Filipino farmer: Growing GMO crops ‘changed my life completely’

Credit: ISAAA

Ryan Lising, a biotech corn farmer from Magalang, Pampanga said that planting biotech corn changed his life completely. Before planting biotech corn, Ryan worked as a messenger and errand boy. He became one of the early adopters of biotech corn when it was approved for commercial planting in the Philippines in 2003.

After his first biotech corn harvest, Ryan said there was no turning back. He knew that it was the beginning of a new life for him and his family, who has faced so many hardships in trying to make ends meet. Planting biotech corn has changed Ryan’s and his family’s life. His increased and steady income from planting biotech corn allowed him to explore other business opportunities.

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Dr. Emiliana N. Bernardo, former Professor of entomology at the University of the Philippines Los Baños is one of the most renowned entomologists in the Philippines. Dr. Bernardo led the DA’s Insect Resistant Management Advisory Team for the commercialization of Bt corn, and she cites this as her most notable contribution to crop biotechnology in the country.

Despite the never-ending debate and opposition from other groups on the acceptance of GMOs, Dr. Bernardo believes that what is important is that farmers understand the science, and consumers are assured that government-approved GM crops are safe.


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