AquaBounty acquires first US fish farm to raise fast-growing GE salmon

| | June 15, 2017

When salmon from AquaBounty Technologies reach grocery stores and restaurants, some of them will come from America’s heartland.

AquaBounty has agreed to pay $14 million in cash to acquire some of the assets of Bell Fish Company, including that company’s fish farm in Albany, IN. The deal will give Maynard, MA-based AquaBounty its first U.S. fish farm.

AquaBounty has developed a way to grow salmon faster by adding a growth hormone gene from Chinook salmon to Atlantic salmon. The Chinook gene enables Atlantic salmon to reach market weight faster. The company calls its genetically engineered salmon AquAdvantage. In 2015, the FDA approved the AquaBounty salmon for sale in the U.S., concluding that the fish is as safe to eat as conventional Atlantic salmon. Last year, Canada’s health regulator approved the salmon for the Canadian market.


In its first quarter financial report, AquaBounty said it expects that its first sales from fish grown at [a Panama fish farm] will come in late 2017....

AquaBounty expects that its first harvest of salmon from the Indiana site will come by the third quarter of 2019. The company says that when it is fully operational, the facility’s annual capacity will be about 1,200 metric tons of salmon, which AquaBounty says represents more than $10 million a year in potential sales at current Atlantic salmon prices.

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  • Kevin Patti

    I can’t wait to try it.

    • relO627

      Its salmon.

      • Kevin Patti

        And salmon is delicious.

        • relO627

          So you have had salmon before. Are you expecting this one to taste different?

          • Good4U

            No, we just expect it to be more efficient to produce than regular Atlantic salmon. How about you? I’ll be sure to mention your name to my grocer next time I request this new AquAdvantage salmon.

          • WeGotta

            Don’t you know?

            When it’s organic (something the organic people insist is better), they say people are just falling for marketing schemes.

            When it’s gmo (something they insist is exactly the same), all of a sudden it’s magical and they can’t wait to eat it.

    • Good4U

      Me too! I’ve been asking my grocery stores for this product for at least a year. I eat salmon about once a week, usually after barbecueing it. My family loves it. This is good news.

    • Charles Lindturtle

      I’ll give you something to eat.

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