Genetic Literacy Project’s Top 6 Stories for the Week, November 27, 2016

From this past week, here are the #GLPTop6 among many great stories on human and agriculture genetics around the world. Please share and help spread the news!

  1. Iowa farmer challenges activist Vandana Shiva after ‘myth-filled’ anti-GMO lecture by Michelle Miller
  2. What role do epigenetic changes play in development of autism? by Kristen Hovet
  3. While safety of herbicide glyphosate is clear, doubts fueled by WHO’s IARC undermines trust in science by Geoffery Kabat
  4. Epigenetics around the web: Epigenetics initiative IHEC releases 41 studies in one day; your office has a microbiome by Nicholas Staropoli
  5. Myth-busting site Snopes judges Food Babe’s ‘shocking report’ of glyphosate in food “FALSE” by Alex Kasprak | Snopes
  6. Computer scientist Stephanie Seneff’s latest bizarre claim: GMOs cause concussions by Steven Novella | Science Based Medicine
Related article:  Despite judge's finding of 'weak' evidence glyphosate causes cancer, Monsanto could face Roundup litigation onslaught

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