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Genetics could help teachers tailor learning to individual students

Dom Galeon | 
Something that becomes very clear to teachers as they spend time in classrooms is that different students have different learning ...
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Cancer can emerge from changes to epigenome, not just gene mutations

Jess Vilvestre | 
Doctors’ ruling perspective on cancer has been that it is caused by a series of genetic changes. However, a team ...

Breakthrough synthetic nervous system performs “remarkably similar” to human system

Jess Vilvestre | 
In a breakthrough for regenerative medicine, scientists have grown intestinal tissues with functional nerves in a laboratory setup using human ...

Bioartificial kidneys may soon improve treatment of patients with renal failure

Dom Galeon | 
Dutch researchers Dimitrios Stamatialis of the University of Twente, Roos Masereeuw from the University of Utrecht, and their teams have ...
Manipulating DNA to conduct electricity could lead to faster, more powerful computers

Manipulating DNA to conduct electricity could lead to faster, more powerful computers

Dom Galeon | 
The ability to use DNA as a construction material, capable of holding scaffolds of molecules and atoms was one huge ...
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Designer bacteria: Genetically modified pills are a radical new way to treat rare stomach ailments

Eleazer Corpuz | 
Designer bacteria are organisms that have been genetically modified to include a new function to make it do something it ...
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Unapproved DNA drug therapy could reduce breast cancer and leukemia tumors

Jess Vilvestre | 
Promising data has revealed a new treatment for breast cancer and leukemia. It works by attacking cancer cells’ ability to repair ...
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Autism gene? Rare tumor helps build map of how disorder works

Dieter Holger | 
The genetics surrounding autism has been the focus of many researchers’ investigations. MIT scientists recently reversed symptoms of autism through gene ...
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Snipping at HIV’s genome with CRISPR may introduce mutations that help virus resist attack

Sarah Marquart | 
[I]t seems that CRISPR itself may introduce mutations that help HIV resist attack; however, the team behind the work thinks that ...

CRISPR-Cas9 gene scissors can cut most mutations linked to cancer

Dom Galeon | 
A group of researchers from Dresden’s National Center for Tumor Disease (NCT)...and the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK)...have ...
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Stem cells injected into brain of Parkinson’s patient for first time

Dom Galeon | 
Doctors from the Royal Melbourne Hospital successfully injected stem cells onto the brain of a 64-year old Parkinson’s Disease patient ...
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Infographic: Can modern biotechnology help you live forever?

Futurism staff, Todd Jaquith | 
Immortality, Fountain of Youth... Both are popular tropes repeated in popular science fiction and fantasy literature and movies. It is an idea ...
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