Extreme Green hypocrisy? Center for Biological Diversity, other anti-GMO groups partner on March for Science

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[Editor’s note: The following is an open letter to the Center for Biological Diversity regarding their participation in the “March for Science,” written by Stephan Neidenbach, a middle school teacher and blogger.]

Your organization is part of what gives me hope for the future. Fighting climate change, and protecting biodiversity, should be one of humanity’s top priorities. We do need to “resist” politicians who seek to get in the way of that. Thank you.

Unfortunately, many were hesitant when the March for Science was announced. Conservative leaning science advocates were worried about it becoming too political. Even liberal leaning advocates were concerned about extreme Green groups.

When you were announced as a partner, I worried that some of these fears were justified. Your piece, “Busting myths about GMO crops”, is not based on the kind of evidence the march should promote.

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Glyphosate, and the crops associated with it, is not perfect. The development of weed resistance is a growing concern for farmers and the environment. Relying on the herbicide too much can result in the return of more toxic herbicides. Making this about the technology, rather than the trait, is not an evidence based approach to addressing those concerns.

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When it was announced that the Cornell Alliance for Science would also be partnering with the March for Science, my fears vanished. Clearly the organizers of the march were not trying to make this about one political group. I do look forward to marching with you to promote our common goals. Perhaps some from your organization would even be willing to speak with the Alliance, or my own group, about how we can work together moving forward.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion, and analysis. Read full, original post: An open letter to the Center for Biological Diversity — re: March for Science

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