Aggressive brain tumors temporarily halted using genetically modified immune cells

MRI scan of patient with glioblastoma. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most deadly types of cancers are glioblastomas – a particularly aggressive form of brain tumor. Patients diagnosed with glioblastoma have an average life expectancy of 12-15 months and there is no cure or effective treatment that extends life.

[S]cientists from the City of Hope in southern California reported…a new cell-based therapy that melted away brain tumors in a patient with an advanced stage of glioblastoma.

[In CAR-T therapy,] scientists extract immune cells, called T-cells, from a patient’s blood and re-engineer them in the laboratory to recognize unique surface markers on cancer cells. These specialized CAR T-cells are then put back into the patient to attack and kill off cancer cells.

CAR T-cell therapy reduces brain tumors when infused into the spinal fluid.

[In the patient, Richard Grady’s, case,] CAR-T cells were first infused into his brain through a tube in an area where a tumor was recently removed. No new tumors grew in that location of his brain….Three infusions of the CAR T-cell treatment shrunk Richard’s tumors noticeably, and a total of ten infusions was enough to melt away Richard’s tumors completely.

The effects of the immunotherapy lasted for seven-and-a-half months. Unfortunately, his glioblastoma did come back, and he is now undergoing radiation treatment. Instead of being discouraged by these results, we should be encouraged.

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