4 common myths about the supposed advantages of organic foods over GMOs


Myth 1: Organic Food Is Safer Because It Doesn’t Touch Pesticides

“The levels we are exposed to are far, far less than levels that would be expected to cause any harm to our population. So reducing our exposure a little bit more — in this case by purchasing organic food — really isn’t going to cause any appreciable health benefit to us as consumers,” [said Carl Winter, food toxicologist at the University of California, Davis].

Myth 2: Organic Food Is Healthier

After analyzing 240 studies about the nutritional value of organic food, the authors of a 2012 review study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that they “[lack] strong evidence that organic foods are significantly more nutritious than conventional foods.”

Myth 3: GMOs Are Dangerous to Eat

[A]s of right now, there is no trustworthy evidence that any GMO-derived food poses health risks to humans. If anything, genetic modifications make crops safer for agricultural workers (genetic tweaks make crops more resistant to damage from insects and viral infections, so plants need fewer pesticides) and even make them more nutritious, bringing a healthful variety to more people worldwide.

Myth 4: GMOs Are Bad for the Environment

Scientists are still not completely sure if GMOs are better for the environment than other types of crops. But they at least demand fewer resources than organic crops.

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