Video: Geneticist Nina Fedoroff on what to do when scientists and citizens disagree about GMOs

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At the 2017 D.W. Brooks Lecture and Award held on Nov. 7 in the Georgia Center’s Mahler Auditorium, molecular biologist Nina Fedoroff gave her talk entitled, “The GMO Wars: What do we do when scientists and citizens deeply disagree?”

According to Fedoroff, GMOs are necessary to sustain the growing population but have an unfair reputation as being unsafe.

“GMOs have been blamed for farmer suicides in India, tumors in rats, every manner of human count, from autism to obesity and infertility to cancer,” Fedoroff said. “But none of this is true. There is a growing body of what can only be called fake science about GMOs.”


“Contemporary controversy around GMOs is driven by both individuals and organizations that promote and exploit GMO fears,” Fedoroff said. “The bottom line is that fears sell a lot better than facts.”

Fedoroff said legislation mandating the label of GMO food ingredients is not about promoting consumer awareness, but instead to promote “stigma” around GMO foods and cited statements from organic food groups and lobbyists.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Molecular biologist talks benefits of GMOs

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