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‘Stuck on the spin cycle’: Probiotic supplements linked to ‘brain fog’

| | August 20, 2018

Given their current popularity, you might assume that probiotics—capsules containing a mix of “good” bacteria that are said to rebalance our gut’s bacterial content—would be perfectly harmless. But a team of gastroenterologists from Augusta University in Georgia is challenging that assumption. Their recent study is the latest to suggest some people who take probiotics can develop a strange collection of symptoms, including gas, diarrhea, and “brain fog.”

[These patients] would complain of becoming bloated and having abdominal pain almost immediately after eating, their stomach visually popping out like a certain Willy Wonka character. But more bizarrely, they’d also become mentally confused and unable to concentrate or remember anything, as if their minds were stuck on the spin cycle.

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Our gut bacteria can sometimes produce too much D-lactic acid through fermentation… .The body can build up so much d-lactic acid that it spills into the blood, where it can damage the body and brain—a condition called D-lactic acidosis.

But given how relatively little we know about how probiotic use can affect the body, or even how safely they’re produced, [researcher Satish] Rao said, there’s really no telling just how often the bacteria we swallow from these products can end up where they’re not supposed to go and cause problems.

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