Regenerative agriculture is a ‘nonsense’ solution to climate change, soil scientist warns

Credit: Tracy Beedy/World Agroforestry Centre

People need to “wake up” and realize regenerative agriculture is “just nonsense”, says Dr Doug Edmeades.

In fact, the Hamilton-based soil scientist is so concerned about regenerative agriculture that he is launching a speaking tour …. to warn Southland farmers [in New Zealand] about the practice.

Regenerative agriculture (RA) is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems, focusing on topsoil regeneration and increasing biodiversity.


There are vocal champions and opponents of regenerative agriculture, and Edmeades believed the champions were getting their message heard due [to] politics rather than science.

“Keeping soils covered, rotation of grazing – for heaven’s sake – we’ve been doing that for years. Where regenerative agriculture tries to make a difference, they talk about soil quality as if no one has ever talked about soil quality in their lives.”

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