Opposition to India’s biotech crop rules grows as pro-GMO protestors distribute illegal cotton to farmers

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Some farmers in Haryana [on July 5] symbolically sowed Herbicide Tolerant (HT) Bt cotton seeds at a farm in Hisar district, openly defying the government ban on [the] genetically modified (GM) crop – an act that invites a fine …. and five years in jail term. The move was inspired by a similar action by farmers in Maharashtra [in June].

As its nomenclature signifies, HT Bt seeds are resistant to herbicides that farmers use to clear weeds without harming the crop.

After sowing the seeds, the protesters also distributed it among nearly 200 farmers gathered there. The state unit head of Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), Guni Prakash who was present at the spot, said they will now move to other areas in Haryana and to Mansa district in Punjab where “we will not only call the farmers to sow HT Bt cotton but will also prepare BT brinjal plants for distribution.


Read full, original article: Haryana farmers defy govt restriction, sow banned HT Bt cotton in Hisar

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