40 percent of cancer cases linked to lifestyle, obesity; minor impact of chemicals

Decades ago, when activist groups were promoting every trace chemical they could find as a carcinogen, the American Council on Science and Health debunked a lot of those myths with the help of Walter Cronkite, the long-time CBS anchor who had become known as “the most trusted man in America.” The documentary was called "Big Fears, Little Risks" and what we importantly noted was that an alarming number of cancers were caused by smoking and obesity.

[A] new CDC report [notes] that 40 percent of cancers were linked to lifestyle issues, in this case obesity.

We've been saying it for a long time, just the percentage has changed as America got more obese. According to the CDC, 630,000 Americans got a cancer associated with obesity in 2014, an increase of seven percent from 2005. Meanwhile, the epidemic of cancers we were told we were sure to get due to chemicals by NRDC, CSPI, EWG and all the rest? Never happened. They were then, as now, a revenue-generating myth, just as we assured the public.

Even though they have been debunked repeatedly, environmentalists still have a solid business model in selling chemophobia. Fear makes money, while 'your food is safe' remains a lousy business model. ]

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