UK farmers push back against ‘pseudo-science attack’ on herbicide glyphosate

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Hundreds of farmers across Britain are coming together in a concerted effort to show politicians and the public why glyphosate is so critical to agriculture and the environment.

In response, a petition against a glyphosate ban was launched this week by Lincolnshire-based agronomist Sean Sparling, and received more than 1,580 signatures within the first 24 hours.

He criticised those campaigning for a ban and urged farmers to push back against “false knowledge and pseudoscience”.

“Glyphosate is keeping Britain farming – it’s as simple as that. And despite what those misinformed activists who are demonising it are saying, 80% or more of the glyphosate that’s applied in the UK never actually touches or comes into contact with the growing crop,” [Sparling said.]

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“Some people are trying to ban this chemical due to potential carcinogenic risks. However, it has been scientifically proven that this risk is lower than that of coffee or bacon,” [he wrote.]

On Twitter, the hashtag #glyphosateisvital has been trending as farmers seek to broadcast their messages to the general public and take on misinformation, while others are writing letters to their local politicians.

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