Brazil’s public health agency will appeal judge’s nationwide suspension of glyphosate

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Brazil-based agrochemical companies plan to appeal a ruling suspending the use of best-selling weed killer glyphosate …. an industry spokeswoman said on [August 8th].

Glyphosate, an herbicide widely sprayed on …. crops that have been genetically modified to tolerate it, was suspended in Brazil by a court ruling …. pending a government reevaluation of its toxicity.

Silvia Fagnani, executive director of a pesticide industry group known as Sindiveg, said the appeal in Brazil would be filed [the week of August 13th]. She said Brazilian health agency Anvisa, as well as the Agriculture Ministry, were also going to file separate appeals against the decision  …. Anvisa  …. confirmed the intention to file an appeal in a statement sent to Reuters.

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[Glyphosate’s] toxicity reevaluation started when new evidence surfaced that [it]…. “could pose [a] danger or risk to human health,” court filings said referring to the Anvisa process.

Fagnani said glyphosate is safe and authorized in many countries. She said sale and commercial use should continue in Brazil until the Agriculture Ministry, responsible for registration of agrochemicals, publishes any decision otherwise.

“[T]he system of direct planting is based on glyphosate, and it will be a gigantic …. setback (to suspend it),” Brazilian Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi said.

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