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Viewpoint: GMOs don’t boost crop yields? Yes, they do. Here’s the evidence

Steven Novella | 
[A]doption of GMOs does, in fact, increase ultimate crop yield. The myth that they don’t is mostly due to the ...
screenshot ai can make personality judgments based on our photographs neuroscience news

‘Spectacularly unimpressive’: Neural network AI asked to judge human personalities through photos

Steven Novella | 
[If] personality traits have a significant genetic contribution (which seems clear) then we can ask – to what extent do ...
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Are we getting closer to understanding how our brains make memories?

Steven Novella | 
How do memories work? That has been a burning question for over a century, since Richard Semon introduced the term ...
greenpeace activity

Neurologist Steven Novella: Greenpeace opposition to Golden Rice approval will be ‘enduring stain’ on activist group’s reputation

Steven Novella | 
[T]he Philippines have just approved Golden Rice as safe for human and animal consumption .... The Philippines is the first ...
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Viewpoint: YouTube, Facebook and Google should do more to stop spread of dangerous cancer quackery

Steven Novella | 
Many outlets are covering the story of Mari Lopez, a YouTuber who claimed, along with her niece, Liz Johnson, that ...
the quest to build the perfect lie detector

Replacing the polygraph: Brain imaging could give us a reliable lie detector

Steven Novella | 
It’s fairly common knowledge at this point that the polygraph test for detecting who is lying is not reliable enough ...
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Experts must counter ‘simplistic’ anti-GMO narrative with facts, says neurologist Steven Novella

Steven Novella | 
The Pew Research Center has recently published a large survey regarding American’s attitudes toward food, including genetic modification .... There ...

With limited arable land available around the world, is organic farming sustainable?

Steven Novella | 
This question comes up frequently in discussions of farming practices – how much arable land is there on the Earth, ...
indigenous ways of being and knowing introduction to the cultural diversity within bcs indigenous te

Viewpoint: ‘Indigenous ways of knowing’ and the rejection of science

Steven Novella | 
Science and the enlightenment are under assault from many directions, and in many incarnations, but they all tend to boil ...
vpr evancie gmo labeling

Viewpoint: Mandatory GMO labeling counterproductive and based on pseudoscience

Steven Novella | 
More and more, scientific literacy is a critical virtue we should demand of our politicians. Yet questions about important scientific ...
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Viewpoint: While wildlife habitat loss is a real problem, organic farming is not the solution

Steven Novella | 
A recent article in the Independent is, in my opinion, a good example of how ideology can overwhelm evidence and ...

Viewpoint: Alternative medicine strikes again—and why cancer treatment should be left to professionals

Steven Novella | 
Every doctor who treats cancer patients can tell you stories of patients who present with cancers too advanced to treat ...

Industry-University GMO relationship: Complicated reality exploited by activists

Steven Novella | 
Concern over ties between academia and industry is legitimate, but often overblown, and can be used to justify witch hunts.  There is the ...

Activists missing point: GMOs proxy for other concerns

Steven Novella | 
In a recent article, Beth Skwarecki writes about the fact that people who are opposed to GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are ...

Audio: Will FOIA request have ‘chilling effect’ on GMO science communication?

Steven Novella | 
On the SGU this week we interviewed Kevin Folta, who is a biotechnology scientist at the University of Florida. Kevin ...
human child chimpanzee baby lg

Debunking Creationist study criticizing similiarity between human and chimpanzee DNA

Steven Novella | 
I was recently asked to respond to an apologist page that  challenged the scientific claim that human and chimpanzee DNA ...

Vandana Shiva entitled to her own opinions, not her own facts

Steven Novella | 
A recent New Yorker article by Michael Specter does an excellent job of putting the activism of anti-GMO campaigner, Vandana Shiva, into ...
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Scientist busts persistent GMO myths, focuses on real issues

Steven Novella | 
One persistent theme in my writing about scientific topics is that, to optimally serve our own interests, public discourse and ...

Republished Seralini GM corn toxicity study now ‘infamous’ for poor quality

Steven Novella | 
The strange odyssey of the paper, Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize, by Seralini ...