Viewpoint: Divide between GMO and organic is ‘arbitrary nonsense’

Image Credit: Sabine Deviche

The organic food lobby has been successfully demonizing safe and effective biotechnology for the last two decades. Part of their strategy is to create a false dichotomy between GMO (genetically modified organisms) and non-GMO …. There are real differences among these various techniques, but they do not divide cleanly into two categories ….

[A]lmost nothing you eat [looks] anything like [its] evolved ancestors. The simplest technique for altering plants is …. saving seeds from plants with the most favorable characteristics. This is a powerful technique, but takes a lot of time.


In the last century the technique of hybridization became popular. This involves pollinating one cultivar …. with a related one …. Breeders looking to speed up the process turned to [chemicals] or radiation to speed up the mutation rate …. hoping to find a “[helpful] monster.”

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Then there are a variety of new techniques that …. alter a specific gene, or silence a gene that is already present in a cultivar. Or you can insert a new gene, and that gene can come from any species ….  So, using radioactivity to mutate a plant is non-GMO, and using a precise technique to silence a gene already present in a plant is GMO.

This is arbitrary nonsense. There is also no inherent objective difference among these techniques in terms of safety, either for health or the environment.


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