Anti-biotechnology fake news: ‘Natural News’ claims RNAi used to ‘eliminate black people’

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Anti-GMO campaigners are promoting a new conspiracy theory conflating the pioneering genetics technology of RNAi with anti-vaxxer myths and a supposed effort to eliminate black people.

According to NaturalNews, the website of the self-described “Health Ranger” Mike Adams, RNAi is already being used for “population control” as part of a “concerted, organized and longstanding effort to eliminate African Americans from the gene pool and Africans in general.”

[Read GLP Biotech Gallery profile of Mike Adams]

In reality, RNAi is being used to protect plants against diseases and more recently, to combat pest infestations as a substitute for insecticides. RNAi stands for RNA interference, a biological process whereby gene expression is inhibited by the targeting of messenger RNA molecules, whose normal function is to translate the coding sequences of DNA into proteins.

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As a kind of InfoWars for the anti-GMO movement, Mike Adams clearly belongs on the lunatic fringe. However, according to the Genetic Literacy Project, Adams is able to “generate huge traffic volume,” with 1.1-1.7 million unique visitors per month. This puts his site in the same range as the Mayo Clinic and far above the US government’s official website.

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Read full, original post: Anti-GMO website promotes new conspiracy theory linking GMOs with supposed campaign to ‘eliminate Africans’

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