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Craig Venter’s vision of the age of human-controlled evolution

Roger Highfield | 
J Craig Venter has been a molecular-biology pioneer for two decades. After developing expressed sequence tags in the 90s, he ...

Spain to fast track citizenship for Jews of Spanish descent. Who qualifies?

Samuel Arbesman | 
Last year, Spain announced that it would provide a fast track to citizenship for Sephardic Jews—Jews of Spanish descent (the Jews of Spain were ...
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Conservation and agriculture research suffer as government remains shut down

Gwen Pearson | 
No checking email, no writing grants, no submitting manuscripts: furloughed researchers are barred from any scientific conduct while the government ...

Bacteria with spider genes spin out silk

Nadia Drake | 
In addition to snaring dinner and protecting spider babies, spider silk makes a pretty good shield for bioreactive enzymes. Even ...

The fall and rise of gene therapy

Carl Zimmer | 
Rarely does a whole life’s work crumble in a single week, but James Wilson’s did. Wilson and his colleagues were ...

Cloud-based genomics: Will the Internet create GM super-oranges?

Daniela Hernandez | 
Farmers are hacking their operations with robots, sensors, drones, and good-old circuit boards, but that’s merely a first step. Thanks ...
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Literal gene-ius: The search for a genetic basis of intelligence

John Bohannon | 
Barely out of his teens, Chinese prodigy Zhao Bowen is leading a multimillion-dollar research effort to solve a genetic mystery: ...

What makes some people so smart?

John Bohannon | 
After being identified early as a science prodigy, Zhao Bowen raced through China’s special programs for gifted students and won ...

700,000-year-old horse genome shatters record for sequencing of ancient DNA

Joe Hanson | 
The following is an excerpt. By piecing together the genetic information locked inside a frozen, fossilized bone, scientists have deciphered ...

Two genetic code tweaks 500 million years ago caused evolutionary jump

Liat Clark | 
The following is an excerpt.  Modern day reproductive systems are the result of changes in two letters of genetic code ...

Genetically modified silkworms spin fluorescent silk

Nadia Drake | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Silkworms in a Japanese lab are busy spinning silks that glow in the dark ...
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Synthetic blood may introduce a host of complications

Devon Maloney | 
The pending arrival of synthetic blood is likely to come with some serious socioeconomic and ethical issues ...

Building a future with synthetic biology

Jeffrey Marlow | 
The following is an edited excerpt. The potential magnitude of human intervention is greater today than ever before. Before the ...

Gene patents are sabotaging the future of medicine

Daniela Hernandez | 
The following is an excerpt. The business of DNA is undergoing a revolution. We can already get our genes scanned for ...
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Sequencing finds antibiotic resistance in bacteria moving from livestock to humans

Maryn McKenna | 
Scientists use genetics to uncover the "smoking gun" in the crossing-over of antibiotic resistance from livestock to human ...
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Get ready for a genetics-based marketplace

Daniela Hernandez | 
A new platform will help consumers control what offers they get from retailers based on their genetic makeup ...

DNA shows surprising flame-retardant properties

Nadia Drake | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Normally, cotton fabrics are highly flammable. But when scientists tried to set fire to cotton coated ...

DNA number-crunchers use homegrown software

Daniela Hernandez | 
The following is an edited excerpt. Today, multiple startups — including DNAnexus and Spiral Genetics — are taking the genomics ...
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Crime-fighting DNA databases vs Genetic privacy

David Kravets | 
Should police take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not yet charged with a crime? Some argue DNA ...

Editing tool created for human genome

Philippa Warr | 
A technique which allows genetic editing has been successfully tested on human cells meaning that genetic medicine -- previously an expensive and ...

The case for selective paternalism in genetic testing

Laura Hercher | 
The case against paternalism in genetics is a cause célèbre among many scientists and science writers.  The argument generally paints ...

Embrace your genome

David Dobbs | 
Virginia Hughes is “sick of reading about the dangers of the genome.” So she complains over at Slate, eloquently, and I’m ...

Humans are ‘evolvable’ now more than ever

Brandon Keim | 
In the most massive study of genetic variation yet, researchers estimated the age of more than one million variants, or ...
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Genetics at center of several “battlegrounds” in next 4 years

Brandon Keim | 
In the wake of Obama's victory, Wired takes a look at the battles to come in the next four years ...

Craig Venter’s vision to print life, generate vaccines

Daniela Hernandez | 
Craig Venter imagines a future where you can download software, print a vaccine and inject it at home, contagion averted ...
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Stem cells show early promise for rare brain disorder

Emily Underwood | 
Four young boys with a rare, fatal brain condition have made it through a dangerous ordeal. Scientists have safely transplanted ...

Khoe-San people represent earliest branch off human family tree

Ian Steadman | 
The Khoe-San people of southern Africa have been recognised as one of the earliest-formed distinct human genetic groups for several ...

Genes and drugs: Would sports be better off legalizing doping?

Ian Steadman | 
Poor Lance Armstrong. The seven-time Tour de France winner has been stripped of his famous victories by the United States ...