Promise by GENOs start-up to sequence more genes may not mean more helpful information

| | December 16, 2016

Who will be the Apple of individualized genomics?

The latest contender is Genos, a genetic sequencing startup that is unveiling its whole exome-sequencing service...[T]his type of next-generation sequencing offers a complete profile of all the expressed your genome.


The idea is that all this extra information will land consumers deeper personal insights.

[However,] some doctors and geneticists caution that biologists’ ability to sequence DNA has far outpaced their ability to understand how those genes interact with each other...Scientists don’t know enough about them to be useful.


But Genos is telling its customers to ask not what your data can do for you, but what your data can do for science. In a first for the personal genomics movement, the company is creating a research pipeline with academic and commercial partners, and paying customers to donate their data.


“The notion that people would have either catastrophic emotional reactions or misunderstand to the degree they would do dramatic things to harm their health, most of those have not been borne out by the research,” says Robert Green, [an expert on direct-to-consumer genetic testing]. “But there’s a real lag time between making discoveries and using those discoveries for a clear-cut clinical benefit.”

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