‘Save the Bees?’ General Mills campaign perpetuates myths about GMOs, pesticides

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Watch out – Buzz, the iconic mascot for General Mills’ Honey Nut Cheerios, is going to be missing in action for a few weeks!

General Mills has launched a “Save the Bees” campaign in an attempt to bring awareness to the loss of the all-important pollinators. Buzz is taking a hike from all cereal boxes for 6 weeks, and the company is handing out free wildflower packets for consumers to plant as bee food.

[T]he biggest concern I have with General Mills’ campaign is the organizations they’ve decided to team up with to save the bees.

[C]licking the link provided to Greenpeace’s website brings up an article by the organization that blames the alleged rise in bee deaths on a specific class of pesticides, called neonics, and (of course!) genetically modified crops. The drive against neonics has been largely based on rhetoric and not any actual science. In fact, while some places around the world have banned the pesticides, they have not seen any difference in pollinator health.

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Of course, there is absolutely no proof that the use of genetically modified plants has done anything to harm or impact bee populations.

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