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Viewpoint: India's 'retreat' from GM crops in the face of dogmatic opposition will harm its farmers

Viewpoint: India’s ‘retreat’ from GM crops in the face of dogmatic opposition will harm its farmers

In deciding to consider proposals for GM crop field trials only upon the recommendation of state governments, [the Indian government] ...
Bowing to political pressure, India scraps plans to trial GM, insect-resistant, Bt eggplant

Bowing to political pressure, India scraps plans to trial GM, insect-resistant, Bt eggplant

Vishwa Mohan | 
[The Indian government] has junked its decision of allowing scientific field trials of transgenic crops including indigenously developed Bt brinjal.  ...

Anti-GMO activists move to block Bt insect-resistant eggplant field trials in India

Vishwa Mohan | 
Ten years after imposing a moratorium on commercial release of genetically modified Bt Brinjal, the [federal government] has now allowed ...
screenshot impossible foods

Expert answers to 11 questions about Beyond Burgers, Impossible Whoppers and other plant-based meats

Bruce Friedrich, Smita Mishra | 
Bruce Friedrich is cofounder and executive director of The Good Food Institute (GFI), an international non-profit organization that .... is ...
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India should ‘definitely adopt’ new GMO crops, nation’s top biotech cotton expert argues

Vijay Waghmare, Vishwa Mohan | 
The logjam in approval of newer genetically modified (GM) cotton seeds [in India] has catalyzed planting of unauthorized seeds known ...
bt cotton

India moves to restrict cultivation of illegal but easily acquired GMO herbicide-tolerant, insect-resistant cotton

Vishwa Mohan | 
Amid reports of cultivation of [an] unapproved variety of transgenic HTBt [herbicide-tolerant, insect-resistant] cotton seeds, the Union environment ministry has ...
plnting seeds

Indian farmers highlight higher yields from banned GMO herbicide-tolerant, insect-resistant cotton to defy nation’s biotech crop rules

Vishwa Mohan | 
As farmers [headed] to Yavatmal in Maharashtra to showcase post-harvest success stories of banned [herbicide-tolerant] cotton on [Jan. 5], their ...
plnting seeds

Pro-GMO group in India offers legal services to farmers arrested for planting illegal biotech cotton

Shishir Arya | 
Soon after the police in Buldhana arrested farmer Vasanta Muley .... for possessing [illegal] cotton seeds .... Shektari Sanghatana — ...
cotton india

Despite threat of arrest, pro-GMO protests in India spread across 11 districts in state of Maharashtra

Vishwa Mohan | 
A ‘pro-GM seed’ movement, which had begun in one district of Maharashtra with farmers defying [a] ban on planting unapproved ...
Bt brinjals on the market

Viewpoint: India should stop bowing to ‘mindless opposition’ and approve GMO Bt eggplant

Sanjeev Sabhlok | 
A couple of decades ago, some of our brightest gene scientists in India took the genes of a commonly found ...

Low cholesterol oil? Indian scientists developing CRISPR gene-edited groundnut

Nimesh Khakhariya | 
Soon, weight watchers and those with high cholesterol won’t have to think twice before picking up the jar of groundnut ...

Indian state Maharashtra waiting on federal government to ban sale of glyphosate herbicide

Shishir Arya | 
After questions were raised in a meeting chaired by union agriculture secretary over the rationale in issuing licences for sale ...
India's food regulator proposes mandatory GMO labeling

India’s food regulator proposes mandatory GMO labeling

Vishwa Mohan | 
Seeking to introduce GMO labelling for the first time in India, the country’s food regulator has proposed all packaged food products containing genetically modified ...
Screen Shot at PM

Indian farmers growing unapproved herbicide-resistant GMO soybeans, farmers union says

Snehlata Shrivastav | 
For the first time, illegal cultivation of a genetically modified (GM) food crop — GM Soyabean — which is herbicide ...
mustard k vE x @LiveMint

Indian scientists say anti-GMO activist groups undermine use of modern farming techniques

Vishwa Mohani | 
Days after a Parliamentary panel raised certain doubts over the Center's impending move to give its green signal to commercial ...
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Indian scientist: Promoting ‘rich man’s’ organic food’ and delaying insect-resistant GMO eggplant hurts poor

Sarfaraz Ahmed | 
Chairman of Review Committee for Genetic Manipulations (RCGM) Dr B Sesikeran ... said by stalling Bt brinjal [eggplant], India has only done more ...
hero aakash

Is pink bollworm pest developing resistance to GMO Bt corn in India?

Bhavika Jain | 
Genetically modified or Bt cotton is no longer resistant to pink bollworm - a major pest in Mahahrashtra, prompting the state government to write ...
Screen Shot at PM

Infographic: India poised to dramatically increase its global GMO footprint

GM crop footprint in India is all set to grow once the government gives its final nod to GM Mustard, ...
Screen Shot at PM

India’s biotech regulator greenlights GMO mustard—But hurdles to commercialization remain

Vishwa Mohan | 
India's central biotech regulator, Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC), on Thursday [May 11] cleared the genetically modified (GM) Mustard for ...

Indian farmers can benefit tremendously from planting GM crops, new book says

Adarsh Jain | 
Former director of [the] Centre for Plant Molecular Biology at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University [in India,] S Sadasivam on [Feb ...

Modifying gene-delivering viruses decreases risk of cancer in gene therapy

Scientists have developed a new safer gene therapy that may reduce the risk of cancer and can be used for ...

India unlikely to approve GMO mustard in time for coming growing season

Vishwa Mohan | 
The debate around genetically modified crops and a recent PIL in the Supreme Court may force the government to delay ...
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Will GMO mustard suffer same fate as GMO eggplant in India?

Vishwa Mohan | 
With the deadline of submitting comments of stakeholders on genetically modified mustard... coming to an end... both anti and pro-GM ...

Heart attack memory may be stored on genes via epigenetic changes

The memory of a heart attack gets stored in genes through epigenetic changes -- chemical modifications of DNA that turns our ...

Indian scientists develop white-fly resistant GMO cotton to compete with Monsanto

National Botanical Research Institute has claimed to have developed whitefly-resistant cotton. The CSIR-NBRI research has been accepted by international journal 'Nature' ...

India promoting advanced biotechnology for biofuel production

Biofuel made from microalgae can prove to be an alternative to conventional fossil fuels, said experts participating in the international ...

India will listen to anti-GMO activists, but make science-based decision on GMO mustard

Vishwa Mohan | 
The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. Moving ahead with the ...
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India set to approve GMO mustard for commercial release

The GLP aggregated and excerpted this blog/article to reflect the diversity of news, opinion and analysis. The central regulator on ...
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