Viewpoint: A closer look at Friends of the Earth’s study that found ‘toxic’ pesticides in food

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Friends of the Earth….teased us in a media kit with the promise of a science study about finding various weedkillers in all kinds of food, and [recently] they announced…another media kit. Plus a methodology document for the unpublished study so shoddy it is impossible for the science community….to take their claims seriously.

In the 1950s, when standards for essentially “nothing” were established, we could test in parts per million. Now we can detect things in parts per quadrillion – a leap of a billion times more sensitive than the original testing in just 60 years. Yet the ability to define zero down has not exposed more problems, it has only enabled groups that want to claim that the ability to detect something is equal to it causing harm.

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[I]f you have the wealth, you can detect almost any chemical in any product by now. Want me to find arsenic in Bud Light beer? I can do it. I will guarantee success, just like HRI Labs did for Friends of the Earth when they agreed to find weedkillers in common foods from stores all over the U.S.

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