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3 ways artificial intelligence is tackling cancer

Jacqueline Detwiler | 
Case Study 1: The Sharing Project … [Jinghui Zhang wondered] how much faster cancer research could move if data sets ...
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FitBit for cows: Biohacker invents implanted sensor that tracks livestock health in real time

Laura Yan | 
Though they look indistinguishable from the other cows on a dairy farm in Utah, three cyborg cows with implanted sensors ...
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Video: Biohacker documents his own DIY gene therapy

David Grossman | 
DIY gene therapy is far from the mainstream, but the numbers of people who are attempting to genetically engineer their ...
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Rewriting human history: Fossils discovered in Israel suggest earlier departure from Africa

John Wenz | 
A small bit of human jawbone found in Israel has been dated to between 177,000 and 194,000 years ago. Before ...
Video: Combating aging in our lifetime

Video: Combating aging in our lifetime

Sophie Weiner | 
[A] new video from Kurzgesagt presents several technologies close to completion that could make a big impact on how we ...
Video: Genetically modified pollinating cyborg dragonfly drone takes flight

Video: Genetically modified pollinating cyborg dragonfly drone takes flight

Sophie Weiner | 
[Editor's note: As has been previously reported, these dragonflies could be used for artificial pollination.] A new experiment bypasses the ...

3D printer fashions functional human muscle, cartilage, and bone

William Herkewitz | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. A team of biomedical ...