieve the things you referenced are related in anyway, and as much as I want answers, throwing around some news friendly anti-opoid theories just isn’t getting us closer.

          • Michale Crosby, they can’t hide. people spot such things, even if they wouldn’t say it out loud. do you have evidence that the autistic have always existed? after ww2 there happened a lot changes and new drugs etc toxins were introduced to us, so it’s entirely possible it didn’t exist before or in the least was way more rarer, because the shift in diagnosis mentioned could only partially explain the rise. it still leaves about half in the unknown which means it still keep rising at an alarming rate. we’re not talking about other forms of retardation which certainly have always existed. people have always been hitting their heads falling from trees or drank from water sources contaminated by lead and fluoride etc that warped their mind.

          • You are correct, Jane Doe. What you refer to is called “epigenetics”. Whether or not autism is one such consequence, I do not know for certain. Epigenetics in and of itself is a huge and fascinating subject we should be hearing a great deal more about over coming years.

          • it is the FATHERS age that creates autistic sons! Generally alcohol usage, drugs and the age of the man, his sperm ages and carries mutations. There are 4 times more Autistic MALE CHILDREN then female. Think again when you say “its a boy!” A sad day. Men should not be fathering children after 45-50+

          • autistics are late bloomers. they typically have children later than most people. and because autism is genetic, autistics have mostly autistic children. that or those studies never identified whether the parents were autistic or not.

          • We as a species have not lasted this long for no reason. Old men fathered babies in ancient times. You’re weak attempt to blame the destruction of a life on the age of parents without a link to back it up is amusing.

          • It is an extraordinarily dishonest article. I am going to share it as an example of deceptive blogging.

        • If you’re going to compare countries how do other confounding factors not apply? Is the racial/ethnic or genetic make-up of Denmark comparable to that of the US?

        • I blame the invention of the Apple 2 computer. J/k
          But modern living might make autism-like tendancies a lot more visible?

          It seems that in the ‘good old days’ we used to blame mothers’ behavior for it as if it didn’t have a huge genetic factor. Yeah, nice to put someone already dealing with stress of taking care of an autistic child through the addential shaming process for something no one is 100% sure of all the causes of.

          • That has been one of my concerns. How many children were not diagnosed simply because of societal or cultural factors? How many times were children abandoned or killed because a family couldn’t care for them. Nopt that I blame the families, it was tough in the good old days for even the healthy to survive.

            When we make sure that more of our disadvantaged survive, of course there are going to be more of the disadvantaged.

        • Seth, you appear to have greater confidence in the “acetaminophen hypothesis” than the authors themselves:

          “…these data cannot provide strong evidence of causality.”

          Epidemiological correlations are a useful starting point for developing a hypothesis, but are almost never sufficient for drawing conclusions on their own. This is the central point of Arvind’s article.

        • No one has claimed the increase is solved. But we do know there is zero epidemiological evidence that GMOs, glyphosate or organic food is a cause. That’s the point. Anti-Scuence activists, including those who reject biotech crops claiming safety hazards, are just plain wrong. They’ll just have to migrate to another scare topic instead of just reasonably discussing the variety of growing approaches snd their scientific vista and benefits. But when one is an ideologue reason goes out that window.

          • Oh, yeah, the “i’m pro-science and you’re not” camp gets pretty shrill pretty fast, don’t they? They have to. Without their sneering ridicule, their misinformation might be subject to examination. It takes a lot of willful ignorance to support positions which can easily be refuted when one looks beyond mainstream scientific journals and their questionable practices. Science my ass.

          • “Science your ass”–I’ll say. You folks claim to have scientific justification for stuff you totally fail to understand–and you act like pigs at the trough.

          • I agree, Japan did a great scientific study. They went as far as banning the MMR vaccine because they “SCIENTIFICALLY” linked it to autism.

          • I did no such thing concerning “twisting”. I’m sure you gather most of your information from links on the internet. Try reading medical journals, especially the ones where the researchers are shot dead for telling the truth. If it makes profits, it’s not about your’s about the money!

          • well, then if they did so, over the next 10 years if the rate of autism in japan goes up or remains the same will be telling.

          • “But we do know there is zero epidemiological evidence that GMOs, glyphosate or organic food is a cause.” Considering that epidemiological studies have not been done on GMO, that is a barren observation. And misleading, which is typical.

          • “But we do know there is zero epidemiological evidence that GMOs, glyphosate or organic food is a cause.” Considering that epidemiological studies have not been done on GMO, that is a barren observation. And very misleading.

          • The specialize in making lack of evidence seem like evidence to the contrary. A responsible entity would test hypotheses that are plausible. A purely selfish entity would deflect for as long as possible and would avoid turning over any stone not required by law. They are the latter. They engage in propaganda rather than working in a sound way in terms of caution and knowledge.

          • Med docs state that roundup/glyphosate destroys the gut microbiome and the immune system. New research out of Virginia Univ, June 1st 2015, explains that the brain has its own lymphatic system connected to the immune system. So in what way does glyphosate n-o-t affect the brain/autism, do you say???

          • Thank you Yvonne! I find it disturbing that there are people out there like Jon who spread this kind of bunk about the alarming rise in autism in our country.

          • Because the evidence keeps mounting, Monsanto and their subsidiaries hire shills to publish this fish rot. A university professor was indicted recently and revealed as a paid shill, having accepted $75,000 over three years to lecture about GMO’s and their wonderful benefits. He WAS a well-respected scientist…not anymore!

          • Why is it that every vaxxer likes using generalities in their “proof” outbursts? “Med docs say” is a broad generality. 40% number above is pulled out of whatever ass, I have no idea. Except that it actually is explained in the article. All the increase is, but I do not even assume that a vaxxer would read anything but certain points of an article, book, text. Never any deep understanding of anything, skimming tops – some of the signs of true believers.

            I used to know Albert Einstein. True story. You can find it online.

          • MIT researcher Dr Stephanie Seneff explains in her youtube video “Glyphosate and Mitochondria” how Glyphosate affects/destroys the body on cellular level.

          • You are either being dishonest or clueless, or both.

            “Dr.” Stephanie is a computer scientist.

          • The “Dr.” should stick to computer science which was her major. Her biophysics degree doesn’t qualify her to do these kinds of pronouncements.

          • Why the hell would organic food be the cause?

            The cause is pretty much clear. Anything that have traces of Mercury and high heavy metal contents. ie. Vaccines and Pesticides.

            Inject a NEWBORN baby, with under-developed brains with Mercury. Of course they will show signs of Mercury Poisoning. Meaning, Autism.

            Yes, the symptoms of Mercury Poising matches Autism Symptoms to a T.

          • Mercury in injections. Pretty certainly the main factor in my eldest daughter’s case. But she is statistically insignificant…..!

          • What about those of us looking for truth? I guess we should just believe big farma funded research and accept it unchallenged???

          • Kenneth, I’m not clear your point. There have been hundreds of studies, some by pharmaceutical companies but the overwhelming majority by independent researchers and their results coincide: the rise in autism rates has no relationship to GMOs, mercury, radio waves or other kooky suggestions. Let’s stick to science and empirical research rather than activist web sites with axes to grind.

          • Are results of these hundreds of studies by independent researchers accessible to the general public? How can I access them?

          • Johiga, You have to read what Jon has written about. He is all about the toxic environment we live in. His book Scared to Death is all you have to read to understand Jon’s thought process. He will not give you “independent” research because the only real independent research is what he refutes. Re-read what he wrote: “the rise in autism rates has no relationship to GMOs, mercury, radio waves or other kooky suggestions.” Really Jon, you know with absolute certainty that the rise in autism rate has zero to do with GMO’s or mercury? Please share with us YOUR research?

          • But are they paying him well enough? I bet he doesn’t follow any of the “science” in his own life – you’ll find him at the Whole Foods buying organic and taking his kids to private school, where they don’t need to be vaccinated at all and then to the bank, where he deposits that nice check to help pay for the organic food and the private school. Just a little hunch.

          • WRONG AGAIN! Jon, please, review your most basic organic/biochemistry re “complexing” to understand the following:
            By 2025, half the kids born in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism, according to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She, like many others says autism isn’t just genetic – it is almost surely due to
            environmental factors. Just a couple of those factors are Monsanto’s RoundUp (glyphosate) and heavy exposure to a cocktail of heavy metals, including aluminum.
            Read more:

            And more support pointing at glyphosate (binding, thus eliminating bio-availability of essential minerals like Manganese): Genetically engineered crops, glyphosate and the deterioration of health in the United States of America:

          • The Autism Society of America says only 1 whole % of the entire world has autism spectrum disorder. How is it that only the white Americans seem to be having ever increasing numbers of autistic births? Shouldn’t it technically be everyone but white Americans if it’s a real thing? They have more money, they have better healthcare, and yet somehow it’s that healthcare that is turning them into autistic kids? So is it a conspiracy by anti-white corporatists to exterminate the white race as a threat to their rule as dark kids are easier to keep under their thumbs? I don’t buy it. Someone’s going to have to show me a positive proof that thiomersal that is no longer in all vaccines except flu vaccines is actually causing child brain malformations or that GMOs with pesticides cause autism. Truthfully, shouldn’t black and hispanic babies have much higher autism rates if GMOs are what causes autism since they all live in the ghettos and barrios where organic foods are unavailable and toxic fast foods and processed foods are all they can afford?

          • Western vaccinations, recently introduced to Asia, has skyrocketed cases of autism in those countries.

          • Actually I don’t think they ever took the mercury out. In ones like the Dtap they list trace amounts…what exactly is a trace amount? As long as they don’t list it as a preservative they can put whatever amount they want. Trade Secrets keeps big pharma truly covered and able to put whatever they want in their vaccines. Also the combination of aluminum and mercury have a much worse effect then by themselves.

          • Probably; there’s more than 1 way to get Asperger’s; it’s not all from birth; Autism is different and I don’t know. The inability to eliminate heavy metals and digest food happens from heavy metals being a magnet to the antibiotics while the good flora is wiped away from the antibiotics regardless. If this stuff were to happen After 8 months of age, especially in those with the MTHFR gene, the problem would be less. Also, like seizures, Asperger’s Syndrome is part physical, part Neurological; both problems can get worse during times of stress and constipation and such. That’s kind of all I know.

          • Right you are! There is a disproportional number of brown skinned children presenting with a wide range of these disorders. The trend is so pronounced as to have completely disrupted the teaching schedule in many inner city classrooms, where children don’t seem to be able to learn at all. Long time teachers who have been in the profession since the early 70’s report that the behavior of these children, as compared with those of previous decades, is extremely disturbing.

          • Dr. Hans is absolutely correct. His information is right in line with my research. Thank you Dr. Kugler.

          • Associations between autism and GMOs, autism and food chemicals, autism and mircrowave radiation are all amenable to empirical research. None are “kooky” outside of Jon’s world.

          • Most of the independent researchers are payed by those that have money in the game so they’re research can not be trusted.

          • Does it bother you that autism victims recover when they cut out Glyphosate/GMOs, vaccines, poisoned water and harmful EMF waves?

          • Kenneth, I’m not clear your point. There have been hundreds of studies, some by pharmaceutical companies but the overwhelming majority by independent researchers and their results coincide: the rise in autism rates has no relationship to GMOs, mercury, radio waves or other kooky suggestions. Let’s stick to science and empirical research rather than activist web sites with axes to grind.

          • Keep looking Kenneth. But you’re looking in the exact wrong place on this site! This is a mutation industry promotional site.

          • This is where shills go to die, apparently. As they aren’t being paid anymore, but are unfit for useful work, they keep posting their transparent blather here…so just move along and ignore this massive waste of Internet. It is an informational black hole. Most Americans know we are being intentionally poisoned by Big Ag and Big Pharma, which is why organic food and natural medicine have become booming enterprises.

          • What about those of us looking for truth? I guess we should just believe big farma funded research and accept it unchallenged???

          • What evidence do you have to show that those who reject biotech crops claiming safety hazards are just plain wrong?

          • Those who think vaccines containing mercury may be responsible for some autism cases are not anti-science, but asking for a more sophisticated scientific investigation.

          • Why have 19 European countries (who have studied GM foods much more extensively) banned GM crops?

          • A cursory examination of scientific evidence that is free from big money influence and cherry picking paints quite a different picture. Where do you get your “facts”? If you are getting informed from mainstream media and published papers in “peer” reviewed journals utilizing the pay to publish model, then I have swamp land in Florida to sell you.

          • Glyphosate interferes with cytochrome P450 enzyme function. which affects a huge number of processes.

          • Where do you get your information? The science is overwhelming, much of it published outside the United States, just do some homework. The U.S. is completely brainwashed and in an informational vacuum.

        • Yea, now you reread it, please. The article cites 3 different estimates showing an increase in autism incidence, none of which is really adequate, each giving differing rates of increase. The 3rd attempt to show an increased diagnosis of Autism shows an about 400% increase in about 8 years, (from 1989–2007), while the first attempt, which partly relies on American data from the CDC, and partly relies on what is apparently a guess, shows an increase in autism of roughly 1400% in ??16 or ??44 years (from the early 70’s or late 80’s till 2014?–it is not stated at all clearly.) (And, the comparison in autism rates is limited to that occuring in 8 year olds on one side of the data only–that occuring “today”.) …… This is a really unjustified extrapolation, but the paper just does not give adequate data to know anything, really, so here goes–since GMO’s have been prevalent about 15 years, the best we can estimate from the proferred data is that here has been an increase of about 750% in autism in that time. …….
          Then, this article describes one study showing an increase in Autism incidence due to changed diagnostic criteria–a Danish study. That study shows that 60% of the increased autism is due to changed diagnostic criteria. Again, we are somewhat comparing apples to oranges, but if we apply the estimate that only 40% of the increased prevalence is due to a true increase, while the other 60% apparent increase is due to changed diagnostic criteria, then we are left with 40% of 750%–which is a 300% unexplained increase in autism, not a 400% increase, as I had said. . ,,,,,,,
          So, I stand somewhat corrected. However, my point, that the mystery of the increase in autism remains FAR from solved, stands completely unmarred.. ……. The paper is totally inadequate–it fails to make any point whatsoever. It does not cite adequate data to draw any conclusion with a fair degree of rigor, and the point it tries to make, that the increase in Autism mystery is “solved”, is totally unjustified. …….. In short, reprinting this article, to make some “scientific” point, is utterly bogus.

        • there are a lot more autistics having a much better quality of life now than ever before. they`re coming out of the woodwork, in fact. but here`s the kicker: autistics have kids. and those kids are most likely going to be autistic. so each generation increases the number of autistics dramatically. my wife and i are both autistic… and between us we have 5 autistic kids. you do the math.

      • Why is it certainly NOT vaccines or GMOs Those are the PROBABLE causes. To automatically throw out the probable cause is insane.

        There have been billions of dollars in court cases IN THE US awarded because vaccines were proven without a shadow of a doubt to have caused autism.

        In Italy it is a well nown fact vaccines cause autism.

        The fraudulent studies by the CDC have been completely and thoroughly debunked as fraud many times. The CDC also hid data that linked vaccines and autism. way vaccines can cause autism.

        • This reply needs further expansion. My daughter also developed permanent tinnitus after a BCG vaccine given in two doses because of her reaction to the first. There is a link with streptomycin. Of course, constitutional/genetic characteristics may cause individual predispositions. Compulsory mass-medication is a factor.

          • My youngest grandchild, a girl, is 1-1/2 years old and I’m terrified of her becoming autistic. Don’t ask why I’m terrified, I just am. What’s the likelihood?

          • You’ve found me here too. I honestly can’t answer the question, but if there is no mental illness/autism in the family history and care is taken with substance intake (injections, food and pollution) things should turn out OK. Some people on the Asperger spectrum with high intelligence or artistic creativity can turn out better than OK. There are new ways of helping people with the social handicaps. I should think medical professionalism in Israel is better focused on this than in Britain.

          • your grandchild either has Autism or she doesn’t. She cannot “become” Autistic.. You are born Autistic. And it’s certainly not something to be “terrified ” over

          • Because Autism begins in the womb..Here is one study but there are others It is well accepted in the scientific community that genetics plays the biggest role in its appearance . Also, and this is only my personal experience, I knew my Son was Autistic within 6 months, incidentally well before his MMR vaccine. He has an Autistic uncle and cousin so I, unlike most parents was watching for the early signs. The obvious signs don’t start to appear until after a year old so parents looking for some sort of correlation look at the vaccines that they got around that time and falsely make the connection. If they were really honest with themselves they may look back in hindsight and see the early signs. There is also a less common form of regressive autism where kids stop using words they once did , but the autism was always there , and WILL always be there.

          • If autism was only genetic there would not be huge increases in autism rates in one generation.

          • A good case of diphtheria, measles, and polio will prevent her from becoming autistic.
            And a side order of small pox would definitely finish her off.

            Get the bleeping Vaccination!!

          • Don’t worry. My son will definitely have her vaccinated. It’s just me that worries and I worry over every bleeping thing. :-)

          • Personally, if you’re really worried, I’d have a genetic test done on her to see if she’s got MTHFR. Easy to do and cheap any more. I personally think that if that was caught early (and kids were given methyl Bs along with limiting processed foods and GMOs), they’d be at much less risk when vaccinated.

        • I have to back this one up- Googling the words you just used come up with NOWHERE NEAR what was written. The closest thing I could come up with is a single story from and a wikipedia article Vaccine Court “The VICP uses a no-fault system for resolving vaccine injury claims.[1]
          Compensation covers medical and legal expenses, loss of future earning
          capacity, and up to $250,000 for pain and suffering; a death benefit of
          up to $250,000 is available. If certain minimal requirements are met,
          legal expenses are compensated even for unsuccessful claims.[4]
          Since 1988, the program has been funded by an excise tax of 75 cents on
          every purchased dose of covered vaccine. To win an award, a claimant
          must show a causal connection; if medical records show a child has one
          of several listed adverse effects soon after vaccination, the assumption
          is that it was caused by the vaccine. The burden of proof is the
          civil-law preponderance-of-the-evidence standard, in other words a
          showing that causation was more likely than not. Denied claims can be
          pursued in civil courts, though this is rare.” Re-read that. “To win an award, a claimant
          must show a causal connection … the assumption is that it was caused by the vaccine” with NO PROOF WHATSOEVER. If my kid got a shot and then suddenly crapped himself I could get an award just because he had a bowel movement. 3 billion dollars have been paid out since it began but those vaccines ceased to be manufactured. “5,263 claims relating to autism, and 2,865 non-autism claims, were made” and there is no uncontested proof that vaccines caused autism. There is no scientific consensus, no government confirmed studies. The govt has a vested interest in the proof of global warming via scientific consensus being settled but on the contrary they claim vaccines are perfectly safe and in many cases mandatory in order to attend public schools, all because of scientific consensus.

        • Please remember that only the flu vaccine has any amount of thiomersal in it at all and that all other vaccines have ceased using thiomersal over a decade ago. Thiomersal is not liquid mercury and the side effects of actual mercury poisoning are not comparable to the autism spectrum disorders.

          • I have an autistic niece and nephew and my wife is an experienced teacher at a special needs school.

            I have a 45yo friend who received acute mercury poisoning from a cfl globe. In cleaning up he spilled a small amount of the white powder from inside the globe onto his hand. Now of the minuscule 4mg of mercury contained in the globe (about enough to cover the tip of a ballpoint pen) he would have been exposed to no more than 30% but most likely exposure was only 10%. As only one of the three glass tubes had broken and most of the powder was still in the broken tube.

            For the following three weeks his symptoms were very comparable to autism. So much so that before I learned what had happened I was very confused as to how my 45yo friend had seemingly become autistic overnight.

            Also you are very wrong about thimerosal. Your statement that the flu vaccine is the only vaccine that contains any thimerosal at all is completely wrong. Thimerosal is only listed as an ingredient if added as a preservative, after manufacturing. If used (and it is) during manufacturing it does not have to be listed as an ingredient.

            Thimerosal is a listed ingredient in the Hep B vaccine that is inexplicably administered at birth.

          • Probably not until sometime after I start. When are you going to stop being a dirty Llama raping liar?

          • You idiot, you already admitted to being a psychopath, when you ridiculously called me a llama raper.
            Now assuming it were true, I could stop raping llamas, however you can’t stop being a psychopath. It’s just not possible.
            But despite all of this, sexual assault is a serious issue and you should not be showing a lack of empathy for the victims of such a crime in mentioning it in such a way. But you know the type of person that lacks empathy. Don’t you?

          • Jesus wept. You really are a moron. A lying sack of shit moron, plus several other kinds of stupid.

          • Do you really think that is the part I’m accusing you of lying about? Why are anti vaxxers always SO stupid? And full of shit? Your post was a giant steaming pIle of PRATT nonsense and outright lies.

    • ASD isn’t a autoimmune disease. The immune system is not present in the central nervous system where thought processes take place. ASD is neurological and is polygenetic.

      • I know what ASD actually is: it’s a totally arbitrary label. Motives for laying the label on somebody range from monetary gain to political security. A key defining characteristic id its permanence, which mean that those unfortunate enough to receive the label, meet with worse repercussions as time passes.

    • Denmark’s population since 1980 has only been an increase of half a million people. The US has had over 100 million people enter through immigration and births. Considering we’ve had such a vast population explosion couldn’t it be possible that we’re simply seeing the effects of so many people who don’t fit into the American version of the norm? How many southern Americans are coming in not speaking English, not able to pay attention to someone they can’t understand in schools that might only cater partially to their language and suddenly they’re being diagnosed by the school nurse as on the autism spectrum and in need of special needs which then gives the school added resources? I just can’t believe all the processed fast food and candy crap I ate as a kid, the years of video games since Super Mario Bros to the latest Deus Ex, and nearly constant tv and net time haven’t turned me into a full blown autistic person with no ability to empathize or concentrate at all when those things are supposedly what makes a newborn baby turn into a special needs special snowflake!

        • These biochemical abnormalities, as you point to, are balderdash and you know it. The diagnoses are completely arbitrary and usually monetarily motivated; as any economy tutor will tell you, a closed economy as a rule has all its exchange media, the “legal tender”, flowing around (ultimately) in closed loops. Autism is more like a constriction valve, most notably near the top of the socioeconomic pyramid, or more likely a gate, that diverts the flow of money away from any real help for those unfortunate enough to be branded with autism, and into numerous forms of embezzlement of the profits made by the chief representatives, to line their own pockets and expand their luxurious estates.
          In short, believing in autism is like believing in God, with the representatives parallel to Catholic Bishops, and the CEOs as Cardinals (who are just bishops themselves, along with the Pope, but with extra responsibilities and powers.) Its very recognition should be a crime, but they’ll more likely declare it a crime NOT to.

          • If you were to look in the medical literature you would see that the biochemical abnormalities that typically occur in autism are quite real. For example, on average those with autism have about 225% of the nitrotyrosine in blood of controls and only about 70% of the total sulfate in blood of controls. See this publication for example: These are real differences and they are not healthy. The above two mean that typically those with autism have high oxidative stress and insufficient sulfation capacity. There is a lot of other literature that points to oxidative stress and sulfation deficits too. Separate literature also shows that providing sulfur containing antioxidants to those with symptoms often improves mood and behavior. This suggests that the dysfunctional biochemistry is indeed related to behavior.

          • Good comment, Seth, and thanks for the link to the Adams paper.

            When you say “providing sulfur containing antioxidants” do you mean like magnesium sulfate cream or something else?

          • Hi Ivan,
            Thanks for asking. Magnesium sulfate is indeed a great low risk option. I know many people use it and I believe it is effective in many, but I must admit I do not think there has been a double-blinded trials proving its effectiveness in the literature. Do you have experience with it?
            Double-blinded trials in the medical literature have showed that the following improved mood or behavior in groups with autism: sulforophane, n-acetyl-cysteine, DMSA, and James Adams’ multivitamin containing MSM and NAC. All four of the above are sulfur containing compounds with antioxidant properties. Admittedly many have risk and I do not recommend that people use them in autism without more thoroughly understanding the risks and individual biochemistry. I highlighted this sulfur connection in a poster presentation at IMFAR last year. Here is my main poster:
            and here is my table on therapeutics: I also have an ebook on autism treatment here:

            One other point with respect to sulfur containing antioxidant compounds: I think there is one that will some day be shown to be more effective in most than those mentioned above that is not currently in the medical literature in the context if autism. It is benfotiamine. This is just an opinion based on empirical experience.

            If you want to reach me on any of this, my email appears on the presentations above.

          • Thanks for the reply, Seth.

            Re: magnesium sulfate cream. Yes, I’ve used it, but I can’t say whether it was effective.

            Just glancing at your table of therapeutics, I noticed right away you had L-carnitine and Foliniic Acid. Those are two I would recommend. You did a good job with that!

          • Thanks for the kind words Ivan and the recommendation.

            I want to acknowledge that the tables were based on what is in the medical literature. With respect to folate, empirically I have found that the methylfolate form is more efficacious in my son than folinic and I would guess the same is true of many others, but there is no double blinded trial of methylfolate in autism yet as far as I know.

            In addition I have found carotenoid supplementation and benfotiame especially to be quite effective with my son. It makes sense that they would be in general but I don’t think they are in the literature yet either.

            What works for you?

    • Just putting this out there…..Japan banned the MMR years ago because the certain mumps strain that was in that particular vaccine was causing a ton of problems with nervous system. Huge viral meningitis outbreaks. However, they still give all 3 of the vaccines separately. No mention of autism at all. There also have been alarming increases in measles cases and deaths since the ban. (Which by the way is why the usa is such a “clean” country) because of all of our vaccines.

    • Autism is not an autoimmune disorder. There is absolutely no evidence it is because there is no brain damage with autism. If it was auto immune, there would be clear evidence on a MRI. Clear signs of inflammation of immune system damage would be obvious yet that has never been shown. Autism is a lifetime neural condition where neurons have unnecessary and excessive connectivity to other neurons. In simplistic terms, neurons sends signals to extra neurons making stimulus overwhelming and difficult to organize thoughts because there’s lots of noise (extra unorganized neural activity activity ).

    • Autism is not an auto immune disease. That doesn’t make any sense. Autism is a chronic, lifelong condition where neurons make unnecessary, unorganized neural connections with other neurons making organized thought difficult and sensory stimuli overwhelming. You get inflammation because the neurons are basically shorting out like an electrical wire with a stray strand grounding out. This is a lifelong issue with every new neural connection made. There’s no plausible way that a vaccination could do this throughout life. It has to be genetic.

      • The difference in diagnosis not accounted for by increased awareness and broadening of diagnosis criteria is that before the 1990s moderate to severe autism was diagnosed as mental retardation or other mental conditions. The reduction in these diagnosis matches exactly the increase in autism diagnosis not accounted for.

    • This would be a breakthrough, I think. It would provide a mechanism of disease, and a potential cure, right? That is assuming that Dr. Terry Wahls’ approach to “curing” her own crippling multiple sclerosis, is an effective, and valid, treatment.

    • The Immune system is directly targeted by vaccines. Vaccines contain “adjuvants” like aluminum that stir up the immune system to attack things it wouldn’t normally attack. This helps the vaccines be more effective. It also unfortunately can cause the immune system to attack things that it shouldn’t, hence the autoimmune disorders. It’s ridiculous that they pretend there is no association. And if you look at all their “studies” they are setup to produce bunk results in the first place. They never test vs completely unvaccinated kids.

    • Seth Bitiker—–yes. I thought the same while reading the article: what about the 40 percent? Do you personally have any idea what is the cause of autism? With the large increase in autism cases, it seems like there is one specific (recent) thing that has caused it. (I wouldn’t say “a combination of things,” either). The medical field really has no idea what causes it. Also, I’m not really clear on the symptoms. The whole thing is one big disturbing mystery.

      Sorry, I just saw your reply below. giving links that offer possible causes. Still. something bothers me about “a combination of factors.”

    • If it is an autoimmune disease, then “leaky gut” could be a cause. Just about all autoimmune diseases are downstream from leaky gut or intestinal permeability. Some attribute this to a gluten intolerance to wheat gliadin, which is thought to interfere with the molecule zonulin. Zonulin is the unique modulator of tight junctions in the intestine, and when those tight junctions open too widely, bacteria and undigested food and other toxins can cross into the blood stream, causing an immune response and inflammation and disease.

        • Leaky gut is an imaginary disease, invented by alternative practitioners so that they can prescribe alternative therapies. It’s very versatile, and can be applied to a wide variety of non-specific symptoms. It can be diagnosed with expensive “tests” and treated with supplements or chiropractic.

          Ka Ching.

          [Of course, there are serious medical conditions that can affect gut permeability—eg Crohn’s, celiac disease, sepsis—but these require real diagnosis and real medicine.]

  2. “correlating with when GMO usage, chemtrail rates,
    pesticide exposure and organic food sales began a sharp increase.”

    Uh, one of those things isn’t a thing.

    • It is Not?? Are you telling me that chem trails are not real? What is next, the lizard people are not running the government, Wifi will not rot your brain, Kennedy was not killed by the second gun man from the grassy knoll, Bigfoot did not build the pyramids with the help from aliens, government nano particle tracking devices are not in vaccines, Oh come on… All this stuff is common knowledge, my Yoga instructor agrees.

      • Google HAARP and Chem trails discussed @ the UN. you can watch a doctor address the UN on the issue. Last time I knew, doctors aren’t able to address a pseudo issue to the United Nations. Figured you might enjoy this for the next individual who claims chem trails are false, after all, he/she knows better than the UN and the experts.

        • Why do you post crazy things? This was not Peterson addressing the UN. This was simply a conference on Climate Change organized by the UN, not an actual UN session See:
          Peterson does not work at the UN, or have any connection to the UN at all. Peterson is a retired crop loss adjuster (a type of insurance agent working in agriculture). She worked for the USDA in Mendocino, California.
          Peterson is billed as “President of the Agriculture Defense Coalition”, and while this is true, the ADC is just her. It’s just the name of her personal web site.
          Peterson does not mention “chemtrails”, only regular aircraft exhaust and some NASA rocket experiments

    • Not necessarily. A lot of the autism disorders can be linked back to digestive tract issues and can be cured by fixing this main issue. I’m sure some of the artistic people do but a lot of it is things wee are putting into our bodies abs our children’s bodies that area causing it regardless of genetics.

    • People diagnosed with autism do not universally share the same alleles, although mitochondrial mutations are not uncommon in people diagnosed with the order whose DNA is tested. What is COMMON is micro-deletions and other errors in SNPs. People diagnosed with autism who have had their DNA tested have more microdeletions than parents or siblings. Environmental factors are probably to blame for increased mutation rates.

      • Other than speculation by some, what empirical evidence or studies confirm your hypothesis that @environmental factors are probably to blame” fir autism. Perhaps they are but haven’t seen much more than soeculation. Can you help us here?

      • What happened to the comment I posted last night concerning the statement made by the director of UCSD’s MIND Institute? He said researchers he works with professionally see rising rates of autism as being caused by environmental exposures.

        Toxins bioaccumulate in human bodies. Synergies occur with toxins bioaccumulated in human tissues.

        The youngest among us are always the most vulnerable, and the process of early neuronal development is highly vulnerable to disruption.

        Neurological disorders are rising in both children and adults in North America and Europe (probably every other locale as well). Environmental causes are to blame. The viability of our human genome, epigenome, and biome is integrally tied to the health of the eco-system.

        Independent, peer-reviewed research on round-Up has found adverse endocrine effects and higher tumor growth in laboratory animals, especially across generations. Transgenerational effects have been demonstrated in at least two studies, including near total infertility. Lab findings don’t necessarily have ecological validity but these findings should prompt researchers to investigate!

        If this comment disappears I will presume censorship.

        • thst confirms its speculation. One persons opinion hardly matters. Empirical evidence and multiplevstudues matter. FYI many “toxins” do not bioaummulate and most that do oresent no harm based on the best science. You are welcome to post your opinions on this or any subject but that’s what they, nothing more.

          • You should reference these studies –

            doi: 10.1038/nature10110.
            Transcriptomic analysis of autistic brain reveals convergent molecular pathology.

            doi: 10.1038/ncomms6748.

            Transcriptome analysis reveals dysregulation of innate immune response genes and neuronal activity-dependent genes in autism.

            doi: 10.1001/archgenpsychiatry.2011.76. Epub 2011 Jul 4.

            Genetic heritability and shared environmental factors among twin pairs with autism.

            doi: 10.1001/jama.2014.4144.

            The familial risk of autism.

            Including more than 2 million families, this is, to our knowledge, the largest population-based longitudinal study evaluating familial risk of ASD. The RRR of ASD increased with increasing genetic relatedness. Genetic and nongenetic influences on the risk for ASD and autistic disorder were similarly important. The RRR of ASD was 10.3 for full siblings, 3.3 for
            maternal half siblings, 2.9 for paternal half siblings, and 2.0 for cousins. There is a well-documented sex bias in autism,21 and it has been suggested that females may require greater familial etiological load to manifest the autistic phenotype.22 We did not find support for any sex-specific differences in the RRR.

            Heritability of ASD was estimated to be 50%, suggesting that genetic factors explain
            half of the risk for autism.
            This is considerably lower than the 90% in earlier twin studies2- 4 and closer to the 38% (95% CI, 14%-67%) reported in a recent California twin study,7 but estimated with substantially higher precision. In a Swedish twin cohort23 of 12 000 children, heritability of between 49% and 72% was reported for autisticlike traits (social impairment, communication impairment, and restricted and repetitive behavior and interests).”

          • ‘Entine also runs a consultancy, ESG MediaMetrics. The firm’s homepage lists Monsanto as a “select client.” ‘…..This says it all

  3. Readers of this article should do a simple Google search on the purpose of the Genetic Literacy Project and the Executive Director. Then, draw your own conclusions about the agenda of GLC, biases of the article, and it’s relevance to understanding autism.

  4. “Autism increase mystery solved” says the title of this article–what phoney, irresponsible clap-trap. The article goes on to indicate that as much as 60% of the increase may be due to changed diagnostic criteria. Last I checked, that would mean at least 40% of the increase is a real increase in incidence of this serious condition. To dismiss 40% of a very large and very negative problem is utterly irresponsible. What is your point?–“Don’t worry, we have everything under control”? What blatant misuse of science.

  5. There’s some obvious epidemiological points that should be made –

    * Denmark is not the United States and there is significant
    differences in


    genetic diversity,


    socio-economic factors,

    welfare and health care systems.

    * There is no “levelling off’ or “plateauing” in any other periods of time as would be expected if such factors as diagnosis were having a major effect over time.

    * The total population studied was not large considering it only
    covered 61,000 children per annum – compared to the US Birth cohort of 4,000,000 per annum and a total 44,000,000 for this study period.

    * The birth cohort dated 1980 -1991 can not be used in any
    comparison to more recent birth cohorts or different population groups. Its only real value lies in examining children from Denmark relative to a very defined temporal period. Extrapolating it to other times / cohorts is simply unwarranted and probably falls into a category of “junk science”.

    * Autism is Autisms – it is essential that we understand epidemiological studies in that light.

    Differing Autism geneses will have differing etiologies, pathways and outcomes.

    For instance Autism adults and children with a known gene deletion /
    mutation may have an epidemiological pathway where there is little to no increase.

    Autism children and adults where Maternal Immune Activation
    (Environment) plays a key the pattern may change with disease outbreaks.

    …and also are the factors that influence a diagnosis from 0 – 5
    years. This may include parental concerns over labeling, access to
    pediatric services, socio-economic conditions and a wealth of
    environmental conditions including particulates and other pollutants
    that take a child of high risk over a threshold to diagnosis (of course
    an opposite effect can apply – re environmental enrichment).


    We can solve some of these types of deficiencies in Autism epidemiology by using sophisticated large data sets and tracking both Autism and Autisms (phenotypes)….and results could be made available in little more than a day of number crunching.

    Isaac Kohane and colleagues at Harvard Medical have and are exploring large data sets that have already identified phenotypes based on co-occurring / complicating or convergent diseases and disorders. This is currently being matched to genome-wide association study (GWAS). The current data set has 24 partnerships with Universities , major health networks and overseas partnerships in the UK and Europe.

    This exciting research has already given us valuable insight into the
    ‘autism’ condition …

    including the verification of

    *severe gastrointestinal disorders in Autism,

    *the verification of inflammatory diseases in Autism ,

    *the verification of Colitis in Autism,

    *the link between the GI Disorders and seizures.

    we are entering an exciting period of time where some of the most critical questions on Autism may soon be answered.

  6. This article answers nothing. If it’s “true” that its all based on over reporting and over diagnosis and awareness. It still doesn’t answer the high number. It’s only saying that this high number has been around longer and should have been deemed an epidemic 100 years ago but instead of locking them in a closet we try and treat them now it still doesn’t answer. Where is this coming from? Why is it not a major concern? Something is causing it ? If you changed the name from autism to cancer people would than care

  7. So the take home messages –

    * Denmark is not the United States

    Medical science –

    * 50 – 62% of Autism is environmentally driven.

    * Autism is Autisms

    * Some major Co-occurring / Convergent diseases and disorders associated with Autism are substantially on the rise – Type 1 Diabetes , Asthma , Eczema., allergic rhinitis, or allergic conjunctivitis Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.

    * If you have an Atopic Disease your risk for Autism is significantly increased to 3.4x – If you have more than one the risk rises to 4.29x (4)

    * If you have any atopic disease in the first year it significantly heightens the risk of epilepsy – almost doubling the risk.

    * if you have severe eczema the risk is nearly 4x.

    * Food allergies also becoming significantly more prevalent increase Autism risk by 2.69x

    * If you are “Foreign Born” child and living in the United States you will have significantly less asthma , eczema , hay fever and food allergy.

    Unfortunately the longer you live in the United States your risk will grow substantially – the risk for any allergic disorder after 10 years – triples.
    Eczema – nearly 5x, Hay Fever 6.25x

    * Eczema triples the risk of schizophrenia.

    * Children with atopic disorders have

    3x the risk of a behavioral disorder,

    5x the risk of ADHD,

    3x the risk of a conduct / oppositional disorder,

    2.5x learning disability ,

    6 x the rate of depression and anxiety.

  8. We will never know the answer as long as we have a for-profit healthcare system, corporate lobbyists, and as long as drugs and genes can be patented.
    There is a disturbing attitude among the vast majority of people (the unaffected) to say there is not problem, or the problem isn’t caused by this chemical/drug/pollutant. The attitude asserts that if this drug/chemical/pollutant doesn’t harm most people, then it’s OK for everyone to be exposed to it.
    Nearly all healthcare professionals will tell you that vaccines do not cause autism. They go by the latest medical publications. But in a country where powerful corporations and lobbies are legally allowed to interpret science and approve what gets to be published, how can we even trust our healthcare professionals? They may have good intentions, but even they may be in the dark.

    • The government has been messing with our food supply. Infants are given soy formula-which acts differently in the body than milk based formulas, the same way plant based gasoline acts differently in a car than oil based gasoline. Soy also causes thyroid problems which cause mental retardation in children. Iron is added to milk based formulas and the two substances should not be mixed. If children do not get enough animal fat as infants, they will be retarded. All of these problems and many more should be looked at and aren’t.

    • Are you saying as long as we have a for profit climatology industry that we won’t know if global warming is real? Cause the scientific consensus says global warming is real and the scientific consensus says vaccines don’t cause autism.

  9. You say “the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in 150 8-year-olds in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. This expanded definition refers not only to autism but also to a collection of brain development disorders such as Asperger’s syndrome.”
    Actually, the CDC has revised it autism/ASD prevalence several times since that figure, it now says 1 in 68.
    The DSM definition has never expanded … the revision from DSM-IV to DSM-5 merged the existing “collection of brain developmental disorders”, known as pervasive developmental disorders with a new name ASD, effectively getting rid of the sub-types. Many expect that the criteria are stricter and will reduce the number of diagnoses.
    The Danish report refer to the ICD-10 … which hasn’t changed.
    The Danish report ignores increased awareness of autism … and that its own data shows substantial increases in diagnosis rates in more recent birth cohorts.
    It also ignores that autism diagnosis has grown steadily after the “one off” change. Surely a change like that would wear off over time … but that’s not happening.
    Finally, if the growth is due to the change, there should be no growth after the change … but they completely ignored all that data (for children born after the change) that they could have used to validate their findings.

  10. Your article says the autism mystery is solved. However, I see no actual identified cause. You say that the MIT scientist is only a computer tech when if you look at her actual credentials, she is extremely qualified. The FDA has said they don’t have time to study glyphosate in food products because it is just too prevalent. Well perhaps instead of playing a shell game you should study just baby food. Mother’s breast milk, Infant formulas and baby food such as Gerber. Test the levels of glyphosate. Then, put that prevalent pesticide with the vaccines to see if indeed it does produce a neurotoxin cocktail. Just start there. Rule it in or rule it out! I love science but I hate it when someone says the science settles it. Science changes day to day. Scientists have to retract their studies everyday. Scientists are silenced by big corporations every day. Both of my grandsons are diagnosed with autism. The youngest was speaking. His dad has celiacs so he was gluten free. The pediatrician suggested he start gluten and then they tested him after one month of eating it. It was negative for any gluten sensitivity. So, my daughter kept letting him have gluten. The result within three months was all of his words were gone…every single one. Interestingly, he was eighteen months old at this time which is the same time kids are given the MMR vaccine. I do not know the cause but apparently you do not either. I don’t suspect the gluten, I do suspect the increased use of glyphosate when harvesting wheat to produce a bigger yield. While we are writing articles like this that place blame and scream science then show me the science! And, in the meantime the kids are being damaged. Quit yammering about it and actually do something and let the scientists speak, not the friggin corporations. I do not see this as a solely genetic issue, it has to be an environmental issue. Once DDT was identified as dangerous to health it was banned. Like I said…rule it in or rule it out. Just don’t let Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow etc fund the study. They have a habit of silencing scientists. They have a habit of silencing reporters. They have a habit of suing farmers and states who want to label their products. Our children need a definite answer…not mystery solved…oh wait we know nothing, but go ahead and enjoy all the pesticides and additives in your food. It’s all good. Correlation is not causation but as I recall correlation brought down the tobacco companies.

    • Melanie, there is so much misunderstanding in your well meaning concerns that it’s hard to know where to start. There have been hundreds of studies on autism, and not one links it to GMO foods. Not one. Not a shred of evidence. Stephanie Seneff did not do a study. All she did was take useless correlation data and present it as evidence. In fact, there is an identical correlation with autism rising and eating organic foods. Glyphosate is toxically milder than salt. Do your homework. There is no wheat GMOs. Correlation had no impact on the tobacco research. There is direct and hard evidence that traces back to studies from the 1920s. No parallels. GMO foods are better tested and safer than organic foods…and far more sustainable. Read up with an open mind. You’ll be surprised.

    • Oh, good grief. Sorry about your grandsons. But anecdotes are not data.

      If you’re concerned, contact the Autism Society for real information.
      Witch hunts are pointless. And so is bad science. And fear-based speculation flamed by toadies like Dr. Oz and the Food Boob.

      Hey, guess what else is correlated with the “rise” in autism?
      The rise in use of the following: Netflix! Starbucks! Hemp clothes! More cars on the street with better mileage! Learning a foreign language! More people learning how to tango!! You get my point. (I hope)

      Please look up “correlation” and “causation” and you can drop the fear.
      As Jon Entine says, please do your homework.

    • You do’t really think that organic foods have been “proven” safe, do you?
      You know organic foods use pesticides, right? Look it up.
      You know that organic and conventional foods — several thousands of them — use mutagenesis for seed creation, right? (chemical blasting and /or irradiation, with no testing or oversight) Look up “mutagenesis.”

    • You may look up
      (and carefully reas) this:

      You will see
      therein one of Seneff’s hilarious graphs by which she tries to show
      that there is a causal link between the use of glyphosate (here on
      corn and soy) and a condition (here autism in §-21 year old children
      as measured by a link with IDEA).

      She has such a
      mastery in graphs and correlation statistics that she has been able
      to link glyphosate to many other conditions and events, including
      suicide rate.

      Have a look at her
      graph. If you believe her – yes, believe, we are here in the realm
      of faith, not science – any increase in the use of glyphosate has
      an immediate effect on the number of autism cases. Can you believe
      that? Does Seneff happen to know that this year’s corn crop will be
      harvested in the autumn and is likely to be mainly processed and
      consumed next year… so that the autism curve should lag behind
      that of glyphosate use by one year (at least).

      You may say: « No!
      No! Glyphosate causes autism during pregnancy ». Alas!
      Pregnancy lasts nine months.

      Alright, you may
      say: « It causes the condition during the last month ».
      Missed again: the autistic child will only appear in the data six
      years later.

      The autism curve
      starts at close to nil in 1990. Does Seneff understand that any
      6-year child detected and served in, say, 2000 may still be, so to
      say, in the curve in 2015? Is it so difficult to grasp the fact that
      one curve is cumulutative whereas the other is not?

      Autism is plotted
      against glyphosate use on corn and soy. Has Seneff figured out how
      that glyphosate can come into human diet to trigger autism? Both
      crops serve as feed, and glyphosate is not transmitted through meet
      or dairy products; or they are processed in ways which, again, would
      eliminate any transmission. So? Polenta? Corn flakes? Tofu?

      Oh! And there is:
      « Just don’t let Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow etc fund the study.
      They have a habit of silencing scientists. »

      It’s so true that,
      despite best efforts, they have not been able to silence Seneff and
      other quacks.

    • As he states below there is no GMO wheat. Glyphosate is not sprayed over top of wheat, that would kill it and DEFINITELY not increase the yield. This is a typical case of blaming something without evidence to back it up. As for crops that ARE GMO, they do NOT necessarily get sprayed with glyphosate. In fact many GMO crops receive considerably less pesticide application than NON GMO crops which may require much more insecticides to protect their growth. Most of those insecticides that would be required are much more hazardous than glyphosate.

    • As he states below there is no GMO wheat. Glyphosate is not sprayed over top of wheat, that would kill it and DEFINITELY not increase the yield. This is a typical case of blaming something without evidence to back it up. As for crops that ARE GMO, they do NOT necessarily get sprayed with glyphosate. In fact many GMO crops receive considerably less pesticide application than NON GMO crops which may require much more insecticides to protect their growth. Most of those insecticides that would be required are much more hazardous than glyphosate.

    • Melanie, how can you possibly claim Stephanie Seneff (the MIT programmer) is remotely qualified to assert claims about autism? According to her web page, her education in the relevant fields is non-existent: “She received the B.S. degree in Biophysics in 1968, the M.S. and E.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1980, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985, all from MIT.”

      Her research field at MIT is natural language processing on computers, but she has claimed autism is caused by vaccines, glyphosate, GMOs, and combinations of the three. She speculates about the microbiome (she calls it “gut bacteria”) as if it were completely mapped out, but microbiome research is a brand new field, one in which very little is known. She confuses correlation with causation, asserting gastrointestinal disorder causes autism when it’s more likely a result of the finicky eating habits of autistic children.

      She’s clearly nothing more than a cranky activist who is unfettered by actual knowledge. I’m sorry she’s fooled you, but her views on autism are no more reliable than a coin toss.

      • Richard, the anti-GMO loonies will use anyone with a PhD in anything to further their cause because they think it brings credibility. She’s simply a stooge and she really doesn’t anything more about agriculture than the illustrious DOCTOR Vandana Shiva.
        And isn’t it just miraculous that glyphosate AND the GMOs to tolerate it have the EXACT same adverse effects?

      • Richard, the anti-GMO loonies will use anyone with a PhD in anything to further their cause because they think it brings credibility. She’s simply a stooge and she really doesn’t anything more about agriculture than the illustrious DOCTOR Vandana Shiva.
        And isn’t it just miraculous that glyphosate AND the GMOs to tolerate it have the EXACT same adverse effects?

    • Melanie, how can you possibly claim Stephanie Seneff (the MIT programmer) is remotely qualified to assert claims about autism? According to her web page, her education in the relevant fields is non-existent: “She received the B.S. degree in Biophysics in 1968, the M.S. and E.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1980, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985, all from MIT.”

      Her research field at MIT is natural language processing on computers, but she has claimed autism is caused by vaccines, glyphosate, GMOs, and combinations of the three. She speculates about the microbiome (she calls it “gut bacteria”) as if it were completely mapped out, but microbiome research is a brand new field, one in which very little is known. She confuses correlation with causation, asserting gastrointestinal disorder causes autism when it’s more likely a result of the finicky eating habits of autistic children.

      She’s clearly nothing more than a cranky activist who is unfettered by actual knowledge. I’m sorry she’s fooled you, but her views on autism are no more reliable than a coin toss.

  11. Please do not dismiss this as a joke or humorous quote in any way. I believe that all avenues and parts of the spectrum should be examined when it comes to this serious issue. Has there been a study ever conducted by any doctor or scientist on the possibility of oral sex maybe being an underlying cause?

      • Funny. Very…… In fact, hilarious! However, in all seriousness, I obviously did not mean oral sex to be a for of conception and again (ha!……ha!) I meant oral sex being practiced prior to intercourse. Perhaps the idea that salivation could be interfering with sperm and/or possibly on the female’s mucus during the conception process. I am steering you towards the direction of this article: The article discuesses myths regarding conception (look at the “Lubricant/Saliva” question and you will find that saliva is known to “kill” sperm. However, my question is…what if it doesn’t? What if something else occurs? My argument is that more in depth research should be done. I don’t think it would hurt to investigate it. By the way, you have my permission to be as funny as you want with what I just wrote but try keep things in perspective every now and then. Autism is a serious issue that probably can be prevented. So try to remember that, abstinence boy. Cheers!!

  12. Oh Ok. So this article claims there is no increase in autism then and to move along with your day. Certainly NOT vaccines or GMOs..whatever happens it is certainly not those two. It doesn’t matter that vaccines given to children are growing year after year and genetically modified food is rampant in the past two decades. None of that matters.

    • Actually vaccine load plummeted by 3500 fold from 1990 -2000 and has remained stable since then. Autism has had a much slower consistent increase in incidence since the early 80s. Extrapolating correlation to causation (as stupid people like to do ) would suggest that vaccine load was protecting against autism.

  13. It’s too bad the USA doesn’t keep better track of medical records. With a population of 320 million and since everyone now has health insurance serious long term studies could be done like in Denmark.

  14. Glyphosate, GMOs, Vaccines – all contribute to your sickness… One must be ignorant to willingly allow any of these to continue in our society.. There are tons of research results and evidences to support the fact they are all dangerous.. Go Look up in the internet….

  15. This is entirely my own opinion, but:

    Generation X beginning in 1980 had their chromosomes damaged with a vaccine & their children are turning autistic. Autism had remained level at 1 case in 10,000 children from 1980 through 1993.

    The increase in autistic cases began it’s rise in 1993, right around the time generation X was turning 13, just old enough to have kids.

    And around the year 2000, just as generation X was turning 20yrs old & more were having kids the monumental skyrocketing climb in the # of autism cases really started to kick off. By 2002 it was 1 in 250.

    In 2008, when generation X was about 28yrs old, when many were started on having families, the # rose to 1 in 88.

    And in 2013, when gen X’ers were beginning to turn 33 & settle down the cases rose to 1 in 50.

    This huge climb in ten years. To me, it seems like a ton of people born in the 1980’s were contaminated by some type of cheap vaccine that is making their offspring autistic.

    And the increase in cases began to rise more over the next
    “Broadening the definition = accounting for as much as 60% of the rise in autism cases” doesn’t account for the other +40%. What makes sense to me,

  16. Why not eliminate certain areas that have been identified by parents as causes. Lets do a 2.000 child study concerning the multi-vaccine given to one year old’s. Let’s back it up to age 5 for 500 children,back it up to age 3 for 500 children, give normally to another 500. Then not give it at all to another 500. Run the test’s for autism on each group and see if there is a statistical deviation of any great percentage? If there is none move onto something else that researchers,doctors and parents believe could be causing this disorder. Eliminate every environmental cause you can while the nuclear biologist’s search for possible genetic markers or problems within the persons DNA. You can at the least eliminate what isn’t a cause.

  17. “And no, the Wi-Fi in your house or the genetically modified foods you eat will not lead to your child becoming autistic.”

    You warn against pseudoscience then make this scientifically unfounded statement. A funny little blemish on an otherwise informative article.

  18. It’s on the rise because men and women are having children later. Our reproductive powers are fragile. Our country screams the “30 is the new 20” mantra but it’s only a phrase to keep people in an adolescent scene longer.

    90% of a woman’s eggs are dried up by the time she hits 30. Nature intended for women to have their kids much younger. That’s how the body was made. Most women are called to become mothers. It’s common sense. The only way to bring life into the world is through M/F sexual intercourse. With no children coming into the world, human race goes bye-bye.

    While all humans including those with autism deserve respect and dignity, many of them cannot become good parents because of their disability. With more humans, there is opportunity to lighten the load so that more people can care for the one individual who may struggle with basic life skills.

    We need men and women to get married younger (like early 20 or late teens). We need to teach our children proper maturity and parenting skills when they are kids. Have them look over their brother and teach them that hardship and suffering always offers opportunities to grow. Make them get employment the day they turn 14. Teach them responsibility, discipline, and some financial skills like budgeting money.

        • My last child was born when I was 33. He’s “autistic”.

          Actually, he has auditory processing disorder. He has sensory processing disorder. He has social cue difficulty. He has ADD. He has vertigo.

          The combination of disorders places him under the ASD umbrella, and he’s considered an “Aspie” but he’s NOT “autistic” in any way that reflects the original term “autism” or even most children with ASD.

          He has an IQ 2 points shy of genius level. He’s staggeringly swift to pick up new vocabulary, reads four grades above his level (he’s 8) and math – don’t get me started. Kid sees patterns like nobody’s business.

          “Autistic”. *sigh*

          And hell yes he had his vaccinations. Long history in my family (cult raised) of deaths and cripplings from 100% preventable diseases.

          • Grace, sounds like you are dealing with some interesting as well as potentially challenging characteristics with your son. He sounds pretty amazing! So glad you got him vaccinated, and I hope that if anyone has ever had the temerity to “accuse” you of “causing” autism spectrum disorder in your son, that you will kick their sorry drooling ignorant butts into the next county.

          • Good for you, Grace! Boundary crashers who are ignorant, who don’t ever even question that they are wrong, who butt into your own business and who are arrogant and pushy have zero place in your life. A lot of garbage about autism and vaccinations, and it is hard to push back, but you are doing it and kicking butt. Your son is all the better for having you in his corner. Glad you kicked those idiots to the curb.

    • Geez, Cody. I am sure glad my daughter isn’t your daughter. What horrible mysogenistic, limiting, scientifically inaccurate, and sexist messages to teach young girls. Ick.

      • And what are you going to teach your daughter? The inaccurate notion that a woman’s fertility isn’t delicate? The unlimited “open-minded” opinion that if she wants to have her own children that it doesn’t matter if she starts at 25 or 40? Our bodies were designed a certain way and humans cannot change that. There’s an old phrase: God always forgives, man sometimes forgives, nature never forgives. You use up your precious time and waste away your fertile years and that’s it. I’m not sure how you expect to have the human race go on if all women are waiting until their thirties or after to have children. Living for yourself selfishly for thirty years is not going to provide a blueprint for being a good parent.

        Let’s see your so called scientific theory:
        What’s misogynistic is your claim that women should just be empowered to do whatever they want instead of do what they should. Most are called to biological motherhood but all are called to be a moral and spiritual motherly model in some way. To guide them away from that calling is the sexist message for young girls. Ick.

        • Women can have children — or not — at any age they want. The choice to breed is theirs. “Biological motherhood” is not a woman’s predetermined destiny. “…called to be a moral and spiritual motherly model….” What do you read, Jane Austen? You are a pathetic misogynist. A “calling”? I feel sorry not only for your daughter, but any woman around you. Ick.

          • Have you ever heard of something called duty? Every single human being has one. Children are necessary for the human race to continue and for the economy to flourish. Men can’t give birth. That’s a woman’s job. A duty. A calling. Not every single woman but most women. How pathetic and misogynistic of me to suggest such a cruel thing. How misogynistic of me to suggest that every woman should have good maternal qualities exhibited by people like Mother Teresa who was not a biological mother but a moral/spiritual mother hence her name.

            I will repeat it again since you are so devoted to your inaccurate scientific claims. There are serious consequences to women delaying their childbearing. Humans are not islands. Those means consequences will affect everyone including you and I. The majority of woman delaying her childbearing until her mid thirties and later is bad for society. All you are concerned about is getting along with everyone and not hurting people’s feelings. That’s not love and concern for others. That’s cowardice. I suppose you would have a problem with me telling a 16 year rookie driver that wants to drive 100 MPH on the highway to not do that because he might hurt himself. I might hurt the 16 year old’s feelings if I told him that. Best to just bite my tongue and let him do whatever he pleases.

            Seriously, you have no backbone whatsoever because of the offense you take at my suggestion that women and men should get married at young ages. Grow up.

          • Your ignorance about overpopulation, and your disrespect for women’s choices, are highly offensive. I’m sure you’ve heard this from many women, as well as many men. Neanderthal thinking, cloaked in some kind of pseudo-religious pandering. I’m sure women can make their own decisions, without your misogynist advice about what you think are their “duties.”

          • Third time in a row with the “m” word. You’re offended. Got it.

            The Neanderthal thinking and pandering is coming from you with believing that the world is overpopulated when the entire human race can fit in the state of Texas with plenty of breathing room. Sounds like fear-mongering. When you have too much of something, the solution is getting rid of some of it. Believing in “too many humans” sounds kind of like what a dictator believes. Since you believe there are too many human beings and you are obviously the authority judge on this topic, who should we get rid of and how should we do it?

            Actually, no I haven’t heard this from many men and women. A few but not many. I don’t really concern myself with how humans judge me. I’ll let God decide that. I’m not sure why you brought that up. It’s irrelevant to this discussion I’m having with you.

            Women should be able to make their own decisions with proper counsel in line with an informed conscience. Not simply because the culture promotes it or because she legally can. Actions have consequences and they affect everyone.

            I don’t really like discussion with an intolerant bigot like yourself. You believe I’m a misogynist simply because my opinion on women’s duties is different than yours. That’s bigotry. Look it up. Have a nice life.

          • God. Yes, let God talk to you about what “duties” women have. Whatever. You are a sexist misogynist from the medieval ages, and what you think will have no impact whatsoever on intelligent, brilliant, competent independent women. Your “opinion on women’s duties” is an affront to all thinking people in the modern world. And it doesn’t matter one whit what you think.

          • You’re not a very civil person. Who are you to judge whether someone’s opinion doesn’t matter? I thought the modern world that we lived was a tolerant and open-minded society. You’re being the exact opposite: an intolerant, close-minded, bigot.

            Bigot: noun – a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

            Since you’re the almighty judge of opinions on modern duties and my opinion obviously doesn’t matter, you should be our world leader and tell women what to do then. Somehow, you think your opinions are so perfect and enlightened because they conform with what the modern world thinks. Because the modern world is always right and has figured everything out. All the technology and science has found all the answers to life. We don’t have anymore problems in the world.

            I’m done with this conversation. Enjoy seething with your spineless offended self anger over someone’s opinion.

          • Civil? Buddy, your rights to dictate women’s “duties” ends with every woman I know. You are tolerant and open minded only to the degree that you can subjugate women to your bizarre medieval principles of chattle and breeding “duties.” I pity any woman you have to interact with at work, as a colleague, a boss, a relative, a spouse (should you get that lucky). You have a tough road ahead of you, buddy. Civility is not needed when you bully yourself into another person’s rights, with your pseudo-religious pandering to something you think some “god” told you. No, I don’t want to “be a world leader and tell women what to do.” Women are fully capable of deciding for themselves, and some of them ARE world leaders. Wake up to the 20th century, bub. Your “opinion” is offensive, sexist, misogynist, demeaning to women, and ignorant.

  19. I have observed several misleading statements in this article. For instance – “the increase in chemtrails caused by soaring jet traffic.” Chemtrails are not caused by soaring jet traffic. Chemtrails are caused by companies who invest in weather modification for financial gain, and they retrofit airplanes with tanks and sprayers that drop aluminum, barium, and strontium, among other chemicals into the air to modify the weather. These weather modification efforts have increased dramatically over the last few years.

    Another misleading statement is – “Now researchers believe they know: Almost certainly, nothing. Most of the rise in autism is a statistical mirage.” Researchers have not come to ANY conclusions, but this statement indicates they have.

    Yet another misleading statement is – “As much as the radical fringes of the organic food and everything-natural industries blame Big Ag and Big Pharma for the dramatic rise in autism, they are deftly making the most out of the situation monetarily as well.” This statement labels those who oppose GMOs and big pharma as radical.
    The tactics being used by the writers and backers of this article are not new and have been used by many large and well funded special interest groups for the past 50 years. The tactic is to introduce doubt into the minds of readers so they don’t take any action.
    Our laws allow special interests to get away with this, but in my mind, it is criminal. I suppose the correct term would be legalized genocide.

  20. By the looks of the curve, by year 2025 about half of our children will be brain damaged, (yes, because I like to call things by its name) and you get paid to write this? That it’s a naturally occurring phenomena? Are you even sleeping at night? The Danish study has absolutely nothing to do what is going on. And the organic food chart, are you for real? What a crook!

  21. This is the kind of genetic junk science that gets in the way of reclaiming a time when most children were well. 1 in 6 US kids now have Developmental Disabilities, 1 in 5 Neurologically Impaired, children falling ill or worse to peanut allergies and so on. What happened? The US passed a law in 1986 that you could never sue a vaccine maker in regular court thus kids went from 7 vaccines to more than 70.
    Encephalitis occurred-their brains swelled. Let’s use the word Encephalitis-a Synonym for Autism.
    Aluminum, thimerosal (Mercury) formaldehyde, cells from a fetus, cells of Pigs, cows, monkeys, dogs, insects, ether, ammonium, coal tar, dangerous peanut byproducts (Anaphylaxis anyone) polysorbate 80, ether.. Some made in unregulated places, some made in China.

  22. I highly object to the reference of what are contrails as chemtrails. The increased jet traffic causes increased contrails, not chemtrails, which are a figment of the imagination of some people.

  23. The problem with the “correlation is not causation” are threefold (1) No one cherry-picked vaccines as a suspected cause. Untold numbers of parents reported adverse events. The molecular mechanism by which ethyl mercury harms growing neurons is well established. (2) While correlation does not (always) imply causation, it is difficult to have a case of correlation without causation. (3) Dr. William Thomson, CDC Epidemiologist, said that the CDC faked the data for much of the vaccine safety research:

  24. This
    article is based upon cherry picking data. I have worked with adults
    with disabilities since 1981. I don’t care what a person’s label is.
    My job is to teach each person to be their best self. It does not take a
    diagnosis for me to find a person’s strengths and barriers.

    simple observation is that there is a new group of people who have
    common characteristics that are definitely on the rise. Call it what
    you want, but if this article was correct, I would see a lot more 30+
    year olds with the same characteristics. I am in the trenches, I see
    what I see with my simple eye.

    This article doesn’t pass the common sense test for me.

  25. I guess your “Story” might fly with anyone born after the 70’s. But the fact a lot of us grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and never knew one child with asd, or adhd, and food allergies, it simply is bogus reporting. For some of us moved around went to more than one school still no kids with these issues why it did not exist. The only person my entire generation did not go to school. She was home schooled she was crippled and wheel chair bound. She had many aliments, but wanted friends so we would walk up the hill and play with her. Her mother told my mother she was fine before VACCINES. Sunland California 1979.

  26. I am the mother of an “autistic son”. While I find all your views interesting, being told it is my fault because I allowed him to be vaccinated, or fed him the wrong diet, or “didn’t carefully” watch my consumption of foods during pregancny (no booze, illegal substances or the laundry list of things “not to take nor eat” was NOT done, however) just adds to my personal feelings of guilt. Our daughter is perfectly normal, our son has problems. I had no idea what would come. Being told it is my fault is counterproductive. I would rather know whether my “normal” kid is at risk for having one, or what will take place in the future and how to prepare for it. NOT sit there and take blame for something I didn’t know would come, nor could be pre-diagnosed.

    • Those people who tell you those myths are ignorant as well as lacking compassion for you and your child. There is a lot of mommy-blame going around for everything from ADHD to autism to teen pregnancy to teen drug use to kids with guns in schools. Keep being a mom and ignore these idiots. Please don’t let uneducated fools make you even think for one second that it is “your fault.” Their lack of education should not result in your feeling badly about yourself.
      (and getting your kids vaccinated is smart, responsible, and immensely important to fight completely controllable childhood diseases – kudos to you!)

  27. Autism has become the political football for activists. If they can’t get traction for their particular agenda, the ultimate scare tactic of “it causes Cancer”, “it causes Autism”, etc. ad nauseum, is used, with absolutely no real scientific evidence to back it up. This, in order to get the “sheeple” to support their causes i.e. no vaccinations, drink raw milk, no GMO’s, no pesticides, but please do smoke weed because it’s so wonderful, etc. I think you get my drift. We have allowed the asylum to run the country because the internet has become the bully pulpit where you can engage with all sorts of misinformation and spread it to others whose brains reside in their jerking knees for logic. Happy to be on the downhill slide, although I do fear for my grandchildren.

  28. Every article on the internet, including this one, and every opinion expressed by all commenters that “vaccines do not cause autism” are based on the Vaccine Safety Research studies that are now very much in doubt since the revelations by Dr. William Thompson last August that the CDC omitted data, and changed the protocol for a study after they looked at, found, but did not report a very strong positive association for African American males. The entire transcript of Thompson’s revelations show that this kind of thing was typical of many studies conducted by the CDC.

  29. this is MORONIC. Studies have actually been on this and it is NOT a numbers game at ALL. It has been proven.. even with the inclusion of aspergers its still only 1 couple percent. It is definately a pandemic. It is increasing so drastically there isn’t enough classroom space for severe functioning autistics. Whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves

  30. Interesting article. It oversimplifies key points, however. GMO’s may not be directly correlated to autism, but the foods that are GMO’d, are (corn, wheat).

    Diet, particularly a diet high in refined grains and high glycemic index sugars, is correlated strongly with autism. Since such foods are on the rise in many places, the increase of cases of diagnosed autism would also make sense (even considering that the definition of what autism is has broadened). I read this book in 2001 or so, and Elaine Gottschall experimented with a ‘specific carbohydrate diet’, where she tested various foods and their impact on the intestines. Where she found starches and certain sugars damaged the intestine, particularly an intestine that was already damaged due to various conditions, such as yeast overgrowth. She created the diet to resolve digestive issues like IBS and Crohn’s, Celiac’s, etc, but found that a child following it for a year or two would stop displaying the symptoms of autism.

    If you desire even more recent research, read ‘Grain Brain’ by David Perlmutter.

    There probably are a few very rare and isolated cases of ‘autism’ that would not respond to a dietary shift, but I’m certain that 90% or more are linked to lifestyle, of parent and child. It’s empowering, however, to know that it can be shifted at any point in life of the child.

    It’s common knowledge that diet is critical to brain development, yes? Why is it so ‘radical’ to think diet might contribute to ‘psychological’ symptoms? Is it because fast food conglomerates (and pharmaceutical companies) would lose money?

    Please don’t believe the establishment. If you have autism or a child with autism, there is hope! Try the Specific Carb or the Grain Brian diet (or probably a host of other cleansing diets) and watch the symptoms clear. There’s absolutely no risk, because both diets swap out all of the empty foods for nutrient dense foods. And the body and brain begin to heal. It’s not magic. It’s science.

    Mystery dis-solved.

  31. This article is as full of shit as a Christmas goose!!
    When I was growing up in the 70’s, one kid in a two mile area
    Maybe had autism. NOW, I have three special needs children on just
    my block alone!!! An idiot would have to have his head
    up his add to not know in the collective guy that “Houston… We have a problem”!

  32. Jon, please pull your head out and then watch this video by renown pediatric GI doctor and researcher, Allessio Fasano. This is one direction that SCIENCE is exploring to answer the question as to the alarming rise in autism rates.
    Then, go talk with some parents of autistic children so you can, hopefully, develop some empathy for how autism affects their lives.

  33. Sarcasm: Of course it’s to the horrors of modern life, eg that not everyone eats organic food. I have an autism spectrum disorder, if I one day find a woman with ASD and we have children together, the children will be normal, if we just give the kids organic food. That kids would be like their parents, it’s crazy talk, of course, all children will become normal if they eat organic. In nature there are no different, everyone is normal.

    Ps. For the record, my parents were picky with with my food, they cooked food with organic ingredients for me. Autism has a history of “experts” who have be shown to be totally wrong, and who have damaged autistic and their families. Be careful.

  34. Denmark is not the US. I suspect much less exposure to chemicals, fewer vaccines, less ultrasounds during pregnancy, perhaps fewer EMF’s, no GMO’s, less air pollution….
    The fact that there is a correlation also does not rule out causality. My feeling has been it is caused my multiple insults to the fetus/baby – not just “vaccines” or “glyphosate”. There is a limit to how much a developing baby can be exposed to! To think that the fetus could be exposed to so much with no impact is perhaps wishful thinking at best, denial at worst.
    To call aspergers autism is silly. My son works with autistic children and it isn’t pretty.

  35. I’m just going to take one sentence of this article and rip it to pieces. The article states: “After all, the rise in the incidence of autism does track the rise in glyphosphate use–if you ignore its heavy usage for 20 years (since 1974) before GMOs were introduced (in 1994), when autism rates held steady.”

    Now, what’s this mean? It’s totally wrong. Glyphosate use on food crops began seriously in 1996 or so and increased steadily since then, with 90% of corn and soy acreage in the US now being Roundup Ready. So, the article’s factual basis for this claim is simply wrong, and this shows strong evidence for this article being a political polemic designed to push an agenda — and so it is. Not fooled.

  36. A closer analysis of the precise symptoms within the “spectrum” might produce a different answer. Inoculation was almost certainly a trigger in my daughter’s case.

        • Yeah, there are a whole bunch of people who quote Mercola. What does that show? That there a whole bunch of people who believe in quackery and snake oil. You know Mercola gets million$ by peddling his own products, don’t you? Get a brain.

          • Got one, thanks. Dont need yours.

            I also have friends who have taken his suggestions to heart, and are just fine.

            Dont need your opinion.

          • Well, good for them. One day, he will be sued for malpractice, when something goes very, very wrong. Oh, and the word is “don’t.” Punctuation, as well as clarity of thought and logic, matters.
            And you still haven’t provided a citation for your incredible claim that “war chemicals” are in vaccines. Heard that from Mercola, did you? Or Fraud Boob maybe? What you read indicates how you think.
            Get a brain.
            And vaccinate your children. And yourself. It is the responsible thing to do in a civil society.

          • No, that claim is yours, butterfly. I am not going to look up documentation for your woo-woo claims. If you make a claim, document it. Unless you really expect people to just buy into your truthiness because you say it is so.
            And please learn to punctuate. You sound doubly ignorant, about science and clear use of the English language to communicate rationally.

          • A troll. That’s what people who have nothing else to contribute say. Digging at the bottom of the barrel, butterfly. You claim “war chemicals!!!” all hysterical-like. All Mercola-like and Fraud Boob like. I ask you to document that bizarre woo claim. You can’t. You call me a troll. Okay. You have shown the extent of your shallow depth, and your miserable grammar. We are done.

          • You also remind me of the Pharisees, and the Sadducees , who tried to prove Jesus as a fraud.

            Because Christ didn’t play, on THEIR TERMS, they said everything bad, that they could think of, to discredit him. Well they failed !

            So have you.

            Like I just told someone else a moment ago, God may not be through with YOU, but I sure am !

              Good Day ! .
              ∧_∧ ∩ミ

          • OK, Butterfly Girl — You and your friends who have “taken his suggestions to heart” need to have a little caution. The FDA has warned Mercola to lay off his quack claims. But you won’t care about what the FDA thinks, either, if you’re one of those anti-gub’mint conspiracists. Whateva. Up to you. But you should know that the FDA is watching him and have warned him, for his quackery:

          • And WHO’s watching the FDA?
            Somebody needs to, as they like to OK their own type of ‘ snake oil ‘.
            Money is power to many, but the truth set one free from the love of money.

            One persons ” quack “, has most times, been many a person’s life line.

            Truth and evidence doesn’t lie ????

          • You have the right to your own opinions, whether they are scientifically based or not. (they are not.) As well as anti-gub’mint paranoia. Yet, I am betting you eat organic foods, which are certified by USDA. That kind of big gub’mint okay with you?
            If quacks are your life line, than hang on – you are in for a wild ride. Your choice.

        • “War chemicals”? Wanna elaborate on that? Where did you read that – Fraud Boob site? Mercola? Are you intimating with all your paranoia that hospitals are killing little ole ladies with flu vaccines? Citation, please. So I can see it and laugh.

          • Oh, yes yes, please let’s get some security in here to protect us from facts. Nothing more accosting than being asked to document your outlandish statements. I guess you don’t have to do that over on the dingbat echo chamber web sites you usually frequent.

            Mercola don’t fly around here. You might as well read Dr. Seus to us. Be about the same thing.

          • God isn’t finished with YOU yet.
            But I am !

            And please. Say hello to Thing 1 & Thing 2, for me. (っ˘з(●˘ ▽ ˘●)♥

          • God and I talk all the time — we get along fine. God is, however, terribly embarrassed with how you anti-vax nutters have turned out. Complains you’ve been given intelligence you refuse to use and life-saving technology you refuse to understand. Grumbles he ought to have made more algae instead of turning you whackjobs loose on the world.

          • God invented vaccines. (She’s not stupid.) She is preparing thunderbolts to hurl at the heretic nonbelievers who insult her by rejecting her gift to the world. She is preparing more algae swamps as we speak.

            K is embarrassed that she can’t answer the question about the “war chemicals !!!!!” she thinks are in flu vaccines. That’s why she will not respond, despite numerous requests to explain that silly assertion. She’s good at making widdle emoji’s, though. A better use of her time. God’s still working on her.

          • Can’t answer the question, I guess. You post an absurdity. (“War chemicals”) I ask you to explain it with non-woo citations. You respond with “Oh, shut up.” How incredibly immature.
            The likes of “Me” …. you mean those with scientific minds? Yeah, that’s um, pretty much what this site is about. Get civil. Grow up. Educate yourself. If you want to spew nonsense, like “war chemicals,” then you might want to go over to Fraud Boob’s site. She loves “the likes of you.”

          • Sorry. I have just returned from a previous folder of crazed lunatics. You were on the same wave length as they were. It seems to be in the drinking water, and its also in the air. Now if you want to find the info, look it up. I’ve been doing research all day. Its your turn.

            I’m crashing in a few. Thank you.

  37. Thank God for science! I always thought there was something fishy about kids being called autistic and unable to concentrate on schoolwork when they could go home and play video games for days on end. There’s no problems with these kids, they just don’t want to do what they’re told, like all kids.

  38. lol… nice try, yet again. There are no autism cases in children who are not vaccinated. There are only adverse reactions AFTER children get vaccinated, not without them. You’re a liar, and you’re nothing but a shill for big pharma that profits billions off of unsuspecting and naive parents. And “autism” is just one of many childhood illnesses that attack our children from vaccines, and many other environmental hazards. And for your information, glyphosate protect aluminum and break the blood brain barrier. And wi-fi straw arguments are pathetically week.

    Vaccines are STRONGLY correlated to many childhood illnesses.

    • My goodness, Ben. Talk to the Autism Society if you really believe that there are no autism cases in children who are not vaccinated. Where do you get your appalling misinformation?

    • 13 grandchildren: 7 not vaccinated and 5 fully vaccinated
      1 of 7 not vaccinated has ASD
      3 of 7 not vaccinated have learning diabilities
      0 of 5 fully vaccinated have any issues
      In fact, those vaccinated have gone on to do extremely well in school and have had much higher test scores than the others. I love them all dearly but have to question anyone who is emphatic about causation in relation to immunizations and Autism. Obviously we have much to learn about Autism and its causes and for my grandchildren I hope we come closer to the answers before they have children of their own. In the meantime we will deal with the cards we have been dealt and love and cherish them all.
      In a final note: I have always told my children and grandchildren that although the internet is a wonderful source of information (I myself love to Google it!) it is important that we are careful about taking everything we read as fact. Many times articles can be misleading and scholarly citations are often manipulated to fit the authors argument. That’s why schools do not allow students to use articles not found in scholarly sources for papers. So, take most of what you read as opinion, not fact.

      • Excellent, Effie. You are doing all you can to keep your grandchildren healthy and safe from entirely preventable diseases. Sorry to hear about the challenges in your unvaccinated grandchildren … hard to know if their issues are caused by not being vaccinated. There is woo everywhere about vaccinations, food myths, and science. Glad you are taking the scientific route.

  39. Can we get any info on this?? Can anyone explain this??? I do know that many foods out there make me sick, my system started breaking down if I consumed sugar, they said I had type 2 diabetes and I was very sick, I then changed the way I was eating completely lost lots of weight, and I touch nothing with GMO’s in it and high fructose corn syrup, I can only imagine what these GMO’s are doing to our children and there DNA, if it attacked me like that and I changed what I fed to my vessel and now I am fine, no traces of diabetes anymore or anything. Hmmmm I am a human test right here. I have done many test on myself, and yes the GMO’s do hurt people more than you may ever know.

    • Oh I also have an autistic grand son it happened after he received his vaccines from his pediatrician, unfortunately his parents are not smart enough to act on it. He is like when you walk into his bedroom will not walk on his carpet but has to walk around it, he has to clap his hands 4 times before turning off his lamp in his bedroom. There are so many problems with him I cannot count them all. These are just a few examples here. He has many many obstacles to overcome. Also I have 2 half brothers that have aspergers syndrome maybe some of the naysayers will shut their mouths when it comes knocking on their door. maybe all the kids you have will have autism and it will be a real struggle. Did you know that at the white house they eat nothing but organic!!!???

    • Start with:
      More bad news about GMOs: “By 2025, half the kids born in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism”, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT
      GMO Industry Harassment against Researchers. Correlation between GM-foods and Deterioration of health in the US.

      At check doctor referral.
      When there go to FORUM and check under AUTISM.

      • Hi Hans, glad we are communicating. I know there is interesting information about health related issues–but you do yourself no credibility favors by quoting a total quack like Stephanie Seneff. He “study”–which she bought access into a predatory pay for play journal because it was such drivel–was a correlation study–a laugh a minute. No serious person on either side of this debate takes her number crunching seriously. She is the epitome of a joke. There may be a serious debate about certain GM crop consumption and certain diseases, but quoting someone like her and what everyone agrees is total junk number massaging only makes it seem that you are not interested in engaging in this issue seriously. BTW, there is no evidence that there is a “deterioration of health” in the US. There are some variability of course in some stats but generally, most health trends are quite positive, including longevity, overall age adjusted cancer rates, etc. No serious scientist uses the statistical mumbo jumbo of correlations studies. You know as well as I do that you can correlate any growing disease trend with organic food consumption, and it the correlation is actually tighter than with the junk examples Seneff-the-quack uses. You are too credible and too smart to promote her junk. Still with real science.

        • And even if there had been something other than cherry-picked acausal correlations in that paper, extrapolating wildly to 50% autism rate would have been ridiculous. A statement that baldly implausible should set alarm bells ringing for even the most credulous campaigner. Quoting it makes you look ridiculous, Hans.

          If Seneff was any good as a data scientist (which she sort-of is, or was) let alone a public health expert (which she categorically isn’t), coming up with a conclusion that absurd would have sent her back to find where the study went wrong. Instead it became a headline “result” — incompetence, true believer syndrome, or cynical playing to the crowd?

        • I will say it again, it bears repeating–every journal is pay for play. The only difference is, who pays. Sometimes absurdly rich individuals or groups pay in order to serve their own interests–frequently by owning journals, organizations, or universities–sometimes concerned people who are opposing the powers that be pay, or others. Do you really think that one is more valid than the other? The “pay for play” mantra is a good-sounding big lie.

        • Stephanie Seneff is likely going to win a Nobel Prize for her work in this area – along with her team, I presume. Only paid shills would have the temerity to suggest that her research in this area has been anything other than pristine. Her credibility is unimpeachable. This entire website is one vast joke and riddled with junk science and the most laughable misdirection. Anyone who finds themselves over here and does not instantly get a whiff of sewer gas is a moron who hopefully will be mercifully removed from the genepool by any one of the dozens of toxic products the company you shill for hascreated. And mark my words, Goliath, you are going DOWN.????. Monsanto will close its doors and no more name changes. Just gone. Have a nice day. Now please feel free to enjoy your safe Roundup, BT Tomatoes and flu vaccines. Nothing to see here….ago

          • Stephanie Seneff is a joke. There are no BT tomatoes. Sounds like you haven’t been doing very much research either. But maybe you will win a Nobel Prize for ad hoc fallacy thinking.

        • This is completely false! Life expectancy has declined sharply this decade and once rare cancers are on the rise. Just an cursory look around at your fellow men will reveal just how sick everyone is, it’s epidemic the levels of autism, altzheimers, infant mortality, mental issues, heart problems, diabetes to name a few. We are sicker than we have ever been as a society and the causes are obvious.

  40. We get too many vaccines nowadays by the time we are 5 yrs. Too many too often too strong. We need to do pin prick tests before hand to see if allergic. I travelled at lot in my younger years now have chronic Rheumatoid at 66 yrs. I blame my chronic condition on all the extra vaccines I had due to travel. We need a patch without thiomersil/aluminium.

    • You are seriously blaming your RA on vaccines??? Um, how about the millions of us who have been vaccinated who don’t have RA? I think you should blame it on chemtrails. Or going through metal detectors. Or drinking water out the fountain in 3rd grade. Makes about as much sense.

  41. Propaganda. Designed to throw us off the scent of the real culprit: vaccines. Think about, if it is just a case of misdiagnosis and changes in the way things are diagnosed, we would see a whole bunch of people in the 40’s and 50’s with autistic behaviours wearing adult nappies. IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN. The lid has blown, stop wasting your time trying to cover up this farce.

    • Oh, vaccines! Yeah, and all this time I thought it was caused by gmos! Wait, no … by chemtrails! No, wait …. by Starbucks! No, wait … autism is definitely absolutely positvely caused by the internet! Yeah!

  42. Funny, finding an article that is at best described as intellectually dishonest, and at worst, a campaign of outright lies and misdirections.. on a site called ‘genetic literacy project’. Will your next article be focused on why we should burn witches at the stake?

  43. I have been an organic Farmer and Gardener starting in 1950. I have followed this discussion and feel that any of the suggestions by the lay people of which I am is discounted. I also know that the scientific experts have never farmed or worked with the soil where all food comes from.
    The first thing to grow heathy plants is preparing the soil. The plow was discarded many years ago and shallow till or no till was introduced and it was a great increase in the use of chemical fertilizers which are stimulants to the plants. When did this start in the 1940’s. The chemicals were so impressive above ground that the damage in the top six inches of the soil is where all damage started to grow unhealthy plants and unhealthy food way up the food chain. This is a point of no return as the fertile soil in the world is almost depleted.
    The herbicides that are to control weeds is a hormone and it is very dangerous and high solutions are used all the time. Please checkout my posts on todays discussion on the GMO.
    The thing that is being missed is the minerals in the subsoil that are brought up by the plow. I cannot see how anyone can down the Organic method as they are encouraged to not disturb the subsoil where all the trace minerals reside. Rotor tillers just pound the subsoil and do nothing to bring up trace minerals. Please check my post on todays discussion about GMO’s. Trace minerals ward of insects by growing healthy plants. It all starts how the soil is prepared and kept porous before and after planting. Chemicals do nothing to control insects as new one show up all the time.

  44. How ignorant could you possibly be to claim there is no cause for the rise in autism rates. I’m sure you would say there is absolutely NO reason for the outrageous rise in certain cancers. Common sense is all that is necessary here and unfortunately that cannot be taught even in the best college. Sad to say the writer of this article, though he may have more degrees than the thermometer common sense is seriously lacking or more to the point nonexistant. No further comment is necessary

  45. It is the the increase level of rigidness in the society that makes more people to be diagnos. There is today very strict norms in the society for people to follow in order to get a work, complete school and behave. The society has during that recent 20 years been more rigid and fast peace and we have to diagnostize many than ever because school and employers fail to accept different personality. This in combination with fatal dietry such intake of sugar and toxins causes genetic defects among new babies.

  46. The human brain contains about 10 billion nerve cells, or neurons. On average, each neuron is connected to other neurons through about 10 000 synapses. (The actual figures vary greatly, depending on the local neuroanatomy.) The brain’s network of neurons forms a massively parallel information processing system. The basic computational unit in the nervous system is the nerve cell, or neuron.
    GMO Glyphosate (roundup) residue is a Neurotoxin.
    Think about it…..

  47. I just have to add, from personal experience- when I consume wheat (bread, soy sauce, etc.) approximately two hours later I get a migraine headache complete with flashing lights in my vision that lasts for about 30 minutes (the headache lasts all day). This happens EVERY TIME. It took me forever to figure out what was going on. Now that I’ve removed wheat from my diet, I NEVER get migraine headaches. There is something in wheat that affects my nervous system, severely. That is not good. There is something is wheat that shouldn’t be there. Just sayin.

  48. 1 IN 68 CHILDREN ARE NOW DIAGNOSED WITH AUTISM. Let me say that again- 1 IN 68!!! That is seriously f***ed up. As a 26 year old woman, this makes me not want to have children. Science or not, this is a serious concern. And this rate is on the rise. It’s definitely not not happening. This is happening. We may not know why, but it’s happening and it’s increasing really fast.

  49. You would have to be an absolute idiot to think it’s simply better dx. There have actually been countless studies proving no… it’s not because of better diagnosis.. it is indeed and rampaging epidemic Only an absolute moron would think it’s stats

  50. Just curious. How come no one is bringing up the fact that Japan appears to have the highest rate of autism? Two things come to mind in Japan as far as exposure. Radiation and mercury due to a high fish diet. Or radiated mercurial fish?

    1. Japan

    “Autism rate: 181.1 cases per 10,000 people

    The country with the highest rates of autism in the world is Japan. Earlier studies that dealt with the connection of MMR vaccines and autism have concluded that even though the vaccine itself was abolished, the number of autism cases grew to 161 per 10,000 people. However, a study done in 2008 in Toyota suggests autism rates as high as 181.1 cases per 10,000 people.”

    • Maybe it’s because they speak Japanese. Maybe speakingl Japanese causes autism. Otherwise, how to explain it? Oh, tea. Yeah, tea. I think tea causes autism. Otherwise, how to explain it? Oh, eating with chopsticks! Of course! I think eating with chopsticks cause autism. Otherwise, how to explain it? Wait ….

  51. So let me get this straight, there is no evidence, peer reviewed or not that would suggest that cases of the SAME or very SIMILAR kinds of Autism disorders as what constituted the Autism spectrum in the 80’s are appearing more frequently today and that all the people who claim otherwise are simply ignorant of this easy to find fact?

    Fascinating. So it would then follow that by your logic, most people who make the claim that same or similar cases of autism are on the rise are simply uninformed, including the people who have medical credentials, even PhD in biological/ medical sciences? Ok. Just checking so that I’m SURE what Suresh Arvind is, in fact, saying.

  52. You’re right eating GMO’s doesn’t CAUSE autism bc it’s not a disease. It’s a condition or disorder worsened by eating GMO”s and the garbage the USA is allowed to pass off as food. It’s the vaccines that most likely cause the inflammation and antibodies to start forming that cause all of the problems. It’s an autoimmune issue. And I believe starts with the thyroid.

  53. I don’t care if the “spectrum of diagnosis” for autism has changed. I have been alive for 67 years. Thirty years ago, I did not see one or more “mentally challenged” children in one out of seven families! I was an instructional aide in the 1980s and we may have “recommended” one kindergärtner in each class of thirty for mental studies. By the mid ’90s, it was over a third of the class. Is it all autism? No. But something screwy is going on and I don’t doubt that GMOs, pesticides, aspartame and other such products are a BIG part of the problem. Perhaps vaccines as well, since our babies were once given about 27 shots in a 5 year period and now over 70! Please — they can give us all the scientific findings they want to distort the truth, but we see with our own eyes that something is wrong! Fix it FDA and USDA! You’re supposed to be looking out for us, not getting money and allowing cronies from the government (i.e. Rumsfeld*) to do your dirty work and approve harmful products! *After Donald Rumsfeld left G.W. Bush’s office as Department of Defense Secretary, he used his powerful influence to push through the approval of aspartame for his Monsanto cronies, knowing the reports were negative and that aspartame was a deadly product. The FDA had been holding back the approval for 16 years, but was influenced by Rumsfeld to pass it as a “favor.” /exclusive15.htm

  54. Expansion in the criteria only explains 1/3rd of the increase.

    2014 – The Rise in Autism and the Role of Age at Diagnosis

    “Autism incidence in California shows no sign yet of plateauing
    In summary, the incidence of autism rose 7- to 8-fold in California from the early 1990s through the present.

    Quantitative analysis of changes in diagnostic criteria, inclusion of milder cases, and an earlier age at diagnosis suggests that these factors probably contribute 2.2-fold, 1.56-fold, and 1.12-fold increases in autism, and hence cannot fully explain the magnitude of the rise in autism. .

    From an 7-fold increase only 2.2-fold is expalined by diagnosis shifts, leaving 4.8-fold (a rise of 380%) unexplained.

    Time to put down the pipe and start seriously looking at the possible consequences of massive medical interventions of (formerly) healthy children.

  55. Conversely, restiction in the diagostic criteria explains the drop in diagnoses of the so-called “vaccine preventable” diseases.

    The original case definitions would still produce “epidemics” today.

  56. I’d like to throw glutamate into the discussion because there have been children completely CURED from autism by removing all traces of glutamate from their diet, not just MSG. You need to be very scientific minded to do this. It’s not easy, glutamate is hidden very well by food producers.

    • Bruce, that would be headlined all across the world if that was true. Do you have any peer-reviewed studies on this? Have you checked with the Autism Society on this? Please do not be taken in by the woo.

    • This is an article, Bruce. Not a study. It is one mother’s perception about her own child. Even if a miraculous change happened with her daughter, which I highly doubt, that is anecdotal. That certainly is not evidence. Not even close. If you have any science citations or links on this, besides this mommy blog from her nonprofit, please post.

  57. A study by researchers at the UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute has found that the seven- to eight-fold increase in the number children born in California with autism since 1990 cannot be explained by either changes in how the condition is diagnosed or counted — and the trend shows no sign of abating.

    Published in the January 2009 issue of the journal Epidemiology, results from the study also suggest that research should shift from genetics to the host of chemicals and infectious microbes in the environment that are likely at the root of changes in the neurodevelopment of California’s children.

    “It’s time to start looking for the environmental culprits responsible for the remarkable increase in the rate of autism in California,” said UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institute researcher Irva Hertz-Picciotto, a professor of environmental and occupational health and epidemiology and an internationally respected autism researcher.

  58. As a special education teacher, who is 64 years old and has taught for 35+ years, I know from personal experience that this is bunk. Ask anyone in education about the number of students with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorders and they will tell you that years back, we had almost no awareness. We now have multiple trainings, 1-on-1 aides, behavior specialists, special classrooms and schools…..This isn’t because these students were previously undiagnosed. Their needs are huge! They would not go unnoticed! Depending on the size of the school, we now have multiple children diagnosed with Autism or ASD at each school site. Not diagnosed previously? Give me a break!

  59. What a stupid article, what complete BS. Organic food sales went up because we used to grow our own food. That, and conventional vegetables have no nutrients or flavor to them any longer. Know anyone disfigured/birth defects by Agent Orange?, I did, he sat right next to me at work, when he passed away from heart defect, not even his employer cared, he lay in his apartment for three days.

  60. No where did I see references to:
    1) the fact that US live births are way down in the top 10 of developed nations when in fact we should be number 1.

    2) the fact that natural gas forced air furnaces are now installed thru the basement wall at ground level allowing air patterns to interfere with air intake/exhaust.

    3) Nowhere are studies of continuous low levels of CO admitted to be dangerous for children.

    4) Sensitivity studies propose that people with acute sensitivity have been exposed to CO poisoning in the past.

    Carbon Monoxide poisoning must be rampant as rankings of deaths in the US admit, but there is NO DEFINITIVE protection as CO alarms only become alert after fatal levels have long been reached. Hospitals do not use the only definitive test as it is a blood test taking 3 days.

    Whether this ignorance is a result of our economy’s increasing reliance on natural gas or chosen blindness, it is not just introduced chemical poisonings, vaccines, or damaged dna, that presents the greatest danger to date.

    At what point will society look at the damage and say: “Let’s start over.” At what point will the multiple lines of damage become so extensive that the best choice will be begin again? At what point will the scenario of nuclear war become the ‘clean slate?’

  61. “Now researchers believe they know: Almost certainly, nothing. Most of the rise in autism is a statistical mirage.”

    Yes, it’s a mere “mirage.”

    I wish it were. But it isn’t. The fact is, “autism – like” symptoms and developmental disorders are caused by exposure to environmental neurotoxins and hormonal disruptors.

    Including pesticides, heavy metals, plasticizers, coal ash, fire retardants, and microparticulates, the list goes on.

    Fire retardant levels in the blood of U.S. citizens has been increasing for years. The “diagnosis explanation” is just being used to prevent the U.S.
    chemical industry from being brought to justice and forced to lose

  62. It’s $$$. That’s all autism’s creation was ever motivated by. Little wonder how if not grown out of, soon it’ll be illegal to doubt the objectivity of auti$m. That is what i exist to prevent.

  63. Here is a filthy crock of spin doctoring. Suresh will be remembered (and not beneficently) when the Bushs, Rockefellers, pharmaceutical cartel and Monsanto are eventually put to trial for crimes against Humanity.

  64. Arvind, Thanks for that thought provoking article.

    If you “cherry pick data”, ensure that you look for stressors that are known to cause fetal damage (not organic food).

    The primary cause is radiation — prenatal radiation in the form of ultrasound. See two years research, a Bibliography of 50 HUMAN PRENATAL studies, modern high tech studies finding ultrasound to be high risk.

    In 1981, Cachon & Cachon were able to damage cells with an ultrasound intensity about 80x less than the FDA allowed intensity limits for prenatal ultrasound.

    I also include an image of DNA fragmentation due to prenatal ultrasound, a study, JZhang (2002). Ten minutes exposure at low intensity ultrasound.

  65. I will print this article because it’s good information to line my bird’s cage with…since it’s absolute garbage. Lies, lies, lies…keep deflecting all you want but the truth about the ABSOLUTE RISE in Autism will come to light.

      • This is just TrumpTalk. You know, “It’s true because I said it, because I know what I’m saying, and thus it’s true, and you’re an egghead if you don’t agree with me, cuz I said it.”

        Logic and science are not part of Miss Star’s lexicon. She knows it all. Soon she will publish a scholarly journal about the alarming rise in Autism, caused by … Well, by whatever. She and Stephanie Seneff. What a Trump Team.

          • I stand by my comment, and that is as true today as it was 2 years ago when I made it. When science is demeaned by trump and other morons, it requires defending. Trump just said this morning that there is “no evidence” that after-school programs for kids help them learn and socialize, which of course is total bullshit. When morons like trump demean science by spewing nonsense, they will be called out. The fact that you find my comment “useless” says a whole heckuva lot about you, but does not invalidate my observation.

          • So you think that using a health and statistics article as a forum to smear the President is not off topic? Then you take a sample size of one with some after school thing and try to use that as evidence that you are correct? Dude, do you understand what “statistical significance” is?

            Now, as to your “anti science” thing, do you understand that it is you on the left that sends self righteous screaming drones to shout down anyone who comes to campus to talk about something that they do not agree with, do you not? Can you think of anything less “scientific” than that? Or you send Antifa thugs to smash and burn and attack? Really, you consider that “scientific dialogue?” Do you understand that the whole purpose of the university is to have an arena where ideas can be discussed, and that the truth arises from discussion of ideas, and that you leftists have destroyed all of that? Or how about these “studies” courses that you leftists do to indoctrinate instead of educate, that masquerade as academic content? How is this not academic fraud? What skills do these students obtain other than being leftist Obama voting drones, which just about all of them are or were. Or Hillary voting drones? Just how “unscientific” can one be sweetheart?

            And since you want to talk about “scientific” do you understand that posting a bunch of “look look they do not understand that correlation is not causation ha ha ha see here such and such is correlated with autism but isn’t it silly to say that this is causation ha ha ha” does NOT PROVE that glyphosate is not related to increased incidences of autism? It may or may not be.

            You leftists think that calling everyone bigots who disagree with you is an argument. Well it’s not. It is just name calling as a substitute for thought.

            So you wanted to get political on a health discussion page. Well is some politics for you since you asked for some. Read some statistics books.

          • This word spittle salad, from someone who, on another site, posts: “The base of the Democratic Party is our weakest minded people: Women, the young, and minorities. They are easy to fool with total control over the media, except for Fox.”


  66. Here’s my take. I am a guest but hear me out. I am a horticulturalist and have been in the industry for 30 years. I own multiple horticulture, landscape design and property maintenance companies. I have to go every year along with my employees to get certifications for the responsible use of pesticides and herbicides. I have the utmost respect for science as it is applied responsibly. The issue I have with GMOs is they are laden with chemicals produced by companies that have their bottom line in mind to the tune of billions of dollars. I know glyphosate,”Round up”, is a systemic, non-selective herbicide, used to overspray food crops like soy beans and corn, for example, to control weed growth in the field where these crops are grown so weeds don’t deplete the nutrients the crop needs. The crops are genetically modified to be resistant to glyphosate. Here is the issue, glyphosate is still absorbed into the crop plants regardless of their resistance to it’s affects. Glyphosate blocks the enzymatic process plants need to break down food into nutrients, make them bio-available, and distribute it throughout it’s structures. It is also known to kill bacteria. Taking a logical look into this process, the human body also uses enzymes to break down and process foods into base nutrients, make them bio-available, and distribute them throughout our bodies. Our digestive system also uses bacteria to process and flush toxins from our bodies. The next logical step is to take into consideration that the food we eat that has been over sprayed with glyphosate still has this chemical within it. If humans ingest this and it does the same thing to our bodies, considering it is non-selective, then would it not stand to reason it will block the enzymatic and beneficial bacterial processes that our bodies need to survive. This then leads to a build up of toxins in our systems and a deficiency in nutrients we need for our bodies to function properly. This leads to a weakened system that is susceptible to disease and disorder. To say pesticides and herbicides couldn’t possibly cause health issues is naive at the least. If I and my employees have to re-certify every year to learn how to utilize pesticides and herbicides safely for the environment and to protect ourselves from exposure by also utilizing personal protection equipment (PPEs) then I am convinced these chemicals are also dangerous and possibly a causal effect for many of the diseases and disorders that seem to have increased exponentially for this country in particular.
    The rampant use of drugs and vaccines on our population also seem to be causing a myriad of problems that are worse than the conditions they are supposed to treat. People argue that vaccines, for instance, don’t cause issues in children like autism. I personally don’t believe vaccines, in and of themselves, are at issue. I also am not an anti-vaxxer as I have heard people labeled. I do, however, think that the current modality of vaccines is suspect. It has been shown that the preservatives like thimerosal contain mercury. There have been warnings not to feed children certain types of fish because of mercury contamination. Mercury has been shown to be cumulative in the body. It has also been shown to cause neurological disorders in children. If this be the case then why is it in vaccines? As well, isn’t autism a neurological disorder? I also don’t understand the rationale for multi-component vaccines. When I was a child vaccines were given one at a time with at least 4-6 weeks between as advised by World Health Organization guidelines. Now our children are given compound vaccines and their immune systems are bombarded with multiple antigens. When I had my 18 month old son vaccinated with the MMR vaccine his body immediately reacted and he contracted measles. I was told by his pediatrician it was a coincidence, yet no other children he associated with had given it to him or had it themselves so how could it be coincidence? We took him to a different pediatrician and she reported it to the health department/ CDC and was told It was highly unlikely to have happened from the vaccine or maybe he had a compromised immune system. This is B.S., he had never had even the slightest cold before this and had been around other children many times who were sick and was never affected. He is 4 now and every time he is sick we have to take him to the hospital to be ventilated because his lungs fill with fluid and we have to nebulize him for weeks after sometimes until he gets past the issue. I cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that the pharmaceutical and chemical companies are constantly having to answer questions about drugs and chemicals that are recalled because they cause issues worse than the conditions they are treating or are persistent in nature to the point of causing species of animals or insects to suffer or even die due to exposures. I mean i know there are the trolls out there pay to discredit, dispel, or even berate the public at large to create disinformation. I, however, am an intelligent and astute individual that can reason and decipher the information form the disinformation. So, I will leave it up to you to decide. I believe these companies only have the all mighty dollar as a driving force behind what they do. These corporations are multi-billion dollar industries that pay politicians to lobby Congress to sway laws to their interests and do not care about the general population who don’t contribute to their vast fortunes. In fact, the MMR controversy and the debunking of findings by certain individuals seem to have a certain conflict of interest behind them. Dr. William Thompson, a strong proponent for vaccines, had issue with the fact that the CDC tried to destroy documentation and findings that did show a link between MMR and autism, especially in African boys. Regardless of the criteria, the children were affected and the CDC did not exclude them from the study until afterward when the findings had shown the link. Only then did the CDC decide to exclude these children. A major issue of the controversy, in my opinion, centers around the conveniently ignored conflict of interest involving the then Director of the CDC, Julie Gerberding M.D. In late 2009, Gerberding became president of Merck’s vaccines division and Executive Vice- President of the company overall, the sole maker of the MMR vaccine in the U.S. She has become very wealthy in this venture selling 38,368 shares of her Merck stock on the open market in a transaction dated Friday, May 8th, 2009, for a total transaction of $2,340,064.32. She now directly owns 31,985 shares of the company’s stock, currently valued at approximately $1,950,765.15. Wow, big payday! Most of the medical industrial community is based on the management of disease and sickness not prevention or cure. Let’s face it there is no money in healthy people. Medical school’s in this country biggest contributors are the pharmaceutical and medical insurance industries. What will it take to open the eyes of the people who naively put their faith in their doctors who are most likely paid or given incentives like vacations, stock options, or even country club golf memberships with the promise of more for their cooperation, by pharmaceutical companies to push their drugs? Go troll elsewhere, Jon Entine!